NCERT Solutions Class 2

Students are introduced to new topics in almost every subject in Class 2. It is these topics that form the base of the student at an early age. Schools affiliated to CBSE recommend NCERT books for Class 2 because these have study material as per the guidelines prepared by the CBSE. When referring to CBSE Class 2 textbooks, students, teachers, and even parents look for accurate answers to the textbook questions. This is where NCERT Solutions for Class 2 by Extramarks can be of great help. 


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English and Class 2 Mathematics

To solve the textbook problems and ensure that all the problems are correctly answered, NCERT class 2 solutions can be of great help. It lets the kids perform in a better way in their tests. All the solutions given are accurate, and kids can understand the concepts much better.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics

Chapter 1 What is Long, What is Round?


Question: 1 What is Long? What is Round?

Answer: The answer is a pencil.

Question: 2 Do you also think so?

Answer: Yes, we also think that it is a pencil.


Chapter 2 Counting in Groups


Question 1: Number of pencils in your class

More than 45

Less than 45

Answer: Less than 45.

Question 2: Number of spokes in one cycle wheel

More than 20

Less than 20

Answer: Less than 20.


Chapter 3 How Much Can You Carry?


  1. Guess and tell what Chhotu monkey used to help Chikky and Micky. Draw a picture of it in the monkey’s hand.

Answer: Chhotu monkey used a beam balance to help Chikky and Micky.


Chapter 4 Counting in Tens


  1. In the morning, she counted her chickens.

(a) How many baskets of 10 chickens are there? ______

Answer: 5 baskets


(b) How many chickens are there in all?

50 + 4 = _______

Answer: 50 + 4 = 54


Chapter 5 Patterns

  1. Look at the pattern and fill up the boxes.

Answer: Fill the boxes with the given patterns.


Chapter 6 Footprints


  1. Draw the missing things in the picture.

Answer: Draw tables, books, newspapers and chairs.


Chapter 7 Jugs and Mugs


(a) How many lemons will you need? ______

Answer: 3 lemons

(b) How many spoons of sugar will you take? ______

Answer: 6 spoons of sugar

Lemon Drink Stall at a Village Fair.


Chapter 8 Tens and Ones


(a) How many students are left in all? __________

Answer:20 students are left in all.

 (b) How many more teams can be made with all these students left? ___________

Answer:2 teams can be made with the students left.


Chapter 9 My Funday


  1. Which day will come

(a) After Sunday? ______

Answer: Monday.

 (b) Before Sunday? ______

Answer: Saturday.


Chapter 10 Add Our Points

Q.Who won the game? ___________

Answer: The elephant won the game.


Q.Who lost the game? ___________

Answer: The tortoise lost the game.

The winner got bananas from Bunnoo.


Chapter 11 Lines and Lines

Q.Is there any number or letter that you cannot make with matchsticks?

Answer: No.


  1. What about writing letters using straight lines? Which ones are easy?

Answer: Some letters are elementary to write with matchsticks. The letters A, E, F, H, I, T, V, K, and W are easy to write with matchsticks.


Chapter 12 Give and Take

  1. How many beads are taken by Razia and Sonu?
  2. Razia and Sonu take 47 beads.


Chapter 13 The Longest Step

  1. Can you tell why the elephant won?

Answer: The elephant took a big step while walking. So the elephant won.

Q.Who takes the most significant step?

A.The elephant takes the most significant step.


Chapter 14 Birds Come, Birds Go

  1. Bunnu rabbits can eat 29 carrots in one week. Munnu rabbits can eat 42 carrots in one week. Who eats more in a week, and by how much?

___________ eats __________ more carrots.

A.Munnu eats 13 more carrots.


Q.Neha is 29 years old. Her mother is 58 years old. How many years older is Neha’s mother?

Mother is __________ years older than Neha.

A.Mother is 29 years older than Neha.


Chapter 15 How Many Ponytails?

Q.Find out what the different fruits are.

A.The different fruits are bananas, apples, oranges and mangoes.


Class 2 English NCERT Solutions


Chapter 1 First Day at School

Q 1. Who was the first friend you made?

  1. Do it yourself.


Q 2. What did you enjoy doing the most?

A.I enjoyed playing with my pet dog, Shanky.


Q 3. Do you have a pet at home who waits for you to return from school?

  1. Yes, I have a pet dog at my home who waits for me to come back from school.


Chapter 2 Haldis Adventure

Summary In English

One day a girl named Haldi met a giraffe named Smiley on her way to school. The giraffe told her that he would feel happy whenever she stared at him. He asked her many questions about her school. Then Smiley dropped Haldi to her school. She saw beautiful scenes on her way to school while sitting on the back of the giraffe. On reaching the school, she came down from his back, and when she turned back to thank him, the giraffe had already gone away.


Haldi was surprised and happy

too. Then she remembered that she

would be late for school. So she said

to the giraffe, “I would love to talk

to you, but I must rush to school or I

will be late.”


Word- Meanings: Surprised ( सप्रेडि्ज्ड ) – struck with wonder, 3119 ad Arial Remembered ( रिमेंबरर्ड )–came in mind again, याद आया। Late ( लेट ) – not on time, विलंब, देर। Rush ( रस ) – to run fast, भागना।


Chapter 3- The Paddling-Pool

Question. Fill in the blanks with ‘before or “after”:

Answer: Before eating food, I wash my hands.

After reaching school, I sit in a class.

After eating food, I wash my mouth.

