NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi

As we know that Class 8 is the first step towards high school.  At this stage students become serious about their studies, as they know high school is not far away..f Class 8th preparation plays an important role in the  Class 9th and 10th academics. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi provide information that has been considered and approved by the subject matter experts. Not only the information but also includes grammar exercises which help the students to practice. These Hindi class 8 solutions are easily available for all the students who want any kind of  information on the subject. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi 

NCERT Solutions for class 8 Hindi are a compilation of interesting and detailed analysis of all the content that is prescribed or introduced for students. Overall, NCERT Solutions bring in all the knowledge for students of  different caliber. The entire syllabus has been covered along with the expertise of the experts which is the key reason why this site is popular among learners. No wonder its demand is growing by leaps and bounds. 


NCERT Solutions for Class  8  Hindi 

Hindi is the national and official language of India, it’s spoken by almost half a billion people.  However, it doesn’t  get the attention that it deserves. Most of us speak Hindi, and it’s our first language, yet students fear Hindi and don’t score well in their exams. First and foremost reason is that they underestimate the subject and regret it later. Secondly, Studying Hindi a couple of days before the exam won’t help. It’s important to know the exam pattern, their weightage and prepare accordingly.  Lastly, In case you are still stuck and have second thoughts about it, you may bank on NCERT Hindi Solutions for Class 8, to get that clarity and much needed confidence. NCERT  Solutions for Class 8 Hindi

Students must have complete knowledge about Hindi syllabus to improve their score.   Hindi textbooks  benefit Hindi reading as well as writing skills besides grammar and comprehension. So, here is a list of four  Hindi textbooks by NCERT.

  • Vasant 
  • Durva
  • Bharat Ki Khoj
  • Sankshipt Buddhacarita


NCERT Solutions for  Class 8 Hindi 

All the NCERT books for Hindi consist of many important chapters. All these chapters are focused on  improvising their linguistic skills. Here is a list of all the chapters  in the four textbooks:

  1. Vasant:

Chapter 1. ध्वनि (किवता)

Chapter 2. लाख की चूिड़या (कहानी)

Chapter 3. बस की यात्रा

Chapter 4. दीवानों की हस्ती (किवता)

Chapter 5. चीटियों की अनूठी दुिनया (निबंध )

Chapter 6. भगवान के डािकए (किवता)

Chapter 7. किया निराश हुआ जाए (निबंध )

Chapter 8. यह सब से किठन समय नहीं (किवता)

Chapter 9. कबीर की सखियाँ

Chapter 10. कामचोर (कहानी)

Chapter 11. जब सिनेमा ने बोलना सीखा

Chapter 12. सुदामा चरित (किवता)

Chapter 13. जहाँ पिहया है

Chapter 14. अकबरी लोटा (कहानी)

Chapter 15. सूर के पद (किवता)

Chapter 16. पानी की कहानी (निबंध)

Chapter 17. बाज और साँप (कहानी)

Chapter 18. टोपी (कहानी)

