JEE Advanced 2016 Paper

JEE Advanced 2016 Question Paper with Solutions

The JEE Advanced 2016 was a computer based online examination. It was conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. The exam consisted of 2 papers – Paper 1 and Paper 2. The exam had three sections – Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. The 3 hour duration examination was of 366 marks wherein Paper 1 was of 186 marks and Paper 2 was of 180 marks. There were different types of questions such as single digit integer, one or more than one correct option, match the following, Multiple choice questions and paragraph type questions. The marking scheme varies every year. Hence, candidates should be thoroughly prepared to crack the JEE Advanced Examination. 

It is essential for candidates to crack the sectional cutoffs in order to crack the JEE Advanced Examination. This is possible only after working hard and practising the questions that have been asked in the JEE examination. With a vast syllabus to cover, candidates at times find it difficult to judge and evaluate their performance. In such a case, practising and solving past JEE Advanced Question Papers serves as a great way to prepare for JEE Final examination. Extramarks has provided past JEE Advanced 2016 Question Papers which can be downloaded from the website. Candidates can download them and refer to them after solving the papers. 

JEE Advanced 2016 Question Paper for Paper-1 and Paper-2

The Extramarks website has provided both Paper 1 and Paper 2 JEE Advanced 2016 Question Papers which can be downloaded and solved. Practising and solving question papers will help students in gaining an edge over other competing candidates. The candidates will be able to understand the exam pattern as well as the marking scheme of the exam after solving the past question papers. 

JEE Advanced 2016 Question Paper-1 with Solutions

Candidates can refer to the below given JEE Advanced 2016 Question Paper 1 and practice them. Students can solve these question papers and then check the answers post solving them.

JEE Advanced 2016 Question Paper-2 with Solutions

Students can solve the JEE Advanced 2016 Question Paper-2 by downloading it. They can solve the paper and then check the answers from the answer key. 

Best Way to Score More Marks in JEE Advanced

The following are the tips that will help aspirants in scoring more marks in IIT Advanced:

  • Practice: 

The key to crack the JEE Advanced examination is practising as much as possible with sheer determination to make it to IIT. Apart from referring to study material, books, video lectures, etc., candidates should check out the Extramarks website and download the past question papers. These question papers need to be solved and then checked with the answer key. The answer key along with detailed solutions are  available on the website. They can give JEE Advanced Mock Tests, JEE Advanced Sample papers, etc and strengthen their preparation. 

  • Prioritise the syllabus well:

The JEE Advanced Syllabus is huge enough to cover. Hence, it is best to start preparing at the earliest. Also, a schedule needs to be maintained and followed diligently. Aspirants can prioritise the chapter or topics that need more attention. After covering them, they can then focus on the remaining chapters/topics. 

Extramarks Gives You a Competitive Edge

As the competition is soaring, the IIT JEE Advanced Examination is getting tough. This ultimately puts a lot of pressure on the young aspirants who are preparing for JEE Examination. Hence, in this situation, Extramarks come as a savior. This study partner of aspirants help them in preparing for the JEE Advanced Exam by reducing their stress. The Extramarks website is well equipped with the right and apt study material which will help them in preparing for exams.

The website has complete details with respect to exam dates, exam pattern, marking schemes, JEE Advanced Syllabus, etc which makes it a one stop solution for studying. Candidates can download the complete study material, revision notes, past JEE Advanced Question Papers, solutions, etc and prepare. In addition to this, they also provide tutoring courses across subjects for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams. 

There are interactive sessions which will enhance the conceptual ability of the students across three subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Their analytical skills, logical reasoning and numerical abilities will also enhance; which will ultimately help students in the final exam. The sample papers and mock tests given by the candidates will also be discussed with tutors.  At the end of training sessions, experts will also assess the performance of students through assignments. 

Candidates can access the class via tablets and smartphones as per the schedule. They can watch the recorded session in case they miss out the live session. The tutors at Extramarks also help students in improving the weakness and strengths of the students in direct one-to-one class/sessions. Extramarks has the best faculties. 

The Exam’s Overview

The Joint Entrance Examination or JEE is a nationally conducted competitive examination where students from India and overseas appear. It is held in two stages. These two stages are known as JEE Main and JEE Advanced stage. JEE Advanced is conducted by one of the 7 IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology). The candidates appear for the JEE Advanced examination to get into one of the IITs. Candidates can apply for this examination via the official website. They have to fill and submit the JEE Advanced application form to complete the process. 

2016 JEE Advanced Question Papers

Students should note that the JEE Advanced question paper in 2016 was moderate. Candidates should know that the examination is divided into three sections. These sections are Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. So students should prepare for every section properly to score good marks in the examination. The question papers can be downloaded from the Extramarks website. The applicants will get a better understanding of the marking scheme, exam format, conceptual clarity and better time management skills. They will also get the confidence to answer questions that are asked in the final examination. 

JEE Advanced answer keys

Students should wait for the JEE Advanced results once the examination is over. Then they can wait for the dates for JEE Advanced Counselling. Candidates will be eligible only after cracking the examination. The examination committee will release the answer keys after the examination.

Analysis of the JEE Advanced 2016 Question Paper

The JEE Advanced question paper contains questions from almost every topic mentioned in the JEE Advanced syllabus. Students should note that the Mathematics and Physics part is most challenging. The Mathematics portion contains many numericals so candidates should solve them properly. For Physics candidates should memorize all the derivations, formulas, etc. whereas the Chemistry portion is considered one of the easiest parts of the question paper. 

The Advantages of solving JEE Advanced Papers in 2016

The following are the advantages of solving the JEE Advanced papers mentioned. They are as follows:

  • Students will understand how to manage time if they solve the previous year’s papers 
  • They will get to know about the examination pattern 
  • Candidates will get to know about the type of questions asked in the JEE Advanced examination
  • Candidates will get an understanding of the difficulty level of the question paper. They will also understand the type of questions asked across three sections
  • They will get an understanding of the JEE Advanced marking scheme and JEE Advanced Exam Pattern as they refer and solve the past question papers
  • After solving the question paper, they will get an idea about their preparation level, readiness and the skills needed to crack the final JEE Advanced examination
  • Solving past question papers will help candidates in getting an experience of solving real time JEE examination

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I access the JEE Advanced 2016 answer keys?

The JEE Advanced 2016 answer key along with detailed solutions is available on the Extramarks website. These answer sheets can be accessed by students post solving the JEE Advanced mock tests or JEE Advanced sample papers.

2. How can the past JEE Advanced 2016 Question papers with solutions help me?

The past JEE Advanced 2016 Question papers will help candidates in gaining conceptual understanding. It will give candidates the confidence to solve and attain the past JEE Question Papers. They will also gain speed and accuracy in solving the papers. Candidates can check the answer sheet and tally the questions after solving them.