ICSE Important Questions for Class 10

ICSE Class 10 Important Questions 

Students admitted to the ICSE board should study the important questions and the syllabus to ace their exam preparation. The list of the important questions and ICSE solutions are provided so that students can get an idea about how to study for the examination. The list of the ICSE important questions for subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics is available on the Extramarks website. If applicants are studying and practicing the important questions properly they can easily understand the concepts of each chapter.  

Subject-wise ICSE Class 10 Important Questions    


  • Name the following:
    1. The condition of a cell in which its contents are shrunken 
    2. The gas released during the photosynthesis by the plants 
    3. The fluid responsible for transporting the glycerol and fatty acids
    4. The blood vessels that supply blood to the kidney
    5. The male hormone that is produced by the interstitial cells 
  • State whether the below-mentioned statements are true or false. If the statement is false, then you have to rewrite the right statement. 
    1. Acetylcholine can act as a neurotransmitter. 
    2. Guidance is the processor of the exudation of plant sap from the damaged or the injured parts of the plant. 
    3. Testoreneo is responsible for the female sexual characters. 
    4. Abscisic acid is responsible for the growth-promoting hormone. 
    5. The neuron is known as the functional unit of the nervous system. 
  • Candidates must provide accurate or technical terms for the following cases:
    1. The cessation of menstruation in females. 
    2. A condition in which a cross was made between two individuals having a pair of contrasting characters. 
    3. A particular type of division takes place in the reproductive cells. 
    4. The procedure through which several hydrophilic substances take place in the reproductive cells. 
    5. The plasma does not contain the fibrinogen. 
  • Students must provide two examples for each of the following:
    1. Diseases that are caused by the bacteria
    2. Heredity traits of an individual 
    3. Phytohormones 
    4. Parthenocarpic fruits 
    5. Endocrine glands 


  • State the modern periodic law. 
  • State the relation between the atomic number and atomic mass number. 
  • What causes the periodicity of the elements? 
  • Give reasons for the following:
    1. Why is the atomic number more important than the atomic mass? 
    2. Why is the atomic mass of group 18 elements more than group 17? 
    3. Why is the electron affinity of noble gases zero?


  • Define the term scattering of light. 
  • Why does the sun appear red at sunrise and sunset? 
  • State the most important characteristic of a good thermionic emitter. 
  • State the difference between uniform circular motion and uniform linear motion.
  • What is the SI unit of force?


  • If a bag contains 6 red balls, 9 green balls, and 10 white balls and in case a ball is drawn randomly from the bag then students must find the probability that the ball drawn is:
    1. Neither green nor a white ball
    2. A white or a red ball 
    3. A green ball 
  • Monica deposits a certain amount of money every month in the bank account of a bank. If the interest rate is 8% per annum and Monica gets Rs 8,088 from the bank after 3 years then the candidate must find their monthly installment. 
  • Students must find the GP for which the sum of the first two terms is -4 and the fifth term is 4 times the third term. 


  • State the following:
    1. Architect of the green revolution in India. 
    2. Crops are sown in June and harvested in October. 
    3. The local name of the agriculture practice involves the slash and burn technique.
  • Name the practice that involves growing the same crops year after year on the same land.
  • State that why agriculture is known as the mainstay of the Indian Economy. 


  • What is the meaning of the Doctrine of Lapse? Who introduced it?
  • Mention the three important phases of the Indian National Movement?
  • Name the main Early Nationalist leaders?
  • State the attitude of the Early Nationalists towards the British?
  • State how the rise in socialism impacts the Indian National Congress?

Importance of ICSE Class 10 Important Questions        

The importance of ICSE class 10 important questions are mentioned below. It is as follows:

  • The important questions highlight the important topics that students should not miss out on. 
  • Important questions are considered the best study materials for preparation. 
  • Students can easily revise the syllabus if they follow the important questions given on the Extramarks website.