B. Durva:

Chapter 1. गुड़िया

Chapter 2. दो गोरैया

Chapter 3. चिट्ठियों मैं यूरोप

Chapter 4. ओस

Chapter 5. नाटक मैं नाटक

Chapter 6. सागार यात्रा

Chapter 7. उठ किसान ओ

Chapter 8. सस्ते का चक्कर

Chapter 9. एक खिलाड़ी की कुछ यादें

Chapter 10. बस की सैर

Chapter 11. हिंदी ने जनकी जंदगी बदल दी

Chapter 12. आषाढ़ का पहला दिन

Chapter 13. अन्याय के खलाफ

Chapter 14. बच्चोंके प्रिय श्री के शव शंकर पिल्लई

Chapter 15. फर्श पर

Chapter 16. बड़ी अम्मा की बात

Chapter 17. वह सुबह कभी तो आएगी

Chapter 18. आओ पित्रका निकाले

Chapter 19. आहवान

C. Bharat Ki Khoj:

Chapter 1. अहमदनगर का किला

Chapter 2. तलाश

Chapter 3. सिंधु घाटी सभ्यता

Chapter 4. युगों का दौर

Chapter 5. नयी समस्याएँ

Chapter 6. अंतिम दौर -एक

Chapter 7. अंतिम दौर -दो

Chapter 8. तनाव

Chapter 9. दो पृष्ठभूमिया – भारतीय और अंग्रेज़ी

D. Sanshipt Budhcharit:

अध्याय 1: आरंभिक जीवन

अध्याय 2: अभिनिष्क्रमण

अध्याय 3: ज्ञान प्राप्ति

अध्याय 4: धर्मचक्र प्रवर्तन

अध्याय 5: महापरिनिवार्ण

All the above-mentioned chapters are equally important, and students are strongly advised to not skip any of them.

NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Hindi

NCERT solutions for class 8 Hindi are a complete learning package for students which provide detailed descriptions and helps students prepare better for their exams.

The class 8 Hindi NCERT book consists of 5 main sections:

  • Hindi Vasant bhag 3 
  • Hindi unseen passage 
  • Hindi grammar for class 8
  • Bharat ki khoj class 8 
  • Letter writing for class 8

Class 8 Hindi Topic Wise Marks Weightage

The Class 8 Hindi book is important as it helps students to score better marks due to its high weightage. Another benefit of this subject is that one does not spend too much time. The test is based on the grammar skills of the student. Hence, basic knowledge can give you an appreciable result. Unlike other subjects which require more time and attention, this subject is an easy way to get a good percentage. Many a time students even score full marks in this subject.

Why are NCERT Solutions important for Class 8 Hindi?

  • NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 8 Hindi help the student to learn and master the important morales.  These primarily focus on  prose and poetry of the book.
  • The answers to NCERT solutions for all subjects are prepared by subject matter experts with years of experience and knowledge. The NCERT Solutions prepared by experts are bound to make the topics easy to learn and master within the limited timeframe.
  • NCERT Hindi Class 8 comes with the meaning of new vocabulary. Moreover, they emphasise the importance of summarizing and assessing the authors and poets. This proves to be useful for a quick revision before exams
  • The simplified answers offer an easy understanding and a solid foundation. This helps the students in smooth preparation for their exams.
  • The material provides a systematic overview of all the important points for better understanding.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What should I do to enhance the quality of my answers?

Apart from learning, students must  focus on the quality of their answers. It is very important to know how to write answers precisely yet be informative. Depending upon the word limit, students must know to write the answers. For this, 

  •  Get into the habit of writing answers as per  the instructions and the word limit. 
  •  Avoid making mistakes in vocabulary  while writing  answers.
  • Stick to the question and avoid  beating around the bush.

2. What are the Hindi books prescribed to the students of Class 8?

There are  four books prescribed to the students of Class 8th by NCERT. These books are: 

  • Vasant
  • Durva
  • Bharat ki Khoj and
  •  Sanshipt Budhcharit:


Vasant and Durva consist of several prose and poems for students , and Bharat Ki Khoj (Discovery of India) is a novel written by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. These books aim  to enrich Hindi language and try to impart basic knowledge about Hindi literature to the students.

3. Is it important to study ‘Bharat Ki Khoj’?

Definitely, it is very important to study ‘ Bharat ki khoj’ because  you  can get long answer questions from this book which might carry 3 to 5 marks.  . Students can help themselves with NCERT Solutions. Not only this but even if you are interested and want to gain some knowledge about the country, one can easily read and get a lot of valuable  information about it. This book tells us how our country  developed,  culturally  , politically and socially as well. 

4. What is the Hindi chapter ‘Vasant’ all about?

The Hindi chapter ‘Vasant’  deals with “kamchor” is a story that is based on the lazy children who regularly make lame excuses to get rid of the work that gets assigned to them. The basic idea of the writer is to make the children aware at a young age that they should not shy away from their work and responsibilities.  They should learn with time the basic household chores which are important and will help them in future. If they are lazy and lethargic,  they won’t learn to do things and in future they will face difficulties.