CBSE Class 9 Science NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science

Science in 9th grade is a big leap from 8th grade. The content to learn is comparatively more vast. Some of the students of 9th grade and 10th grade come out with flying colours while some others find it an uphill task. The three main branches of science  – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology often appear challenging to many students. To overcome this issue, NCERT Solutions can be referred to help with this problem.

Students of Class 9 can refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 9 for quick learning. Class 9 Science NCERT Solutions by Extramarks make exam preparation easier as concepts are explained well to render in-depth knowledge to students. Understanding the concepts like Living life forms, Tissues, Force, Structure of atoms, etc., of physics, chemistry, and biology is crucial if students want to score better. So if it’s just doubt clearing or aiming to score better, CBSE Class 9 Science NCERT Solutions are something you can bank on.

The smooth but easy-to-understand language encourages self-learning among students.  These solutions are meant to strengthen the overall foundation of a student’s knowledge in Science so that their higher studies move ahead with a strong base.

Chapter wise NCERT Class 9 Science Solutions

Chapter 1: Matter in Our Surroundings

Chapter 2: Is Matter Around Us Pure

Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules

Chapter 4: Structure of the Atoms

Chapter 5: The Fundamental Unit of Life

Chapter 6: Tissues

Chapter 7: Diversity in Living Organisms

Chapter 8: Motion

Chapter 9: Force and Laws of Motion

Chapter 10: Gravitation

Chapter 11: Work and Energy

Chapter 12: Sound

Chapter 13: Why Do We Fall Ill?

Chapter 14: Natural Resources

Chapter 15: Improvement in Food Resources

NCERT Solutions of Class 9 Science Book Chapter an overall view

Class 9 Science NCERT Solutions include all exercises, including end-of-chapter from the NCERT Class 9 Science textbook. NCERT Solutions assist students in a very simple language. It also includes solved numerical questions that will help students practice well for their exams. The chapters test your memory, logic, and numerical skills. Here is a  preview of the Class 9 CBSE Science Chapters;

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 1 Matter in Our Surroundings

Everything surrounding us that has mass and occupies space is made up of matter. “Matter in Our Surroundings” is a chapter that forms the basis of learning Chemistry. Due to this, it is crucial that this chapter is understood well. Physicists classify matter based on its physical and chemical properties. This chapter teaches students about the physical properties of matter.

Matter is made up of small particles that have space between them, are continuously moving, and are attracted to each other. The state of the matter can be changed and is interchangeable. This chapter will also make you realise how things around us change because of pressure and temperature.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure

NCERT 9th Class Science Book Solutions have “Is Matter around Us Pure” as the second chapter. This chapter is a further continuation of the first one and discusses the different methods of separation, properties of solutions, classification of matter, compounds and their properties, difference between mixtures and compounds, and physical and chemical changes.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 3 Atoms and Molecules

Chapter 3 of NCERT Class 9 Science imparts knowledge about laws of chemical combination, molecules, atoms, how to write chemical formulas, etc. This chapter has a significant weightage in exams as one can expect at least 3 to 4 questions from this chapter. Mole concept of this chapter is an essential basis for studying chapter 11 as well. Therefore, build a strong  foundation because a thorough comprehension of the Mole concept is required to solve numerical problems.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 4 Structure of the Atoms

This chapter of NCERT Science Class 9 discusses the varied atomic models different scientists have proposed and talks about the distribution of electrons in different orbits, calculation of atomic number, mass number, and valency. This chapter is l particularly useful for  students who plan to pursue science related studies in future.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 5 The Fundamental Unit of Life

Chapter 5 is related to Biology. This chapter covers how the cell is the fundamental unit of life and further explains the cell structure which has parts like plasma membrane, nucleus, cell wall, etc. It has explanations and diagrams of animal and plant cells. These biological units define all their structural and functional abilities

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 6 Tissues

The chapter covers tissues and their types. Animal and plant tissue differences are explained in great detail with diagrams. This will help students form a strong foundational base in  Biology.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 7 Diversity in Living Organisms

This chapter informs students about the classification of plants and animals. The hierarchy of the plant and animal kingdom is discussed in this chapter. It imparts knowledge about the living organisms being classified into mainly 5 kingdoms; Protista, Monera, Plantae, Fungi, and Animalia, and about how  they are  different  from one another.  

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 8 Motion

NCERT Science Book  Chapter 8 is a mix of theory and numerical questions. It includes information about motion, rate of change of velocity, the speed with direction and the graphical representation of motion. Equations of motions and numerical problems related to the same are also a part of this chapter. This chapter will also  explain the fact that the earth is in constant motion and so are the things on it.  

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 9 Force and Laws of Motion

The Force and Laws of Motion chapter enhances one’s conceptual understanding of force and motion. It discusses the 3 laws of motion, namely the first, second, and third law of motion, and exposes students to balanced and unbalanced forces.  

