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Online Study Materials And Courses for State Boards Students

Every subject included in the State Board syllabus is important for the students, therefore each and every subject has its own study materials and practice content. It is important to have a complete syllabus at the beginning of a new academic session. First and foremost, students must have a complete idea of the State Board syllabus. The overview of the syllabi of all the subjects gives a clear understanding of the course, the patterns and categorisation of the subjects’ content. Extramarks provides the authentic and current syllabus of the State Board for both Class 10 (SSC) and 12 (HSC). Students are usually excited and curious to know the syllabus for the new session. Therefore, to help the students to overcome the humongous problem of knowing the right syllabus from an authentic source Extramarks, one of the leading educational platforms, has stepped in to make their high school journey easy and enjoyable.

Extramarks provides a complete syllabus for all subjects and classes. Students can easily access the syllabus and start preparing for the new academic session. How do you start preparing for this crucial academic phase? You need a mentor to guide you through this.

In order to make this learning process more interesting and enjoyable, subject matter experts at Extramarks had to dig deeper to understand the child psychology and restructured the information into different formats to enable a smooth and deep learning experience so that students need not look elsewhere to supplement their studies to better their performance.

Extramarks, one of the leading educational platforms, has a repository of study materials and sources such as  sample papers and past years’ question papers of the State Board. Besides empowering the students with the complete syllabus, the sample papers and past years’ papers help students to familiarise with the types of questions that might come in their State Board exams.

Inadvertently, this helps students to mentally start preparing for performing exceedingly well in the exams and create their first milestone. The big question is- Is it possible for students to completely bank on Extramarks?

Extramarks has been in the education industry for little over a decade. Its credibility lies in providing  reliable and authentic study materials for private and government schools of CBSE board from classes 1 to 12. No wonder students, teachers and parents have unshakable faith and trust in Extramarks.Well, that answers the question.

Extramarks has experienced faculty and subject matter experts working conscientiously and diligently to prepare authentic, concise answers which students can trust and enjoy the process of learning. The systemic and well-laid-out balanced study plan boosts their performance naturally and effortlessly. Extramarks provides study materials  based on the subject and textbooks of the State Board. They are available in both English and Hindi Medium.

Free Study Materials for State Board – Class 10 and 12 Maths & Science

State boards for students of Class 10 and 12 are very crucial examinations which prominently make the students accustomed to the upcoming competitive exams and also help them decide their academic pursuits. It is one of the most competitive school-level exams. Hence, excellent preparation for the State Board is necessary for each and every student appearing for the State Board exam. Extramarks assists students with all kinds of preparation for the State Board with free online study materials and sources for subjects like Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Computer Applications, Sanskrit Grammar, Economics, etc. These are interactive study materials and are available for free at Extramarks and are prepared by Extramarks in-house experienced faculty. The subject experts are always available for any discussions and doubt-clearing sessions for the students.

Furthermore, Extramarks offers media-rich study materials and sources in the form of both 2D and 3D engaging and educational videos  and  animation videos aligned with the syllabus. These informative videos clarify the concepts, strengthen their learning and upgrade their knowledge. It goes without saying that they are fun and interesting to watch and also keep your curiosity alive, thereby encouraging children to learn more.Besides this, Extramarks also gives the students access to various practice content like important NCERT solutions and question papers which are divided into different categories depending on the level of the students. Both Class 10 and 12 students can practice and access the study materials and after each test, Extramarks tracks the academic progress of the students on subjects after every test and gives  them feedback and reports on their strengths and weaknesses of the subjects they are learning. They can get detailed and accurate solutions to textbooks questions, which will help them understand how to solve the different kinds of problems in a step-by-step manner. If they ever get stuck on a question, they can always refer to the study materials prepared by subject matter experts.

Free Study Materials for State Board- Class 10 and 12 Maths and Science

Extramarks provides free study materials for both Maths and Science for the Class 10 and Class 12 State Board students. The study materials are curated by subject matter experts in easy to understand language, keeping in mind the students’ exams pattern and understanding level. Extramarks has study materials for core subjects like Science and Maths with content of 16 and 15 chapters respectively along with study materials.

Extramarks provides actual question papers and solutions of Class 10 and 12 of the State Board for both the subjects: Maths and Science. These question papers and study materials are also available for different boards including CBSE, ICSE, and other State Boards like Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, and Karnataka etc. Extramarks take pride in fulfilling the requirements of different State Board students and provide all assistance they might need. The study materials for the subject of Maths are also based on different textbooks and reference books like NCERT Maths Solutions, etc. Similarly, Science has different study materials for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The notes and materials are all updated regularly and relevant to every state board student and are available according to their need and requirement.

