NCERT Solutions Class 2 Hindi

Hindi is one of the languages which is taught to the students at an early stage because class 2 is a formative year. It’s a stress-free year which makes it fun to learn a new language and retain it too. Hence, Hindi is a part of the syllabus of class 2 students.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi

The Hindi subject is very comprehensive and its syllabus is decided by the CBSE board. Hence we present you the NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi

The textbook Hindi Rimjhim is very empathetic towards the students and knows how students might be confused by the nitty-gritty details of grammar and vocabulary of Hindi. Hence, the board has recommended a book that teaches them the language through colourful pictures, interesting stories and short poems. 

NCERT Solutions NCERT Class 2 Hindi Solution

The textbook is divided into parts so that the students can understand the concepts very easily. The solutions are given so that the students can evaluate whatever is wrong or if an answer is not the most logical one. And these are curated by our subject experts who take a lot of care to make sure that children receive the best education.

The units are as follows. The NCERT solutions for class 2 Hindi are there according to the chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Unt Chala
  • Chapter 2: Bhalu ne Kheli Football
  • Chapter 3: Miyaun Miyaun
  • Chapter 4: Adhik Balwan Kaun
  • Chapter 5: Dost ki Madad
  • Chapter 6: Bahut Hua
  • Chapter 7: Meri Kitab
  • Chapter 8: Titli Aur Kali
  • Chapter 9: Bulbul
  • Chapter 10: Meethi Sarangi
  • Chapter 11: Tesu Raja Beech Bazar
  • Chapter 12: Bus Ke Niche Bagh
  • Chapter 13: Suraj Jaldi Aana Ji
  • Chapter 14: Natkhat Chuha
  • Chapter 15: Ekki Dokki


NCERT Class 2 Hindi Solution – Chapters’ Brief

  • Chapter 1 – The Hindi poem for Class 2 talks about how camels survive in the desert. This poem is written by Prayag Shukla.
  • Chapter 2 – It is a funny story about a cub and a bear.
  • Chapter 3 – A hilarious story about a young girl trying to drive away a mouse by making cat sounds.
  • Chapter 4 – An explanation of the working of the sun and the wind.
  • Chapter 5 – It is a story portraying morals about a weird friendship between a turtle and a fox. The story ends with the turtle being saved by the fox from a leopard.
  • Chapter 6 – A depiction of problems faced by kids while reaching school during the monsoon season.
  • Chapter 7 – A story about a girl who falls in love with her aunt’s library while delivering a message from her mother.
  • Chapter 8 – The Hindi poem for Class 2 describes a conversation between a butterfly and a blooming flower.
  • Chapter 9 – A vivid poem is describing and educating the young mind about fauna.
  • Chapter 10 – A story that talks about the musical instrument- Sarangi.
  • Chapter 11 – A funny story about Tesu raja asking questions about pomegranate seeds.
  • Chapter 12 – Description of a tiger encountering a bus loaded with people.
  • Chapter 13 – A poem in which the kids are requesting the sun to rise fast.
  • Chapter 14 – The story is about a sly mouse who tricks a King and a tailor into bidding him.
  • Chapter 15 – A tale about two sisters where one escapes because of her humble nature and the other gets reprimanded because of her selfishness


NCERT Solutions Class 2 Hindi – Marks Distribution

It is not exactly specific. All chapters of the subject are important as they are not just for the marks but also are formative concepts that will play a major role in the future. That’s why all students must know all the chapters so that they can score decent marks. Selective based learning is not advised at this young age as all the chapters are equally important, not just for the exams but also for their subsequent lessons and in general.


Importance of NCERT Solutions Class 2 Hindi

Class 2 students have very imaginative minds. But sometimes, their solutions are not the correct ones with respect to grammar and vocabulary. So solutions help them understand why their solution is considered to be wrong. Also, the solutions are curated by experts so parents need not worry about their authenticity. We, at Extramarks, believe in growing the plant of logic and reasoning in the imaginative minds of these young learners. We take special care and extra effort in helping your child earn the extreme marks that they deserve.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can one get the important questions?

 The important questions of class 2 are on the website of Extramarks. Follow our website to gain access to all the important questions so your child can get ample practice in the same.

2. How do solutions help?

Solutions help children tally whether their answers are right or wrong.

3. What are the benefits of logging into Extramarks?

Extramarks takes special and extra care to teach children the concepts that the board requires these students to learn.

4. How to get the NCERT solutions for class 2?

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