NEET 2023 Physics Important Questions

Introduction to the Exam

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an entrance examination for medical aspirants into undergraduate medical courses in India.

Physics NEET Questions

Generally, it has been seen that NEET Physics Questions are the toughest and trickiest of the three subjects that are tested in the NEET Exam. Physics requires aspirants to have good command over the basic concepts, have a thorough grasp of the subject for eleventh and twelfth standard, and have a clear understanding of NEET Syllabus, NEET Marking Scheme, and NEET Physics Important Questions. Moreover, the time-bound practice of these test papers helps students become more confident and provides them an opportunity to improve their scores.

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NEET Physics Syllabus 

●  Units and Measurements

●  Motion in one dimension

●  Vectors

●  Motion in two-dimension

●  Laws of Motion

●  Work, Energy and Power

●  Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body

●  Gravitation Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.


●  Properties of Bulk Matter

●  Heat and its transfer

●  Thermodynamics

●  Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory

●  SHM and Oscillations

●  Waves

●  Electric charge and Fields

●  Electric potential and capacitance

●  Current Electricity

●  Magnetic Effects of Current

●  Magnetism

●  Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

●  Electromagnetic Waves

●  Ray Optics

●  Wave optics Wave optics

●  Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

●  Atoms and Nuclei



NEET Physics Exam Pattern & Important Questions

  • Time duration:  NEET Physics is a 3-hour long pen & paper-based(offline) test.
  • Total Marks: The Total Marks in NEET Physics are 180
  • Number of questions: 45; Section A: 35. Section B: 15
  • Type of Questions: NEET Physics will consist of Objective type or Multiple-Choice Questions of 4 marks each. Every question will have four choices, out of which only one option will be the correct answer.
  • Marking Scheme: Each correct answer is awarded four and incorrect -1 marks.

NEET Physics Important questions with Chapter-wise Solutions

NEET’s physics questions are primarily from the NCERT classes 11 and 12 syllabus. The experts at Extramarks have curated a list of NEET important physics questions with solutions which can be accessed for free after registering on the website.The table below lists the vital NEET questions for physics and solutions for each topic, making the chapter wise search easier. The NEET physics questions with answers have been designed to revise all the essential topics quickly and efficiently. 70-80% of NEET physics questions come from the NCERT syllabus. The NEET physics questions are sorted by difficulty levels that benefit the candidate.

Distribution of Chapters According to Weightage and Difficulty Level

Weightage: Low Difficulty level: Easy  Weightage: Medium Difficulty level: Medium Weightage: High Difficulty level: High
Units and Dimensions Motion in one dimension Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current
Work, Energy and Power Newton’s Laws of Motion Ray optics
Thermal Properties of Matter, Calorimetry and Kinetic Theory of Gases Circular motion Rotational Motion
Photoelectric effect and electromagnetic waves Heat Transfer Laws of Thermodynamics
Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity Properties of Matter and Fluid Mechanics Magnetic Effects of Current
Centre of Mass and Momentum Conservation (Collision) Waves and sounds Current Electricity
Experimental Physics Atomic Structure in Modern Physics Semiconductors and Communication system
Oscillations Gravitation Classical Magnetism and Magnetic Properties of Matter
Motion in 2 dimensions and projectile motion Wave Optics  

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Benefits of Solving NEET Physics questions

  • Regular practice helps develop a sound understanding of the exam’s pattern and difficulty level.
  • It boosts speed accuracy and improves response time.
  • It helps develop an understanding of weak areas that require more attention.

Do’s and Don’ts for NEET Physics Exam

  • Carry and produce all required documents upon request – NEET admit card, aadhar card etc.
  • Please attempt the easy and medium-level questions first. They would fetch the same marks, in less time.
  • Don’t solve questions in a hurry or with anxiety.
  • If a question is time-consuming, move on to the next one.

NEET Physics Question Paper and Solution

  • NEET Physics question papers help prepare effectively for the national-level entrance exam. Extramarks provides NEET physics questions with solutions to access them in one place and prepare for the exam.
  • Refer to NEET physics important questions and solutions provided by Extramarks, and boost your preparations for NEET.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which questions are typically asked in NEET Physics?

NEET physics questions are asked from the entire syllabus and are primarily based on NCERT textbook. The high weightage chapters must be completed first, followed by the low weightage chapters.

2. How do you solve NEET Physics questions?

The most important point while solving NEET physics questions is that the candidate must not skip any part. Proficiency in NEET physics questions can be increased by solving past years’ papers and by referring to the NEET physics important questions and solutions.