NCERT Solutions Class 3 Maths

Mathematics is a fundamental subject that introduces students to logic. Students must know the formulas thoroughly to solve the problems and score high in the examination. If you are the guardian of a class 3 kid, you need to know the syllabus of the subject in detail. When your child solves the Mathematics question from NCERT textbooks, s/he may require solutions for reference. Extramarks brings you NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics.

The academic experts have designed and drafted the solutions with much care to guide the little students the right way. The students will get accurate answers to all their questions in this book. The third-standard students can solve questions on various topics from Class 3 NCERT Mathematics solutions and check their answers. Our experienced tutors guide the students with minute explanations of all the questions in the NCERT books. The students can download the solutions from this site. 


Class 3 Maths NCERT Solutions 

The Class 3 students can easily download the NCERT Solutions without any hassle. The systematic approach of the subject-based solutions determines the students’ success in their final examinations. NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics provides the answers for the children to master the concepts, apply the formula with logic, and solve complex Mathematics problems. The solutions help the students complete the syllabus on time, and the class 3 kids can revise the chapters with enough time. The solutions teach the students a step-by-step guide to developing a good command of the subject. 

The NCERT solutions by Extramarks follow the CBSE guidelines. The experts have presented the solutions with a thorough explanation. The students can understand the easy-to-understand language used in the answers. If the students use the reference, they can ensure a high score in Mathematics in the examination.

A detailed study of the solutions helps the students to understand how to solve Mathematics problems using the exact formulas. This way, students can understand the concepts fast. NCERT Class 3 Mathematics Solution is the perfect guide for the students to understand the concepts in-depth and score well in the final exam.

The language used in the solutions is easy to understand. The students can download the solutions to study anytime, anywhere, as per their convenience. They can take help from the NCERT solutions for homework or exam preparation. The students will find the answers to every question from the chapters of the NCERT solutions guides.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths

Class 3 students need to learn Mathematics skills with full attention. Class 3 NCERT Mathematics Solutions have been created and compiled by subject-matter experts who have years of knowledge and experience. The study material provides the correct answers to the complex Mathematics problems for Class 3.

Chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths

The section presents the chapter-wise NCERT class 3 Mathematics solutions to the students. 

Class 3 Mathematics Syllabus in English

Chapter 1: Where to Look From?

Chapter 2: Fun with Numbers

Chapter 3: Give and Take

Chapter 4: Long and Short

Chapter 5: Shapes and Designs

Chapter 6: Fun with Give and Take

Chapter 7: Time Goes On

Chapter 8: Who is Heavier?

Chapter 9: How Many Times?

Chapter 10: Play with Patterns

Chapter 11: Jugs and Mugs

Chapter 12: Can We Share?

Chapter 13: Smart Charts

Chapter 14: Rupees and Paise


Class 3 Mathematics Syllabus in Hindi

अध्याय 1: देखें किधर से

अध्याय 2: संख्याओं की उछल कूद

अध्याय 3: कुछ लेना कुछ देना

अध्याय 4: क्या लंबा क्या छोटा

अध्याय 5: आकृतिओं का कमाल

अध्याय 6: लेन देन का खेल

अध्याय 7: समय समय की बात

अध्याय 8: कौन किससे भारी?

अध्याय 9: बोलो भाई कितने गुना?

अध्याय 10: पैटर्न की पहचान

अध्याय 11: जग मग, जग मग

अध्याय 12: कैसे-कैसे बाँटे?

अध्याय 13: स्मार्ट चार्ट!

अध्याय 14: रुपए और पैसे

Class 3 Maths – Chapter-wise Marks Weightage

Class 3 Mathematics has a weightage of 50 marks. Mathematics is a crucial subject from the exam perspective that decides your final result. The fundamental questions in Mathematics exams are based on reasoning, applications, and simple numerical. These topics come in exams repetitively, so studying and practicing these topics can help the students score better in the final examination.

 NCERT Solution will aid you in your examination preparation. As the explanations are easy to understand, these help the students finish the homework on time and understand the topics clearly. The answers and their explanations are 100% accurate and have been presented through subsequent steps helping you have a clear understanding of the concepts. As you complete this page, you will find the chapter-wise solutions. Whether it is a class test preparation or for the final examination, referring to the solutions provided on this page will improve your score.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 1: Where to Look From?

