NCERT Solutions For Statistics Class 11

Extramarks offers NCERT solutions for Statistics Class 11, wherein, all the topics are thoroughly explained according to grade 11. The material of each topic in the entire chapter is described in NCERT Solutions Class 11 Statistics

Statistics is the concept of Mathematics that gives out a collection of interpretation, analysis, and also the presentation of numerical data and masses. NCERT Solutions Class 11 Statistics presents a comprehensive overview of statistics, beginning with its origins. Statistics is a singular word with multiple senses, according to the Oxford dictionary. It signifies that it is a collection of values for many things. It is also a way of quantifying tasks in order to improve their quality. The word “Statistics” is derived from the Latin word ‘Status’ which means a collection of figures or numbers, to find out some data on the basis of human interest.

Statistics are also called observational data. It can be found and experienced in day-to-day life, such as on TV or in other information found in papers, books, or newspapers. The motive of statistics is to grant sets of data to disagree with so that the analysts can focus on consequential changes and trends. Through this knowledge, the analysts can reach conclusions with regard to the meaning of the given information. In the beginning, statistics was highly preferred by the kings to gather details about their supreme states and other information required about their residence, yield, and revenue of the country.

Statistics class 11 solutions provide an extensive large range of exemplifying problems to be solved under the illustration of the syllabus. It comprises 9 chapters. The subject of statistics has now been renamed as ‘Statistics for Economics’. These books are written by experts who are specialists in their own field of study.


NCERT Solution for Class 11

 Units           Name of the Chapter

Chapter 1    Introduction

Chapter 2    Collection of Data

Chapter 3    Organisation of Data

Chapter 4    Presentation of Data

Chapter 5    Measures of Central Tendency

Chapter 6    Measures of Dispersion

Chapter 7    Correlation

Chapter 8    Index Numbers

Chapter 9    Use of Statistical Tools

The above mentioned is the syllabus and study materials of NCERT solutions for class 11 Statistics.

NCERT Solution for Class 11 Commerce Statistics Chapter 1 – Introduction provides us with everything including data on all the concepts. As students have to learn the basic fundamentals of the subject of statistics in Class 11, this syllabus for Class 11 is an extensive study material, which explains the concepts in the best way possible.

Various concepts covered in this chapter are 

  1. Why Economics?
  2. What are statistics?
  3. Statistics in economics
  4. Consumption, Production, and Distribution
  5. Conclusion

The use of Statistical Tools furnishes us with all-inclusive data on all the concepts. As the students would have to learn the basic fundamentals of the subject of statistics in class 11, this curriculum for class 11 is a comprehensive study material, which explains the concepts in a great way.

-Concepts covered in this chapter –


-Identifying a problem or an area of study

-Choice of Target Group

-Collection of Data

-Organisation and Presentation of Data

-Analysis and Interpretation



Concepts covered in this chapter –

  1. Introduction
  2. What are the sources of data?
  3. How do we collect the data?
  4. Preparation of Instrument
  5. Mode of Data Collection
  6. Pilot Survey
  7. Census or Complete Enumeration
  8. Population and Sample
  9. Random Sampling
  10. Non-Random Sampling
  11. Sampling and non-sampling errors
  12. Sampling Errors
  13. Non-Sampling Errors
  14. Census of India and NSSO