NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths

Class 4 is a crucial phase where students are introduced to new concepts in Mathematics. As they progress through the course, students in Class 4 may have a difficult time learning and comprehending new concepts of Mathematics. They may find it overwhelming to learn new theorems, formulas, or concepts daily if they do not have the access to proper Mathematics study materials. Students have to be quick in absorbing and understanding the newly introduced chapters and the right format for solving questions. Extramarks Class 4 Mathematics NCERT Solutions help students achieve their objectives and improve their knowledge. The answers prepared by Extramarks Mathematics experts are entirely for students to understand and grasp all of the topics, both easy and complex.

Mathematics students in Class 4 now have access to NCERT Solutions to help them study for their exams. Because it is prepared by our Extramarks Mathematics experts, the study material offered by us is the best option. NCERT solutions for 4 Class Mathematics are trusted by the students for their accuracy and understandability. The NCERT solutions include diagrams, definitions, and questions and answers to make learning simple and efficient. Extramarks is open to all students across the country. It provides NCERT solutions for 4 Class Mathematics which can be available once you access the Class 4 Mathematics NCERT Solutions link.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Mathematics

Students of Class 4 can click the link below and access the solutions as per the chapter: 

NCERT Solutions Class 4 Maths Chapter-wise List
Chapter 1 – Building With Bricks
Chapter 2 – Long And Short
Chapter 3 – A Trip To Bhopal
Chapter 4 – TickTickTick
Chapter 5 – The Way The World Looks
Chapter 6 – The Junk Seller
Chapter 7 – Jugs And Mugs
Chapter 8 – Carts And Wheels
Chapter 9 – Halves And Quarters
Chapter 10 – Play With Patterns
Chapter 11 – Tables And Shares
Chapter 12 – How Heavy? How Light?
Chapter 13 – Fields And Fences
Chapter 14 – Smart Charts

CBSE 4 Class Mathematics Solutions

The Mathematics in Class 4 includes new topics. To become an expert in Mathematics, students need to practise every day and depend on a reliable source which they can look up to when in need. Here at Extramarks, our subject experts have created NCERT Class 4 Mathematics solutions just for Class 4 students. As a result, students can easily trust our study material and prepare for their upcoming exams without any doubt. Students can access the Class 4 Mathematics NCERT Solutions by visiting the Extramarks website.

Students can easily access the Class 4 Mathematics NCERT Solutions provided by Extramarks by clicking on the link given below. Students who are facing difficulties while learning NCERT Class 4 Mathematics can now refer to these NCERT solutions anytime and anywhere.

NCERT Solutions For Class 4 Mathematics Chapters

Many students struggle with Mathematics. In the lower classes, children are just introduced to basic topics which are important because, without a good foundation of basics, no one can achieve a good understanding of topics as they advance in higher classes. The basics of every concept will act as a foundation for all complex topics which are going to be further introduced. 

Extramarks has the best Class 4 Mathematics NCERT Solutions which will help you strengthen your basics properly with detailed explanations, step-by-step performed procedures. NCERT Class 4 Mathematics includes basic chapters such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word problems, fractions, and decimals. Students can easily access the Class 4 Mathematics NCERT Solutions by visiting the Extramarks website and start using the solutions to practice and master their Mathematics understanding as soon as possible.

  • Chapter 1: Building With Bricks

This chapter includes the making of patterns with bricks, understanding, and identifying the shapes and sizes of bricks, and the type of pattern they change into.

  • Chapter 2: Long And Short

This chapter includes the knowledge of lengths, different types of measurements, and their conversions.

  • Chapter 3: A Trip To Bhopal

This chapter includes some basic concepts of mathematics which will be taught in a different and fun way by giving you an experience of a trip around Bhopal.

  • Chapter 4: Tick-Tick-Tick

This chapter teaches how to tell the time and the use of analogue clocks.

  • Chapter 5: The Way The World Looks

This chapter tells us the difference between 2D and 3D objects and focus on the perspectives and dimensions present in the real world.

  • Chapter 6: The Junk Seller

This chapter teaches you about purchasing and selling. While reading a fun and short story, the chapter will guide you to understand the concept of earning, loans, sales, and expenditure.

  • Chapter 7: Jugs And Mugs

This chapter includes knowledge about measuring liquids ranging from litres to smaller units like millilitres and their conversions.

  • Chapter 8: Carts And Wheels

This chapter includes the concept of a circle and its circumference along with the radius.

  • Chapter 9: Halves And Quarters

This chapter introduces you to the most important concept which is fractions. Fractions are going to be used in every concept of Mathematics. The chapter includes the study of whole numbers, quarters, halves, and whole.

  • Chapter 10: Play With Patterns

This chapter improves your analysis skills by introducing you to patterns.

  • Chapter 11: Tables And Shares

This chapter introduces the applications of division in real life and how to divide things into groups and rows.

  • Chapter 12: How Heavy? How Light?

This chapter includes the learning of weight measurements and different units.

  • Chapter 13: Fields And Fences

This chapter teaches you about perimeters and areas.

