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Maharashtra Board (MSBSHSE) Previous Year Question Papers, Sample Papers and Syllabus for SSC & HSC All Subjects

Maharashtra Board (MSBSHSE) Past  Years’ Question Papers, Sample Papers and Syllabus for Class 10th & 12th- All Subjects are available at Extramarks. The syllabus along with past year question papers and sample papers are crucial for students’ board exam preparation. Therefore, the students appearing for the Maharashtra State Board Examination must have access to all the study materials with subject description so that they know what the learning outcomes are and how to  prepare in order to get a high score in their board exams. Extramarks provides students with Maharashtra State Board question papers, sample papers and also the Maharashtra State Board Syllabus for all subjects of Class 10th and 12th like Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Computer Applications, Sanskrit and so on. 

Maharashtra Board (MSBSHSE) Previous Year Question Papers for SSC All Subjects

Maharashtra State Board previous year Question papers of Class 10th for all subjects are important study materials which play a significant role in Class 10th State Board students’ exam preparation. Without these question papers your preparation is incomplete in some way and you are likely to make those careless slips lose the highest score whether you are an average or a brilliant student. Extramarks facilitates the students to have the syllabus and the previous year question papers that will help them to  know what to focus on and which chapters carry more weightage and pay less attention to other topics, practice with organised, comprehensive and easy to understand study materials and make a positive start to come out with excellent results in their board exams.

Once the students adapt to the format and types of questions that usually come in the Maharashtra State Board Class 10th examination, they can prepare for the exam thoroughly with more confidence and 100% results. Extramarks provides Class 10th question papers for all subjects in the syllabus which includes Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Computer Applications, Sanskrit and so on. Extramarks takes pride in-house faculty experts who are always available for guided practice and assistance the students might need to step up their learning experience and boost their performance in academics.Extramarks believes in incorporating joyful learning experiences through its own repository and ensures excellence through Learn, Practice and Test formula for each and every student irrespective of their past performance to push them to the highest level to join the league of achievers. 

Maharashtra Board (MSBSHSE) Previous Year Question Papers for HSC All Subjects

 High school State Board examination is one of the most significant school-level examinations that can be a game changer for students and decides their future prospects. Therefore it is extremely important to have the right strategy to prepare for their board exams with the right guidance to plan, prepare and excel and be proud of your achievement.  Maharashtra State Board examination holds the same importance for the students and ensures right preparation that is necessary for every student to get the highest result. Class 12th – Question papers for all subjects are easily accessible for students at Extramarks and under the guidance and supervision of  in-house subject experts for Class 12 Maharashtra State Board, the students can analyze and discuss the Previous year papers, clarify their doubts, revise key topics for the exam, take tests, and get feedback to ensure 100% result in their board exams. The subject experts follow the systematic approach and regular practice helps students to master the topic naturally and effortlessly.

 Extramarks provides question papers for all the subjects included in the syllabus of Class 12th like Physics, Chemistry, (also Chemistry Practical), Biology, Maths and Statistics, English, Economics, Bookkeeping and Accountancy, Organization of Commerce and Management, Hindi and Sanskrit. Extramarks, one stop solution to all your problems. It provides the right environment for students to realise their goal through excellent study materials and boost their performance to the next level.

Maharashtra Board (MSBSHSE) Sample Papers for SSC All Subjects

Besides the Previous year question papers, Extramarks also provides Class 10th Maharashtra state Board sample papers for students, so that they can enhance their preparation for optimum results. All these Class 12th sample papers are tailor made for all subjects in the Maharashtra State Board and are curated by the in-house faculty experts of Class 10th  Maharashtra State board at Extramarks with supplementary questions for students so that they can confidently answer any question in the Maharashtra State Board  examination and produce mind blowing results.

