Physics Full Forms

Physics Full Forms

Physics Full Forms are derived from the Greek word Physica, which means “nature.” Physics is a branch of science that studies energy and matter as primary objects. Physics inventions have a wide range of applications in the natural sciences and technology. Today, Physics Full Forms are broadly classified as classical Physics and contemporary Physics. Physics components are principally derived from optics, astronomy, and mechanics, and are methodologically united through geometry analysis.

Branches of Physics

In general, physics has eleven distinct branches.

Classical Physics

Modern Physics


Nuclear Physics

Atomic Physics







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Benefits Of Physics Full Forms

Physics Full Forms are to understand how things function from the ground up. The Extramarks provide Physics courses that are aligned with a variety of goals that students may have in studying Physics, such as taking elective courses to broaden one’s scientific literacy, fulfilling requirements for a major in the sciences or engineering, or working toward a degree in Physics or engineering Physics. Physics Full Forms demonstrate the mathematical beauty of the cosmos at all sizes, from subatomic to cosmic. Physics Full Forms improve quantitative thinking and problem solving skills, which are useful in fields other than Physics.

Popular Physics related full forms, and Acronyms

RADAR Radio Detection and Ranging

SI Units: International System of Units

SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging)

इंसार – Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar

IRNSS – Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System

ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation

LASER – Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

mAH – Milli-Ampere Hour

E=mc2 – Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared

CFL – Compact Fluorescent Lamps

AI – Artificial intelligence

ALU – Arithmetic Logic Unit

CAIIB – Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers

CCTV –  Closed-circuit television

Cmos –  Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor

GPS – Global Positioning System

GSLV – Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle


LTE – Long-Term Evolution

MCB – Miniature Circuit Breakers

SMPS – Switched-Mode Power Supply

PSLV – Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

PVC – Polyvinyl chloride

VoLTE – Voice over Long Term Evolution

WiFi – Wireless Fidelity

LiFi – Light Fidelity

EMF – Electromotive Force

UHF – Ultra-High Frequency

VHF – Very High Frequency

MASER – Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

IC – Integrated Circuit

RPM – Revolutions Per Minute

UV – Ultraviolet

FM – Frequency Modulation

CRT – Cathode Ray Tube

LED – Light Emitting डायोड