ICSE Sample Question Papers for 8th standard

8th Standard Model Question Paper

Students who are in Class 8 can take the help of a sample paper for the Class 8 ICSE board to prepare well for their exams. The ICSE question papers for Class 8 help the students understand the exam pattern and give them an idea of what kind of questions will be asked in the exam. Practising ICSE sample papers or ICSE question papers of previous years is a great idea for students if they want to score well as it helps them with the speed as well as the concept. Students can solve multiple sample question papers for Class 8 ICSE, related to different subjects, from the website of Extramarks. 

Download Free ICSE Sample Papers for Class 8 All Subjects

Extramarks aims to provide the students with all the sample papers for Class 8 ICSE board related to different subjects such as English, History, Science, Civics, Economics, Mathematics, Geography, and others. These sample papers will definitely help students in the preparation for their exams. The ICSE sample question papers for Class 8 give students an in-depth understanding of the kind of questions, time duration, and various sections of exams that further helps the students to prepare for the subject accordingly. 

Subject-Wise ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 8

ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 8 English
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 8 Biology
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 8 Physics
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 8 Chemistry
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 8 Mathematics

ICSE Class 8 Sample Papers for All Subjects 

Students can visit Extramarks and access sample papers for Class 8 as per subjects. The following are some of the questions that can be referred to: 


  • Explain the refraction of light 
  • What are the features of matter and its constituent particles?
  • Explain the consequences of the high latent heat of steam.
  • Give examples of renewable sources of energy.
  • What is the law of floatation? Explain why ice floats on the water’s surface.


  • Define matter. State the Kinetic theory of Matter.
  • What is the greenhouse effect and how can it be controlled?
  • Explain different kinds of reactions with examples. 
  • Define destructive distillation. 
  • Explain Rutherford’s scattering experiment.


  • Calculate x*y, if x= (-⅗)² and y= (⅕)²
  • From the word ALPHABET, a letter is chosen. Find the probability that the chosen letter is a consonant.
  • Calculate the cube root of 1024/128
  • The length, width, and volume of a cuboid are 25 cm, 20 cm, and 15000 cm², respectively. Find the height.


  • Which artery carries the deoxygenated blood?
  • Define fertilisation.
  • Draw a diagram depicting the cell structure of Spirogyra.
  • Describe an experiment to show that plants lose water through their leaves. 
  • Discuss some of the different carriers and vectors that help in the transmission of communicable diseases.


  • Discuss the behaviour that humans show towards insects of any kind in not more than 100 words. 
  • Write a letter to the editor-head of The Times of India, telling him about your opinions regarding global warming.
  • Rewrite the sentence using the given instructions- He prayed that God might bless me. 
  • Sam saw the tiger. He ran away. Join the sentence using an appropriate conjunction

Benefits of Solving ICSE Class 8 Question Papers

With the increasing competition, students now have to take part in almost everything other than studies, making it tough for them to dedicate their full attention to their studies. To prepare for their exam, students must have a strict study schedule and time management skills to complete their syllabus on time. This is when sample papers for Class 8 ICSE board come in handy. Preparing from sample papers has the following benefits-

  • Students get a clear idea of what their question paper is going to look like.
  • Practising from the sample paper improves the writing speed of the students.
  • It gives them an idea of how they should prepare for a particular subject. 
  • Students become well versed with the basic concepts of every subject by practising via sample papers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will solving sample papers help me?

Yes, solving sample papers helps the students understand the exam pattern and type of questions.


2. How many times should I practise using the sample paper?

Practising sample papers, again and again, makes the student better and well prepared for their exam. Students can practise as many times as they can.

3. When should I start solving the sample papers for Class 8?

Students can start solving the sample papers as soon as they complete the syllabus.