NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS

NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS 

Extramarks provides solutions for students in Class 5 for EVS.. Students can easily access the solutions on the website. It not only provides a solution for all chapters but also offers advice for overcoming and resolving difficult issues. NCERT Solution for Class Fifth EVS enhances students’ confidence by providing a comprehensive solution guide and recommendations on how to score well. 

EVS Class 5 NCERT Solutions

Solutions for NCERT Class 5 EVS provide answers to all of the NCERT EVS textbook’s problems/ questions. The chapters provided in the textbooks educate students on many environmental concerns and aspects. When preparing for an examination, it is important to refer to the NCERT Solution for Class 5 EVS. It will assist them in thoroughly understanding the chapters and gaining an understanding of the key questions. 

NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS 

Extramarks provide the students with solutions to the questions that are given in every chapter in the EVS for Class 5. These solutions can be accessed by students or learners from the Extramarks website and can also be downloaded. Hurry up and click on the link to download and start studying EVS for Class 5.

Chapter-Wise NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS

The students in Class 5 can check the links below and access chapter-wise EVS solutions for Class 5: 

NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Chapter-wise List
Chapter 1- Super Senses
Chapter 2 – A Snake Charmers Story
Chapter 3 – From Tasting To Digesting
Chapter 4 – Mangoes Round The Year
Chapter 5 – Seeds And Seeds
Chapter 6- Every Drop Counts
Chapter 7- Experiments With Water
Chapter 8 – A Treat For Mosquitoes
Chapter 9 – Up You Go
Chapter 10 – Walls Tell Stories
Chapter 11- Sunita In Space
Chapter 12 – What If It Finishes
Chapter 13 – A Shelter So High
Chapter 14 – When The Earth Shook
Chapter 15 – Blow Hot Blow Cold
Chapter 16 – Who Will Do This Work
Chapter 17 – Across The Wall
Chapter 18 – No Place For Us
Chapter 19 – A Seed Tells A Farmers Story
Chapter 20 – Whose Forests
Chapter 21 – Like Father Like Daughter
Chapter 22 – On The Move Again

NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Chapter – Wise Details

The NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS include all of these chapters mentioned below, as well as the essential questions and example solutions.

Chapter 1: The Super Sense

This chapter tells the students about the numerous sensory organs in the living organisms living on the Earth and how they communicate using these senses.

Chapter 2: A Snake Charmer Story

This chapter tells the students about the interactions of a reptile- the snake with human beings.

Chapter 3: From Tasting to Digesting

This chapter talks about the process of digestion in humans, right from the time when food enters the mouth and the rest of the paths it goes through.

Chapter 4: Mangoes Round The Year

This chapter talks about the various breeds and uses of mangoes.

Chapter 5: Seeds and Seeds

This chapter helps the students to know about seeds and the importance of seeds in the process of plant development via seed germination.

Chapter 6: Every Drop Counts

The importance of rainwater and its harvesting, and recycling of water for the preservation of natural resources is discussed in the chapter.

Chapter 7: Experiments With Water

The main motto of this chapter is to make the students perform several water-based experiments to help them learn the various features and properties of water.

Chapter 8: A Treat For Mosquitoes

Malaria is an infectious illness that is spread by mosquito bites (Anopheles Stephensi). The symptoms of the disease include fever, muscular discomfort, convulsions, and bloody faeces. This chapter discusses all these topics.

Chapter 9: Up You Go

This chapter describes how you may prepare yourself before beginning to climb up a mountain.

Chapter 10: Walls Tell Stories

This chapter talks about the various forts across the country and the importance of ancient architecture.

Chapter 11: Sunita In Space

This is a story that narrates with dialogues to the people about the various characteristics of the Earth and its shape.

Chapter 12: What If It Finishes

This chapter details the irresponsible use of fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG, and kerosene, and the consequences of using them in excess.

Chapter 13: A Shelter So High

The chapter provides an interesting narrative about a wanderer who travels by his dearest partner, a bike called Loner.

Chapter 14: When The Earth Shook

This chapter is all about the effects and causes of Earthquakes.

Chapter 15: Blow Hot, Blow Cold

This chapter shows the difference between the cold and warmth using several basic day-to-day activities.

Chapter 16: Who Will Do This Work

This chapter is about the day-to-day staff who perform cleaning duties.  Cleaning is indeed a job, and it carries with it the dignity of work. The writer wants to highlight these cleaning chores in this article, with a particular emphasis on the school.