Maharashtra HSC Board Question Paper Class 12

Maharashtra HSC Board has a different syllabus and books than other State boards. Therefore, the Maharashtra HSC Board students must prepare differently than the students of other State Boards. Extramarks provides curated study materials based on the Maharashtra HSC Board syllabus and books. The students of this State Board can easily find all the required content on different subjects. The list of study materials contains different subjects from Humanities, Science and Commerce. The Maharashtra HSC State Board question papers with solutions make the practice sessions for the students easy so that they study independently without any further assistance. The students can enjoy the concise and to the point answers along with past years’ question papers to enhance their concepts and ideas right from the start . The State Board experts take care to clarify the doubts of each and every student  and instant clarification is available for the same. Class 12 State Board syllabus and its detailed analysis are also available at Extramarks making it easy for the students to study and focus without navigating to various other sites for information and still not be satisfied with it. Extramarks provides one stop solution to all your problems. Maharashtra HSC Board question papers are available year-wise and categorised according to the streams and subjects under them. Students can assess themselves by using Extramarks Learn, Practise and Test formula which will ensure every student gets high grades in the exams and continues to enjoy the learning experience .

Maharashtra SSC Board Question Paper Class 10

Maharashtra SSC Board is different from other State boards. The question papers and study materials for their Class 10 students are also different. Extramarks is fully cognisant of  these distinctions that is why Extramarks Maharashtra State Board experts have put together  an entirely different set of study materials.The State Board question papers are also made available on Extramarks for the students to go through practice sessions and students can easily access the papers and solutions for easy understanding and the State board preparation. The syllabus for Class 10 Maharashtra State Board is also available and the worksheets are provided to students to practice the subjects they specifically find difficult and require assistance. There are also sample papers for Class 10 State Board students and proper live classes arranged for the students to learn their subjects online and clear their doubts instantly.It gives them thorough understanding of the subjects. In addition, the past years’ papers on different subjects like Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Computer Applications, Sanskrit Grammar, Economics, etc, are easily accessible to the students along with their answer keys. To encourage students to learn in a more systematic and organised manner. Extramarks divides Science into specialised areas  namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology for better understanding of the students.

The Extramarks State Board experts also analyse past years’ papers of Class 10 with students during live classes and share easy solutions to difficult questions with examples. The experts also provide clear solutions to any questions the students may have, therefore they ensure that students’ doubts are cleared so that they remain interested in learning and mastering the topic with ease. Subject experts not only inspire students to stay focused but also provide regular feedback to ensure gradual progress which can be tracked easily and provide adequate support whenever necessary.

Extramarks provides one stop solutions to all your problems. To enjoy the maximum benefit of these resources, students just need to register themselves at Extramarks official website and stay ahead of the pack.

State Boards

Extramarks, one of the leading educational platforms, provides study materials and classes for different State Boards across India. These State Boards have different syllabi, different books and study materials that vary from state to state. Thus, Extramarks has different study materials for Maharashtra State Board, different materials for Telangana or Tamil Nadu State Board and similarly different study materials for Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh State boards. Extramarks also has a collection of past years’ question papers and sample papers from different State Boards that students from their own respective state boards can easily access and practice or even discuss during the Extramarks live sessions conducted by subject experts.

Extramarks has separate professional experts for each State Board’s study sessions and provides authentic and verified solutions which only the experts from different state boards can curate for their set of students. Besides the state boards, Extramarks deals with study materials of other boards like CBSE, ICSE etc. Different study materials based on Class 10 and 12 NCERT and CBSE solutions are also available at Extramarks which work on many of the State Boards’ syllabi. Study materials based on different textbooks of State Boards like problems and solutions of Maharashtra Board Class 10 Maths Book Part 1, Maharashtra Board Class 10 Maths Book Part 2, English textbooks, NCERT Books, Arihant, RD Sharma, RS Agarwal, HC Verma, DK Goel etc are also available here. Extramarks is associated with top schools from different State boards across India like the Delhi Public School RK Puram, Modern School, Delhi NCR, Loyola School, Kerala, The Heritage School, Kolkata, Campion School, Mumbai, Sophia Sr.Sec School, Kota, Army Public School, Navy Public School etc, for its top quality digital learning facilities. Extramarks offers different syllabi of different subjects based on the State Board and follow the same pattern that the particular State board demands and ensures clear understanding of the subjects’ contents. This helps the students to prepare for tests, assignments and exams without being stressed and follow the sample papers, test papers and more to score brilliantly in their exams.

Students must have a complete idea of their own State Board syllabus and plan accordingly with proper schedules for study sessions, practice sessions and test series to test their own ability. They can browse through a list of test series available at Extramarks and also attend live classes and complete daily assignments and worksheets given by the subject experts during the classes. Students can view the live classes later through recorded classes provided by Extramarks. After the session, the students can attend practice tests and then take the test series for self assessment. Regular feedback definitely helps the students to step up their learning experience and keep improving their score without any loss of enthusiasm. It’s important to learn from mistakes, upgrade their knowledge and enjoy the process of learning. Preparation for the State Board is quite an uphill task, however with proper guidance and expert solutions the task becomes easy and manageable.

Extramarks believes in incorporating joyful learning experiences through its own repository. Students can trust Extramarks for any guidance and assistance they might need during the State board preparation.