  • Chapter 14: Smart Charts

This chapter teaches you data management by using pictographs.

NCERT Solutions For 4 Class Mathematics Chapter Wise Marks Weightage

The CBSE assigns distinct marking schemes for different subjects. The marks weightage for Mathematics in Class 4 includes both an internal and an external evaluation, according to these guidelines. Internal evaluations are worth 20 points, whereas external evaluations are worth 80 points. Students should study all of the chapters included in their syllabus for their Mathematics exam because questions from all of them will be asked. External assessments are also more weighted in terms of scores, thus they should be taken into account.

Why is it important that you use NCERT books?

NCERT books are written by expert instructors and trainers after an extensive study of the topics of each subject. Before being released, all CBSE NCERT Solutions for all courses are double-checked by qualified teachers. As a result, NCERT Textbooks are the best resource for preparing for exams and enhancing test scores.

These NCERT Books are created to provide accurate study material and information in simple and easy-to-understand language to all students, regardless of intelligence level. These NCERT Books mention every detail accurately to assist you to study complex topics and subjects more simply, and it answers all your problems.

The benefit of reading NCERT books is that they properly follow the recently reported CBSE syllabus. As a result, students will be able to study all of the questions and subjects based on the recent syllabus and exam structure. As a result, students don’t get mixed up between the two groups. NCERT books are excellent not only for board exams but also for competitive exams like JEE main and others.

Features and Benefits of NCERT Mathematics Solutions For Class 4

  • Our Extramarks experts have created solutions that are easy to understand and follow, with detailed explanations.
  • These solutions were created by our highly qualified experts to provide students with appropriate study resources.
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  • The NCERT Solutions cover the entire curriculum, unit by unit, and exercise.
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  • Students will get a thorough overview of all the topics covered in the NCERT Solutions textbook for Class 4 Mathematics.
  • The solutions have been carefully designed for both those who excel at understanding concepts and those who struggle to grasp them quickly.
  • The language is easy to understand.
  • All the NCERT concepts, formulas, and theorems are covered in Class 4 Mathematics NCERT Solutions.

How to help your child with Mathematics?

Sometimes Mathematics can be stressful to solve, especially when students don’t have the correct understanding of it. Concepts of some chapters can be difficult to grasp, which results in making them irritated or demotivated. This is where you can help your child cope with Mathematics. Analysing and understanding your child’s learning potential can help you educate yourself about the needs of the child.

Applying Mathematics in your child’s daily activities can help him/her to look at the world from a different perspective. Counting the number of plates, guessing the height of the building, assuming the capacity of liquids in opaque bottles, and telling the arrival time of a train by looking at the clock are some applications that can help your child gain interest in Mathematics. Never demotivate your child by telling them the concepts are hard or way too hard for you to understand or you should know this already. This might make them scared and can also lower their interest in solving Mathematics instead motivating them to try new concepts even if they are hard.

Explaining or teaching someone can refresh your memories about the topic and even makes you understand the topic deeper than before. Ask your child to teach the concepts which he/she learned so that you get an idea about how much your child needs to learn more.

You can even use games that are based on Mathematics for making learning even more fun and effortless. Young children tend to be more interested in games, so a math-inspired game can help them enjoy and understand the importance of Mathematics even more accurately.

Why are NCERT Solutions for 4 Class Mathematics important?

The explanation of concepts in NCERT Solutions for 4 Class Mathematics is accurate. The study material for Class 4 Mathematics NCERT Solutions are written by experienced professors with a deep knowledge of mathematics. The solutions are written in very simple language so that the young students can easily read and understand the concepts without any problem. Students can always access the Class 4 Mathematics NCERT Solutions whenever and wherever they want at any time of the day. These solutions help students to gain a sense of understanding of the pattern of questions and answers. With these solutions, students can surely expect good scores in their exams.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can we apply Mathematics in our day-to-day life?

Parents should introduce Mathematics right at the nascent stage of their child. They can preferably start with number visualisation, and identification and gradually pace it to calculations, etc. They can begin at the age of 3 or 4 and then introduce new concepts as per the child’s capabilities. Mathematics gives a new dimension to life. It creates a calculative and logical bend of the mind of students which further helps in higher sections. One can teach mathematics with the help of games, fun learning activities, etc for easy adaptability and learning. Gradually, the interest starts building up and helps an individual at different levels.

2. How many chapters are there in Class 4 Mathematics?

 There are a total of 14 chapters in Class 4 Mathematics. They are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Building With Bricks
  • Chapter 2: Long And Short
  • Chapter 3: A Trip To Bhopal
  • Chapter 4: Tick-Tick-Tick
  • Chapter 5: The Way The World Looks
  • Chapter 6: The Junk Seller
  • Chapter 7: Jugs And Mugs
  • Chapter 8: Carts And Wheels
  • Chapter 9: Halves And Quarters
  • Chapter 10: Play With Patterns
  • Chapter 11: Tables And Shares
  • Chapter 12: How Heavy? How Light?
  • Chapter 13: Fields And Fences
  • Chapter 14: Smart Charts