Chapter 17: Across The Wall

The gender imbalance that exists in today’s society is the focus of the Across the Wall chapter. It assists students in understanding the male-female ratio in India.

Chapter 18: No Place For Us

This chapter includes real-life occurrences, everyday obstacles, and current topics. Students can openly argue, discuss, and acquire a sensitive grasp of these concepts as a result of this.

Chapter 19: A Seed Tells A Farmer Story

The food that we so readily obtain on our plate goes through a number of steps before it comes to us in an edible form. This chapter teaches the students about how farmers raise crops and fruits, as well as the difficulties they face at times.

Chapter 20: Whose Forests

This chapter involves addressing how forests are formed, many kinds of birds and animals that live in the forest, and so on. It also contains the numerous types of trees that thrive in the forest, as well as how other living species benefit from them.

Chapter 21: Like Father, Like Daughter

This chapter discusses how children will inherit their family members’ looks, habits, behaviour, attributes, and lifestyle. Students are also notified of their ancestors through various activities in this chapter.

Chapter 22: On The Move Again

This chapter is a story about a youngster named Dhannu, who must travel throughout the year with his parents and other family members in order to labour on the grounds of large farmers till Dussehra. It discusses how missing his grandma, who lives in their country house, affects him psychologically when he is away from his home.

NCERT Class 5 EVS Solution – Chapter-Wise Marks Weightage

The chapters in Class 5 EVS subject have equal weightage. Students need to give equal attention to all the chapters and prepare them thoroughly. They should practise the previous question papers or sample papers and then evaluate their performance. They should refer to the NCERT Class 5 EVS Solutions on Extramarks and understand the subjects that need more practise and revision. This will ultimately increase the chances of getting good marks in the final exam.

Benefits of Class 5 EVS Solutions

The following are some of the benefits of Class 5 EVS Solutions-

  • Class 5 EVS solutions are developed by the subject matter experts and faculties at Extramarks. This makes them a reliable source of study material to refer to. 
  • The solutions/answers are written and organised as per chapter. This guarantees that learners can quickly get to the solution to a question for which the student doesn’t have an answer. This also aids in rapid review and allows students to be more efficient.
  • Answers to all queries from each chapter are presented and written in clear language with excellent explanations.
  • The experts adhere to the latest curriculum of NCERT and then develop the solutions. 
  • Students can easily access the EVS Solutions or any other subject solutions on Extramarks. 

With so many benefits, Extramarks is clearly an ideal choice for any learner. It offers students a pleasant learning medium and enables them to read and study in the most efficient manner. With Extramarks solutions, a student may effortlessly comprehend and remember all of the key aspects of the chapter. If you wish to look at some more such study material, go to the Extramarks website for more information. There are several descriptive notes available for reference. So hurry up!

NCERT Class 5 EVS- Important Questions

Some of the questions are-

Q1. What are the effects of a mosquito bite?

Q2. How does one find out that they had malaria?

Q3. What problems does one have with having malaria?

Q4. What are some ways to quickly dissolve sugar in water?

Q5. Will the cap of a plastic bottle float or sink in water?

Q6. Will the steel plate or spoon float or sink in water?

Q7. On which part of the tongue could you get the most taste?

Q8. If someone were to put a few seeds of aniseed on your tongue, would you be able to tell its taste with your eyes closed?

Q9. Mention one way in which you use the warmth from your breath

Q10. What do you do in your house to protect yourself from mosquitoes? 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What disease is caused due to a mosquito bite?

Mosquito bites can transmit a variety of illnesses, including malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya and dengue.

2. When does an individual find his/ her sense of smell helpful?

Besides detecting terrible food or a burning item, the human sense of smell can also detect the odours of the following:

  • Sweaty garments
  • Perfume
  • Food
  • Incense sticks
  • Flowers
  • Gas Leak 

3. Name some cash and food crops-

Some of the food crops are Wheat, Pulses, Maize, Oil Seeds, etc and some of the Cash Crops are Spices, Coffee, Tea, Rubber, Coconut, etc.

4. What effects does an earthquake have on a house?

Walls may develop cracks, and in the worst-case scenario, roofs may fall. Household objects such as televisions, refrigerators, and so on would also be harmed. There is also the possibility of fire and death.