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 10 Gravitation

Newton had wondered why the apple fell from a tree. This led to the existence of gravitational force being discovered and discussed by him. This chapter will discuss the gravitational force in detail (its importance, mass, weight, free fall, etc.) and includes numericals based on it. Good practice will be required to ace the numerical questions. So buckle up and practice well. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 11 Work and Energy

Different examples, activities, and numericals are utilized to define the concept of work in this chapter. Energy and its forms are explained with examples for better understanding. .

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 12 Sound

This chapter encompasses the explanation of the production of sound and its journey from the source of production to one’s ears. Propagation of sound waves, echo, reverberation, etc. are a part of this chapter along with a few numericals as well.  

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 13 Why Do We Fall Ill?

Chapter 13 deals with the significance of health, different types of diseases, be it acute or chronic  and their causes, etc. It imparts necessary information about diseases to students and how to stay fit and healthy. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 14 Natural Resources

Natural resources are utilized by us on a daily basis. The importance of air, soil, water, ozone layer, and biochemical cycle,  as well as how humans are damaging them are some of the topics covered in this chapter. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 15 Improvement in Food Resources

The contributions  of air, water, and soil are discussed in this last chapter of the NCERT Science Class 9 book. It also expands upon agricultural, farming, and dairy topics like crop production, storage of grains, production management, fertilizers, manure, nutritional value of food, fish production, animal husbandry, and practices like beekeeping.

CBSE 2022-23 Class 9 Science Marking Scheme

I Matter-Its Nature and Behaviour – Chapter – 2 9
II Organisation in the Living World – Chapter 5 and 6 18
III Motion, Force and Work – Chapter 8 and 9 13
I Matter: Its Nature and Behaviour – Chapter 3 and 4 18
II Organisation in the Living World – Chapter 13 8
III Motion, Force and Work – Chapter 10 and 11 14
Total theory (Term I + Term II) 80
Internal Assessment –  Term I 10
Internal Assessment –  Term II 10
Grand Total  100

CBSE Class 9 Science Examination – Preparation Tips

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science include many important questions that are a part of the Class 9 CBSE Exam Syllabus. Learn and understand all the concepts well. Science is something you can’t understand by rote learning. It’s the application of knowledge and understanding.
  • Practice diagrams well. Do not draw diagrams with a pen. Do it with a pencil.
  • Answer what you know first. Do not waste too much time on one question.
  • Practise numerical questions well. 
  • Solve model question papers and previous years’ question papers to test yourself and to get an idea about the type of questions that will come in the exam. 
  • Physics questions will mostly be conceptual and numerical. Newton’s laws of motion and their application, diagrams like electric circuit diagram, lines of a magnetic field around a solenoid and bar magnet, image formation by lenses and mirrors, AC and DC generators, glass prism, the human eye, image formation for corrected and defected vision are some of the important  chapters you need to do it thoroughly. Numericals on lens and mirror and the series and parallel combination of resistances are frequently asked to test your skills. 
  • Chemistry  should be prepared well by understanding the modern periodic table with electronic configuration properly, memorising the elements placed in the Periodic table’s first and last two groups, and applications of acids, basis, and salt in day-to-day life. Learn  how to balance chemical equations and  take proper notes  on reactions involving conversion compounds which will act as revision notes during exams. It is advisable to focus on carbon compounds and the nomenclature containing functional groups.
  • Biology can be aced by revising complex terminologies regularly, preparing Mendel’s experiments, understanding traits inheritance, functions of reproductive organs in humans, and the process of reproduction in plants. Diagrams  of different parts of a flower, respiratory system, representation of reflex action, human brain, male and female reproductive organs, etc. can be practiced for better results.

Features of NCERT 9th Class Science Book Solutions

Here are the features of NCERT Science Book Solutions for Class 9;

  • It is available for free download.
  • It includes all the questions and answers that are in the NCERT science textbook.
  • It also includes MCQs, previous years’ question papers, short questions and answers, descriptive questions and answers, etc.
  • The inclusion of diagrams to explain concepts makes understanding and learning the topics quicker and easier.
  • Excellently curated answers help students score better.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many chapters are there in NCERT Class 9 Science Textbook?

There are about 15 chapters in Class 9 NCERT Science Book. All concepts and Q/A of the chapters are covered in the NCERT solutions in a clear manner.

2. Why Must You Download The NCERT Solutions For Class 9?

Like all NCERT Solutions for Class 9 provided by Extramarks, NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science help students  to get excellent results. Extramarks’ CBSE Class 9 Science NCERT Solutions include all the prescribed questions in the textbooks. The easy language used in the NCERT Solutions makes interpreting concepts easier and model question papers  along with previous years’ question papers  help students test themselves. Not only this, but the Extramarks’ NCERT 9th Class Science Book Solutions are available to download for free!

3. Are NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science enough for exam prep?

Yes. NCERT Solutions have all the textbook questions along with answers  in it. Solutions are framed as per CBSE guidelines.Also stringent efforts have been made to provide detailed and authentic solutions to all the questions. Having a thorough understanding of the syllabus and referring to NCERT Solutions will help students score well in  the exam.