CBSE Class 5 Syllabus

Class 5 CBSE Syllabus 

Please find below the subject-wise CBSE class 5 syllabus for the student’s reference. It includes the following subjects: Environment science, Hindi, English, and Mathematics. Students can also find the prescribed NCERT books for all these subjects at the end of the page.

This syllabus should be used by the students in order to better plan and prepare for their studies. For any additional help with your studies, do check out the Extramarks website and product offerings.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 5 All Subjects

CBSE Class 5 Syllabus

CBSE Class 5 EVS Syllabus 

CBSE Class 5 Hindi Syllabus:

The updated syllabus for Class 5 CBSE syllabus for Hindi is as follows:

अपनी-अपनी रंगतें

  • पाठ 1: राख की रस्सी (लोककथा)
  • पाठ 2: फसलों के त्योहार (लेख)
  • पाठ 3: खिलौनेवाला (कविता)
  • पाठ 4: नन्हा फनकार (कहानी)
  • पाठ 5: जहाँ चाह वहाँ राह (लेख)

बात का सफ़र

  • पाठ 6: चिट्ठी का सफ़र (लेख)
  • पाठ 7: डाकिए की कहानी, कुँवरसिंह की जुबानी (भेंटवार्ता)
  • पाठ 8: वे दिन भी क्या दिन थे (विज्ञान कथा)
  • पाठ 9: एक माँ की बेबसी (कविता)


  • पाठ 10: एक दिन की बादशाहत (कहानी)
  • पाठ 11: चावल की रोटियाँ (नाटक)
  • पाठ 12: गुरु और चेला (कविता)
  • पाठ 13: स्वामी की दादी (कहानी)


  • पाठ 14: बाघ आया उस रात (कविता)
  • पाठ 15: बिशन की दिलेरी (कहानी)
  • पाठ 16: पानी रे पानी (लेख)
  • पाठ 17: छोटी-सी हमारी नदी (कविता)
  • पाठ 18: चुनौती हिमालय की (यात्रा वर्णन)

CBSE Class 5 English Syllabus:

The CBSE class 5 syllabus of the English subject covers the chapters given below:

Unit 1: 

  • Ice-cream Man
  • Wonderful Waste!

Unit 2: 

  • Teamwork
  • Flying Together

Unit 3: 

  • My Shadow
  • Robinson Crusoe Discovers a footprint

Unit 4: 

  • Crying
  • My Elder Brother

Unit 5: 

  • The Lazy Frog
  • Rip Van Winkle

Unit 6: 

  • Class Discussion
  • The Talkative Barber

Unit 7: 

  • Topsy-turvy Land
  • Gulliver’sGulliver’s Travels

Unit 8: 

  • Nobody’sNobody’s Friend
  • The Little Bully

Unit 9: 

  • Sing a Song of People
  • Around the World

Unit 10: 

  • Malu Bhalu
  • Who Will be Ningthou?

CBSE Class 5 Maths Syllabus: 

NCERT Books For Class 5

The Central Board of Secondary Education designs the NCERT books for the 5th class CBSE syllabus. It is written as per the CBSE syllabus.

The list of books that are prescribed for CBSE Class 5 are:

  • EVS-Looking Around
  • Mathematics– Math-Magic
  • English– Marigold
  • Hindi-Rimjhim
  • Urdu-Ibtedai Urdu

The Importance of 5th Class CBSE Syllabus

For any grade or any kind of study, knowing the syllabus well should always be the first step. That lets you plan your studies better and makes sure that you cover all the topics. Class 5 is the early stage of a student’s academic life and therefore, students should focus on building a strong foundation at this stage.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is the CBSE class 5 syllabus tough?

As long as the students have complete clarity on the CBSE class 5 syllabus, it will not be challenging. Instead, it covers different topics that are followed across the country.

2. What is the NCERT Pattern?

The pattern of NCERT includes the books with the concepts and their detailed explanation. Further, exercise questions are also given at the end of the topic. It provides students much clarity about the topics and how they can be used in future.

3. How many subjects are in class 5?

There are four subjects in class 5, namely:

  1. 1) Mathematics
  2. 2) EVS
  3. 3) English
  4. 4) Hindi