Ncert Solutions Class 11 Commerce

 NCERT Solutions Commerce for Class 11

Commerce, as an academic course, can be defined as the study of business and trade, such as the trade of goods and services from the manufacturer to the final buyer. The stream ‘Commerce’ is incorporated with a wide range of subjects like – Business Studies (Commerce), Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics or Informatics Practices, Statistics and English. The curriculum plays a vital role in conveying essential knowledge to students.

Students can score well in exams only if their concepts are clear. It also makes it easier for students to write down answers more effectively.  NCERT Solutions Class 11 commerce structure is the main source of the board examinations. It is popular for approaching the basic fundamental concepts and devising strong retention in students. 

Why do we need to refer to NCERT SOLUTIONS for Class 11 commerce?

The Commerce stream is a common choice for people in India. Most of them know that this stream provides extensive career opportunities after completing Class 12. It can also be defined as a means of the business of analysis and marketing, such as trading goods or manufacturers to the end of customer service.

Here is a General Overview of All the Topics Covered in 11th Commerce Subjects:

A range of topics is covered in NCERT class 11th commerce to ensure students get to learn everything. It is a significant phase for a student as he/she has to select a stream that will decide his career. Class 11 commerce NCERT solutions cater to Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy and Statistics. The purpose behind including all of these necessary subjects is, to give students all-around learning about business fundamentals and technicalities of the business. 

Commerce Stream is Divided into Two Important Parts:

Business Studies 

This part encompasses topics like marketing, accounting and finance. The sole idea of business studies is to let students understand how businesses function.


One of the prominent subjects in 11th commerce is Economics. The concepts of demand and supply that are highly relevant in the current economic scenario of the world, are taught to students. It is highly important in the practical world and helps students learn many insightful transactions. They will get to learn about the functioning of banks and their services. 

Why Do We Prefer Extramarks Class 11 Commerce Solutions?

Extramarks Class 11 Commerce NCERT Solutions offer you all the chapter solutions in a simplified manner. The Economic laws are explained in an easy and understandable language that will clear all the doubts in the student’s mind. NCERT solutions class 11 will enhance the student’s practice of accountancy topics to ensure they stay away from the fear of financial statements. The topics like debentures, company accounts. Mutual funds are explained in easy language. 

Since all the solutions are offered to students, it will save a lot of their time searching for answers online or through any other medium. A systematic order is followed to align the chapters properly and make them all the more convenient for students to understand. Hence, Extramarks surely should be preferred for learning NCERT solutions class 11 commerce. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. Is there any study material provided for class 11 commerce?

Generally, no good study material is provided for class 11 commerce hence, we suggest you opt for NCERT solutions class 11 provided by Extramarks. You will get high-quality solutions explained by experienced professionals and customised for you in a simple language. 

Apart from these, our focus is to provide all the study materials to students in the simplest of forms hence, we also have NCERT Solutions, NCERT Solutions Class 1, NCERT Solutions Class 2, NCERT Solutions Class 3, NCERT Solutions Class 4, NCERT Solutions Class 5, NCERT Solutions Class 6, NCERT Solutions Class 7, NCERT Solutions Class 8, NCERT Solutions Class 9, NCERT Solutions Class 10, NCERT Solutions Class 11 and NCERT Solutions Class 12. 

2. What subjects are included in the CBSE 11th & 12th Commerce?

Apart from English, there are three pillar subjects in the commerce stream 

  • Business Studies 
  • Accountancy 
  • Economics