ICSE Sample Question Papers for Class 9

ICSE Class 9 Sample Papers 2023-24

Along with ICSE textbooks and ICSE Revision Notes, ICSE Class 9 Sample Papers are a reliable and excellent source that students must not skip while preparing for the final examination. The ICSE Class 9 Sample Papers are prepared by subject matter experts at Extramarks after careful analysis of past years’ question papers and the ICSE syllabus. 

ICSE Class 9 Sample Papers For 2023-24 Board Exam

Extramarks has prepared sample papers for practice for the students. The ICSE Sample Papers are available for different subjects. The answers to Mathematics sample questions are given along with a detailed explanation (wherever it is required). For Science and Social Science, every answer is given with a proper explanation that will make it easier for students to know the right way in which they should answer the question in their final examination. 

Subject-Wise ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 9
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 9 Physics
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 9 Chemistry
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 9 Mathematics
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 9 Biology
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 9 English

ICSE sample papers for class 9 are available for the following subjects – 

  • Mathematics 
  • Physics 
  • Chemistry 
  • Biology 
  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Political Science 
  • Hindi 
  • English 
  • Economics 

Candidates can easily access the ICSE recent sample papers for class 9 on Extramarks’ official website. 

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 9 All Subjects

  • Mathematics 

  1. Prove that if a+b+c, then solve a³ + b³ + c³ = 3abc. The given value of a = -10, b = -6 and c = – 4.
  2. In a circle having a diameter of 10cm with C as the centre, AB is the chord with 8cm and CM lies perpendicular to AB. Find the distance of the chord from the centre.
  • Physics 

  1. Define an instrument’s least count.
  2. Give two differences between mass and weight.
  3. Discuss retardation and give an example of a body that exhibits it.
  4. Why must we run a specific distance before boarding a moving bus?
  • Chemistry 

  1. What is the industrial process for producing hydrogen gas?
  2. What does ‘Group’ signify in the Periodic Table?
  3. Why do isotopes of an element have the same chemical properties?
  • Biology 

  1. What is the function of nerve cells?
  2. What are sleeve cells responsible for?
  3. What is the name of the digestive liquid released by the liver? What are the two pigments that it contains?
  • History 

  1. Name two of St. Francis Xavier’s contributions to the progress of India’s Christian faith.
  2. Name three societal developments that occurred during the Later Vedic Period in connection to Women’s Position
  3. How did the advent of the printing press contribute to the Renaissance’s rise throughout Europe?
  4. Name three of Martin Luther’s contributions to church reforms in Europe.
  • Geography 

  1. Distinguish between the intermontane plateau and the volcanic plateau.
  2. Explain how soil contamination affects agricultural productivity.
  3. Draw a clean, well-labelled graphic of the two sorts of tides.
  4. Make a clean, labelled graphic depicting the Earth’s location during the summer solstice.
  • Political Science 

  1. List the members of the Election Commission.
  2. Explain the meanings of the words ‘General Election’ and ‘Midterm Election.’
  3. Define the phrase “Constitution.” Give at least two arguments for its relevance.
  4. Specify any two distinctions between Fundamental Rights and State Policy Directive Principles.
  • English 

  1. Explain how the black guy saw a chance for vengeance in this circumstance.
  2. What is Shylock’s destination? Prior to these words, what does Shylock “bid” Jessica to do?
  3. How does Arragon react when he realises he made the wrong decision? What does this tell us about Arragon’s personality?
  4. Who will arrive next? What complaints does this individual have when they arrive?
  5. What do you think of this person?
  • Economics 

  1.  Explain the concept of frictional unemployment.
  2. Explain two beneficial effects of the Government of India’s liberalisation programme.
  3. Define the term “privatisation” and describe any three agricultural difficulties in India.
  4. Discuss three aspects of industrial structure in relation to the Indian economy.
  5. Name five of the Green Revolution’s beneficial effects.

ICSE Class 9 Board Exam Question Paper 

Extramarks provides past years’ICSE class 9 question papers so that students can get an idea of the type of questions that can come this year. Students can know about the types of questions asked, duration, etc. With past year ICSE Question Papers, students will also get to know what level the examination follows, is it average or difficult. Moreover, it indicates based on their weight, the topics and chapters that are more important. Students can easily access the ICSE class 9 board examination question paper on Extramarks.

For which subjects do Extramarks provide sample papers?

Extramarks strives to help every student succeed academically. If a student needs a sample paper for any particular chapter, then they can access it on Extramarks. The sample papers adhere to the ICSE syllabus. 

Extramarks provides ICSE sample paper for class 9 for the following subjects: 

  • Mathematics 
  • Physics 
  • Chemistry 
  • Biology 
  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Political Science 
  • Hindi 
  • English 
  • Economics 

What is the advantage of studying from Extramarks?

  • With Extramarks, students get more exposure to the examination pattern that the board follows from past years. 
  • Students can take online lectures wherever and at whatever time they want to. 
  • Extramarks do provide ICSE revision notes, and ICSE Important Questions and along with this, students can get indefinite sample papers to practice. 
  • Students can ask their doubts from subject experts. 
  • Additionally, they provide them with instructions on how they should prepare, how they should answer questions, and even how to score well in an exam.

How to score well in these sample papers?

On Extramarks, answer keys and well-explained answers to all questions are included along with the sample papers. When answering an ICSE class 9 sample papers, however, students must avoid glancing at the solutions and instead attempt it. They can check the solution once they’re done with the complete sample paper. 

The chances of a student performing well on the ICSE final examinations will improve dramatically if they do well on the ICSE class 9 sample papers. The following are some points to remember:

  • Complete the whole paper, and then use the answers and explanations to check your own given answers. Evaluate where your marks get deducted, where you made a mistake, and improve it there only. 
  • If you make a mistake in a sample paper, correct it before moving on to the next one. By doing so, you will avoid committing the same errors and will be able to improve.
  • Always start attempting the sample paper by revising all the notes that you’ve prepared. This will help you to answer more questions and will help you to avoid skipping questions just because you don’t remember them. 
  • When completing a sample paper, set a timer to get a sense of your writing pace and accuracy.

Does Extramarks provide updated sample papers?

Yes, ICSE class 9 sample papers are accessible on Extramarks. These class 9 sample papers are based on the updated ICSE syllabus. These papers are the ideal approach for students to practice for their examinations because they need more questions to practice to understand a particular question.

Importance of Solving Sample Papers 

  • Sample papers provide a diverse range of questions that might assist students in preparing for the test. Even though these questions vary dramatically, they will learn more about question trends in examinations.
  • When their results in ICSE class 9 sample papers come out better, their overall confidence gets a boost. 
  • Students are likely to run out of questions to practice. This is where sample papers come into play. These papers are the most reliable source of fresh questions based on the same test structure.
  • Due to the difficulty level of ICSE examinations, sample papers will help you to understand where you stand in a highly competitive setting.
  • After completing these papers, you will be able to assess your own skills and shortcomings.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can a student access the ICSE class 9 sample question papers?

Students can easily access the sample papers through Extramarks official website by registering on it.

2. Does Extramarks have sample papers for all the subjects?

Yes, Extramarks has sample papers for all the subjects, students can access them whenever they want to.

3. Does an English sample paper include literature and language components?

Yes, English sample papers include both the components – language and literature.