Maharashtra Board (MSBSHSE) Sample Papers for HSC All Subjects

Extramarks recommends high secondary students of Maharashtra State Board to practise the Maharashtra state Board Sample papers as per their stream i.e Humanities, Commerce and Science. Next step after sample papers would be to access the solutions through Extramarks and further maximise your preparation in subject topic wise and complete your revision to leverage your potential. These sample papers and solutions for Class 12th are authentic and reliable as they are curated by Extramarks in-house subject experts of Maharashtra State Board. Extramarks ensure study materials are authentic, up to date and provide accurate information to its students. Regular tests and revisions make them aware of their mistakes through guided practice and help them achieve their best score.

Maharashtra Board (MSBSHSE) SSC Syllabus 

Extramarks provides the complete syllabus for all Class 10th Subjects. Maths syllabus has two specific books: Geometry and Algebra for SSC 10th Class Maths Text Book Part 1 & SSC 10th Class Maths Text Book Part 2. Science syllabus comprises theoretical and practical subjects. Class 10 Social Science syllabus has four units namely Imperialism, 20th Century Age of Conflict, Emancipation of Asia and Africa, and World after World War II. Geography consists of nine units with the last units as Practicals. Finally, the Economics Syllabus comprises: 1. Introduction of Economics, 2. Basic Economic Concepts, 3.Sources of Income and 4. Family Budget. 

Maharashtra Board (MSBSHSE) HSC Syllabus 

Extramarks has entire syllabus coverage for Class 12 . Streamwise syllabus distribution for Humanities, Science and Commerce is fully discussed and analysed by the Extramarks In-house subject experts. Humanities comprises  History, Political science and Sociology, Science has  Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Maths and Commerce takes care of  Economics, Book Keeping and Accounts and Organisation of Commerce all syllabi and study materials are curated at Extramarks.

 Extramarks, one of the leading educational platforms, leaves no stone unturned to provide the best learning material to students across different boards while combining fun and  learning activities through its own  repository of study materials to enhance their learning experience and help them leverage their potential to the highest level.

Extramarks ensure study materials are authentic, up to date and provide accurate information to its students and they can easily bank on our resources. Students don’t have to navigate through multiple sites to get the syllabus or the study materials that  often leaves them quite disappointed and dejected with the results. No anymore, students can easily find all the necessary information on Extramarks official website

Best Study Material for Maharashtra Board

Extramarks, one of the leading educational platforms,takes pride and privilege to provide the best learning materials thoroughly researched and checked by subject experts coupled with sample papers and previous year papers of the Maharashtra State Board. These include Sample papers and Previous year papers which help students practise and be confident to answer any tricky advance level questions and even those tweaked questions from the syllabus with 100% accuracy. Revision and regular tests familiarises the students with the pattern of the question papers giving them an idea of the types of questions that might come in their State Board exams.

Extramarks provides study materials that include chapters notes and textbooks of the State Board and they are available in both  English and Hindi Medium. The study materials are interactive as they contain informative and interesting video lessons including animation aligned with the syllabus to clarify their doubts and strengthen  learning experience among students of both classes 10 and 12 of the State Board.Extramarks believes in incorporating joyful learning experiences through its own repository which students can’t say no to.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can a student get important questions for SSC and HSC of Maharashtra State Board  (MSBSHSE)?

Extramarks credibility lies in providing reliable and trusted  study material related to   Maharashtra State Board  (MSBSHSE) for Class 10th to 12th board exam  for all the subjectsTo enjoy the maximum benefit of resources available at our website, students just need to register themselves at Extramarks official website and stay ahead of the competition.

2. Why is it important for students to go through previous year papers for Maharashtra state Board?

It is really important for all students to go through previous year papers for Maharashtra State Board because they give the students an insight into the pattern of question papers of the Maharashtra State Board and make the students exam ready for solving any kind of question that may come in the board examination. Extramarks provides all the necessary guidance and support to leverage the inherent potential of each and every child through its own repository of study materials and the in-house subject experts provide  clear understanding of all topics and ensure happy learning experience to maximise their potential.