After reaching home, I do my homework.


Chapter 4 – I am Lucky

Q.If I were an octopus

I would be thankful

For my eight arms.

So I just think I am lucky to be “me”.

Not “you”, but “me”.

Word-Meanings: Octopus ( ऑक्टोपस )-a strange sea creature having eight arms, अष्टभुज।


Chapter 5-I Want

This is the story of a monkey who wants to become strong. One wise woman came to know about this. She gave one magic stick to the monkey to fulfil all his wishes. First of all, he wants to become a giraffe. Then he wants to become an elephant, and at last, he wants to become a zebra.

All his wishes are granted. At last, when he comes along the river, he finds himself looking so scary. He felt so bad after seeing his face. He told his mother that he was happy being himself. Then he wishes to become a monkey again. His wish was granted, and he became a monkey again. He threw away his magic stick.


Word-Meanings: Strong ( स्ट्रांग )-mighty, ताकतवर Wise ( वाइज़ )-Learned, बुद्धिमती। Magic wand (मैजिक वांड) -magic stick, जादू की छड़ी। wish (विश) -want, इच्छा।

The little monkey is happy.

An elephant comes down to the river.

Word-Meanings: Happy ( हैप्पी ) -in a joyful mood, खुश।


Chapter 6 A Smile

Question. Play the game with your partner. Close your eyes. Move your finger on the page while you sing.

Tic Tac Toe, Round I go, if I miss, I’ll take this. When you finish the poem, stop moving your finger. Open your eyes, see which letter you stop at. Use the clues to write the word beginning with the letter you find.


Chapter 7 The Wind and the Sun

Find a rhyming word from the story for each of these words:

bun hold boat

fan sunny pot

Answer. sun, cold, coat, man, funny, hot.


Question. Find three more ‘doing words in the story that ends in ‘ing’ and then write them here.

Answer. Putting wiping shining.


Chapter 8 Rain

Question. Where does the rain fall?

Answer. The rain falls everywhere. It falls on trees, fields, umbrellas and ships.


Chapter 9 Storm in the Garden

Question. Who was Sunu-sunu?

Ans. Sunu-sunu was a small snail.


Chapter 10 Zoo Manners

Make sentences using ‘this’ and ‘that’.

Answer: This is a pen.

That is my bicycle.


Chapter 11 Story Funny Bunny


Question 1: One day, _____________ (a nut/the sky) fell on Funny Bunny.

Answer: One day, a nut fell on Funny Bunny.


Question 2: Funny Bunny wanted to tell _______________ (the king/the cock/the sky) what he saw.

Answer: Funny Bunny wanted to tell the king what he saw.


Chapter 12 Poem Mr Nobody

Question 1:Who is Mr Nobody?

Answer: Mr Nobody is a funny little man who makes mischief in everybody’s house.


Chapter 13 Story Curlylocks and the Three Bears

Question 1:My sister’s hair is soft and curly.

Answer: Read the line by yourself.


Chapter 14 Poem On My Blackboard I Can Draw

Question 1:How many windows does the house have in this poem?

Answer: There are five little windows in the house.


Chapter 15 Story Make it Shorter

Question 1:What did Akbar order one day?

Answer: One day, Akbar drew a line on the floor and ordered his ministers to shorten the line without rubbing out any part of it.


Chapter 16 Poem I am the Music Man

Question 1:What are the two instruments that the music man can play?

Answer: The music man can play two instruments: piano and big drum.


Chapter 17 Story The Mumbai Musicians

Question 1:Why did the farmer tell Goopu to see the world?

Answer: The farmer told Goopu to see the world before he becomes too old to carry any more load on his back.


Chapter 18 Poem Granny Granny Please Comb My Hair

Question 1:What does the little girl want her Granny to do?

Answer: The little girl requests her Granny to comb her hair.


Chapter 19 Story The Magic Porridge Pot

Question 1:Where did Tara go one day?

Answer: One day, Tara went to a forest.


Chapter 20 Poem Strange Talk

Question 1:Are these sentences true or false?

A little green frog said, “Quack-quack.”

A little pig loved to make a row.

A duck only said, “Croak-croak.”

A pig cried aloud, “Wee-wee.”


Answer: A little green frog said, “Quack-quack.” False

A little pig loved to make a row. False

A duck only said, “Croak-croak.” False

A pig cried aloud, “Wee-wee.” True


Chapter 21 Story The Grasshopper and The Ant

Question. What would you hold if you were asked to store things for the winter? Name any three items.

Answer: I would like to store warm clothes like sweaters, jackets and socks for the winter season.


How to help your child using NCERT Solutions for Class 2

You need to let your kid using the NCERT Solutions for class 2 understand that the knowledge they get is for learning and exploring different things and not merely to score grades.

Parents should correct the fundamental attributes error and motivate the kids at every step instead of being rigid with them. A reasonable timetable should be prepared so that the kids can work on their NCERT Solutions for every subject to learn without any confusion.


Important Tips For Students Related To NCERT Solutions for Class 2

  • Students should start planning on how they intend to study the subject. 
  • Kids need to take interval and mid breaks.

The NCERT solutions can be an excellent reference for the kids to understand how and why the particular answer was solved in that way.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. NCERT solutions are available for which subjects in class 2?

You can get the class 2 NCERT solution for English, Hindi and Mathematics.

2. What are the NCERT solutions for class 2?

This can be a significant learning step for the kids as they can get well versed with different chapters present in the class 2 subjects.