Chapter 1 offers an idea about the extension of an object or thing to a mentioned direction. It covers the concept – How do you see an object from different sides or angles? Class 3 students learn how the same object can look different from different sides. The chapter teaches the kids about mirror images and divided images of various entities.

The experts have designed the chapter-based concepts through a clear perception of the dimensions of the solutions. Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 1 consists of the basic concepts to clear all the conceptual doubts associated with the chapter. The solution provides the students with accurate answers with logical explanations. To attain a clear understanding of the subject, the students must practice the questions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 2: Fun with Numbers

The chapter talks about counting numbers. It includes word problems on numbers, units, addition, and subtraction. Students learn how to count numbers in funny ways. The chapter explains units, tens, and hundreds to offer the students clear calculation concepts. It introduces two-digit and three-digit numbers with their face value and place value. The students enjoy learning numbers with this chapter.

Children can get their doubts cleared by solving the comprehensive NCERT Solutions for chapter 2. The students can not only have a good grasp of the concept, but they will also have developed an interest in the subject as a whole. The solutions are descriptive and teach how to make the answer out in a logical way. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 3: Give and Take

‘Give and Take’ focuses on the vital Mathematics concept of addition. The students learn about Mathematics techniques and formulas and how to calculate sums quickly. The students must solve the problems given in the NCERT solutions books to develop and polish their skills.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 4: Long and Short

Chapter 4 teaches various length units such as meters, kilometers, centimeters, and more. It also deals with length and distance measurements. The students can improve their knowledge regarding the concept through constant practice of the exercise questions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 5: Shapes and Designs

The “Shapes and Designs” chapter teaches the students about shapes, corners, and edges. The shape is undoubtedly a fascinating concept, and children learn about it in their initial academic years. Concepts introduced in this chapter help third-standard students improve their students’ examination results and boost their cognitive skills. The chapter makes the students understand and detect patterns that they see every day around them.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 6: Fun with Give and Take

Chapter 6 deals with addition and subtraction. The lesson presents many word problems to the students and explains how to solve the problems with addition and subtraction more simply. The chapter discusses addition and subtraction, using unit, tens, and hundreds place. The students learn the concept in-depth through numbers that have more digits. Class 3 students can understand the concept better through regular practice and enhance their accuracy and solving speed.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 7: Time Goes On

The core concept of the chapter lies in the name only. The chapter offers complete knowledge about time. The chapter makes the children aware of different aspects of time. The students learn about hours, minutes, and seconds. The chapter also brings in the concept of a calendar which teaches the students about days, weeks, months, and years.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 8: Who is Heavier?

The chapter includes the concepts of weight and balance. The kids learn that everything that looks heavier might not be that weightier in reality. The students can learn the topics through examples, puzzles, stories, and sums. Regular practice is much needed to have a good grasp of the concept.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 9: How Many Times?

“How many Times” – The chapter deals with multiplication. The third standard kids learn about is multiplication and addition and the internal connection between these two processes. The chapter interestingly presents the concepts through puzzles and sums to the class 3 students. The chapter creates a strong base for the students to learn advanced concepts with higher standards.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10: Play with Patterns

The students learn about patterns and sequences in the chapter. Mathematics sums and puzzles guide the class 3 students to develop a solid mental aptitude to identify even and odd patterns. The concept makes its way clearer through various puzzles and questions. Kids acquire comprehensive knowledge about different types of patterns.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 11: Jugs and Mugs

“Jugs and Mugs” – the chapter teaches the students about measurements. Students learn how to assume the amount of an entity that can fill another entity or vice-versa. The students can have a detailed and clear understanding of the concept by solving word problems, puzzles, and exercises.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 12: Can We Share?

The chapter includes the concept of division. It is a fundamental concept in Mathematics. The chapter teaches the class 3 students about multiplication and division and how these two concepts are interconnected. The students find the word problems and puzzles interesting to solve. The lesson deals with the concepts of division and distribution through brain-storming word puzzles.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 13: Smart Charts

“Smart Chart” is a chapter that explains how the students can represent data visually. The students learn what smart charts are and how to use them to present a form of data. The kids learn how to use charts and graphs to display information. The chapter shows how to represent data through charts and tables.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 14: Rupees and Paise

The last chapter introduces the little brains to the world of money. The lesson teaches class 3 students about currency. Indian currency is all about rupees and paise. The students learn about various types of coins and currency notes available in the market, for example, 2000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 2, 1, etc. The exercises in the chapter present some word problems for the students to offer them a clear understanding. The lesson also includes the concept of cash memos, tickets, and other real-time entities.

