ICSE Sample Question Papers for Class 7

ICSE Class 7 Sample Question Papers for All Subjects 2023-2024  

Students in class 7 have various subjects to prepare for, which include Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, and other optional and non-optional subjects. With many chapters to study, it becomes tough to understand each and every concept for students. ICSE sample question papers for class 7 are the best to practice from an exam point of view. When students prepare through sample papers of any subject, they automatically learn the basics of the chapters. Students can now access ICSE sample papers for class 7 in all subjects via Extramarks. They can practice them as per the subjects and then tally them with the solutions given on Extramarks.

Download Free ICSE Sample Papers for Class 7 All Subjects

There is no doubt that memorization makes it a little easier for students to understand the concepts. However, there is always a scope for better preparation for exams. Students can attain good marks if their practice is done the right way, and ICSE sample question papers are the way to do that. The subject matter experts at Extramarks have developed sample papers in a way that will give the students an edge over others. This will help them score good marks and perform better than before. 

Subject-Wise ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 7
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 7 Physics
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 7 Chemistry
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 7 Mathematics
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 7 Biology
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 7 English

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 7 All Subjects        

Students can access subject-wise sample papers for Class 7 on Extramarks. The following are some of the questions: 


  • Heat always flows from a hotter object to a colder object. Justify.
  • State the process of determining the density of an irregular-shaped solid such as stones.
  • Distinguish between transparent, opaque, and translucent objects.
  • What does the pitch of sound depend upon?


  • Atoms contain electrons. Who explained it first?
  • Mg + O2-> MgO.  Balance the equation. 
  • Can evaporation take place at room temperature?
  • Define Sedimentation. 


  • (8×10)/5 or (8/5)x10. Which is greater?
  • Find 2 rational numbers that are equal to -2/7
  • If the radius of a circle is 14 cm. Calculate its circumference.
  • The three angles of a triangle are in the ratio of x:5x:3x.  Find out all the angles of this Triangle.
  • Define acute, obtuse, and right-angled triangles.


  • Define all the parts of the nervous system.
  • What is the unit of the kidney?
  • State the features of Pteridophytes.
  • What is the reproduction process of Amoeba?


  • Write a short paragraph on water pollution.
  • Write an application to your Principal, requesting him to grant you an emergency leave for 3 days.
  • What is the basic limitation of a computer?
  • Write an article on global warming.

Benefits of Using These Specimen Papers for Class 7 (All Subjects)     

Students who solve the ICSE sample papers for class 7 in all subjects get benefitted from the same in various ways. Here are a few of them-

  • Students gain an understanding of exam patterns.
  • Students get to know what kind of questions will be asked them in the question paper.
  • The writing speed of a student improves.
  • Students adhere to the timeline and thus gain time management skills for the exam.
  • By solving a sample paper, students gain a lot of confidence.
  • With each practice paper, the stress for the exam gets a little less. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which subject is most important and requires time?

Every subject is equally important. However, a few students may find Mathematics tougher than other subjects. Thus, it requires more practice.


2. Is it necessary for me to solve sample papers before the exam?

It’s not mandatory to do so. However, students who solve sample papers are better prepared for the exam. 

3. How can I get class 7 sample papers?

Students can access the sample papers of every subject from Extramarks.

4. Will I be able to find multiple sample papers at the same time on Extramarks?

Yes, students can find various sample papers for different subjects on Extramarks.