NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi

Class 1 is the foundation year for students, from a language perspective. They are introduced to Matras, Swar, and other new topics, thus extra attention is always needed. To help students have a better understanding of Hindi, Extramarks offers NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi. The solutions are prepared by experienced subject-matter experts and include answers to all the questions that are present in the NCERT prescribed textbook for Hindi. These solutions will make learning easier for the students of Class 1, and they will develop an interest in the subject. 

The majority of the people speak Hindi and it’s their first language. It’s vital for students to learn the fundamental aspects of the language at the primary level to get a better hold of the language. A strong foundational skill in literacy ensures that the child is able to grasp whatever is being taught in school. It helps him to develop an interest in other subjects as well. Moreover, the new education policy encourages students to continue learning in their mother tongue or the first language until at least up to grade 5.

Apart from class 1 Hindi solutions, Extramarks also provides NCERT Solutions for higher classes as well.

Class 1 Hindi NCERT Solutions

The NCERT solutions for Hindi have the answers to all the questions from the Hindi textbook, written in a simple and easy language. The solutions can be downloaded by students, parents, and teachers as a reference material to understand the language in a better way.

 NCERT class 1 Hindi solutions can be downloaded free  of cost from the Extramarks official website now.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi All Chapters

CBSE Class 1 Hindi subject has 23 chapters. All these chapters are very important for the students of class 1 to acquire basic knowledge about the subject. Making it easier for students to read, write and speak in Hindi.

  • पाठ 1: झूला
  • पाठ 2: आम की कहानी
  • पाठ 3: आम की टोकरी
  • पाठ 4: पत्ते ही पत्ते
  • पाठ 5: पकौड़ी
  • पाठ 6: छुक-छुक गाड़ी
  • पाठ 7: रसोईघर
  • पाठ 8: चूहो! म्याऊँ सो रही है
  • पाठ 9: बंदर और गिलहरी
  • पाठ 10: पगड़ी
  • पाठ 11: पतंग
  • पाठ 12: गेंद-बल्ला
  • पाठ 13: बंदर गया खेत में भाग
  • पाठ 14: एक बुढ़िया
  • पाठ 15: मैं भी
  • पाठ 16: लालू और पीलू
  • पाठ 17: चकई के चकदुम
  • पाठ 18: छोटी का कमाल
  • पाठ 19: चार चने
  • पाठ 20: भगदड़
  • पाठ 21: हलीम चला चाँद पर
  • पाठ 22: हाथी चल्लम चल्लम
  • पाठ 23: सात पूँछ का चूहा

NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi – Download

It becomes essential for the students of Class 1 to understand the fundamentals of Hindi. They can rely on the NCERT solutions Class 1 provided by Extramarks. The NCERT solutions will encourage and motivate the students to develop the habit of reading and comprehension.

NCERT Hindi Class 1 Solution – Marks Weightage 

For the students of Class 1, the NCERT Hindi Class 1 solutions hold great importance, especially when students are preparing for the Hindi test. The weightage of each chapter is kept in mind when preparing the solutions. 

Benefits of Class 1 Hindi NCERT Solutions

Some of the significant benefits of reading NCERT class 1 Hindi solution are as follows:

  • The answers to all the questions given in class 1 Hindi solutions are to the point and accurate. These will help the students of class 1 to understand the chapters in a better way.
  • The NCERT Class 1 Hindi solution provided by Extramarks is simple and easy to grasp. The language used is very straightforward and has been put together easily, allowing the students to comprehend the concepts easily.
  • The Class 1 Hindi NCERT solutions can be accessed for online or offline study.
  • The NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi answers have been curated according to the latest CBSE guidelines. It contains all the essential topics for learning which will boost the confidence level of the students of Class 1.
  • These solutions can assist both teachers and students of Class 1 in processing the chapters well and within a limited time. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. From where can I download the NCERT Hindi Class 1 solutions?

Extramarks provides the students of Class 1, with NCERT Hindi solutions, for free and it can be downloaded from Extramarks official website.

2. What is the summary of the Jhoola poem in Class 1 Hindi book?

The tender emotions and feelings of children are depicted in the poem “Jhoola” in Class 1 Hindi book. The poem talks about a boy who is swinging and asking his mother to swing him higher in the process so that he can touch the sky and play with the clouds. This process of swinging fills the kid with joy, and he goes on an aspirational journey, sometimes to Calcutta and sometimes to Delhi.

3. Does Extramarks provide NCERT Solutions for Class 1 for other subjects also?

Absolutely, Extramarks provides NCERT solutions for  all subjects.