The students can solve all their queries through NCERT solutions. The solutions provide the students with answers to all questions on monetary denominations. The students can download and practise the exercises to grasp the newly learned topic well.

Importance of NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics

The advantages of referring to NCERT solutions are as mentioned below,

  • Created by Subject-matter Experts

Expert Mathematics teachers have created NCERT solutions by Extramarks. The solutions are the outcome of extensive research and a careful approach. The quality study material helps the students score high on the exam. Once the students have their doubts cleared, they can solve further Mathematics problems smoothly.

  • Explanatory Solutions 

The expert faculties with years of experience and knowledge have created the NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics. They provide the solutions to all exercise questions to guide the students the right way. 

  • Offline Accessibility 

Extramarks believes in an open educational system. The class 3 students can download the solutions and learn the topics offline at their convenience. The kids can learn the lesson anytime, anywhere. They can also share the links with their classmates.

  • An Effective Way to Clear Doubts

NCERT solution is the best way to clear all doubts. If the students feel confused about any chapter, they can simply refer to the solutions to understand the topics clearly. The solutions have been depicted using such easy-to-understand language that they clear the students’ queries. 

  • On-point Accuracy

Finally, one of the most essential aspects of the solutions is the level of precision. The subject-matter experts, who design the solutions, possess years of experience. The tutors create and review each answer carefully to ensure accuracy level. 

How can Parents Help their Kids with their Studies?

Parents need to assist their kids in their studies, but sometimes it seems to be a tough job in the initial stages. The task appears to be more difficult when you do not know where to begin. Here, we provide a few suggestions to guide the parents to help their kids in their studies and implant healthy academic habits in their children. 

  • Change Study Habits, if required

The children need to be engaged with the study material to understand the concepts in-depth. You, being a parent, can question and discuss with your child what she/he learns in the classroom and outside. Your kids need to take on all the heavy responsibilities of their studies independently. If you do more than your child does, you need to reassess their study routine.

  • Remove Distractions

Make certain that your child is not distracted in any way during their study time. You can offer them small rewards if they can finish their studies with complete concentration. If your child is writing while watching a favorite cartoon show or reading while listening to a song, you need to stop such distractions. 

  • Make the Study Process Interactive 

Making the study process interactive feels exciting to the kids. You can arrange a quiz based on the study material that they have learnt recently. Interactive sessions will help them to understand their preparation status. They will also learn how to guess correctly depending on the remaining hints. To boost their logical strength, you can ask your kid the reasons behind their answers.

  • Ask Recall Questions

There are three formats of recognition questions – multiple-choice, correct-match, and fill-in-the-blanks. As a parent, you can ask a question they studied a few months ago. You can ask the question without offering them an option or hint. If your kid can answer the questions, ask them some descriptive questions associated with the same topic. Thus, your kid will learn to recall answers and explanations throughout the session.

  • Do Not Encourage Unnecessary Reading

Sometimes, parents focus on the children rereading a topic. Every time it is not so effective. You need to see whether your child needs to reread the same chapter repetitively, or it might be more helpful if they invest the time in reading another chapter or solving some exercises. 

Why are Extramarks Solutions the Best?

Studying with Extramarks is fun. The reasons why NCERT solutions are the best are:

  • Chapter-by-chapter solutions are presented with concepts described in a simplified way
  • The answers are on-point, and students enjoy studying the solutions
  • The solutions comprise detailed answers with accurate explanations
  • Students can check the solutions to see whether they have solved the Mathematics problem correctly
  • Reading the solutions helps the students understand the concepts better
  • The solutions are presented in an easy-to-understand language
  • Referring to the solutions provided by Extramarks helps the students understand the concepts clearly and score high in exams

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where will I find all the Mathematics Chapter solutions for Class 3 students?

You will find all the Mathematics chapter solutions for Class 3 students on Extramarks.

2. How many chapters does the solution have in Class 3 Mathematics?

The Class 3 Mathematics solutions have 14 chapters, as designed by the CBSE syllabus.

3. What does the Addition chapter cover in the Class 3 Mathematics syllabus?

The chapter deals with the basic concept of addition, for example, 2+1 = 3. The simple calculations are taught to the students in this chapter. The solutions help the students to understand the concept better and clear their doubts.