CBSE Important Questions Class 9

Being prepared for class 9 means you are already prepared for class 10 boards. Just like class 10th is important, class 9 also plays the same role in every students’ life. The exams for class 9 are considered a dummy of class 10 exams therefore students need to prepare well for their exam. Scoring good marks in class 9 will motivate you to study and ultimately improve your confidence to score better in class 10th exams. Many students face the problem of lack of confidence in their class 10 journey just because their performance was not up to the mark in the previous year. So if you want to ace your Class 9 exams, Extramarks will help you with the CBSE Class 9 important questions

CBSE Class 9 Mathematics & Science Important Questions – Chapter wise Solutions 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) follows the NCERT books in all their schools. However, apart from referring to NCERT books, students also need to have access to some additional study material. Extramarks has come up with all sorts of solutions right from exam guidance to important questions and even NCERT solutions. 

If you are facing any difficulty studying Mathematics and Science, Extramarks is here to help you as it has come up with important questions for class 9 with solutions for Mathematics and Science. Following these questions will help the students to perform the best in the examination. These questions are evaluated by the experts so that you practice the important questions from all the topics. The important questions for class 9 for Mathematics and Science are provided below in the link. 

Important Questions for CBSE Class 9

CBSE schools recommend NCERT books to students. But the fact is, the majority of the students cannot excel in their exams just by reading NCERT books. Many of the students even follow some reference books but doing so will take a long time to evaluate the important topics and then go for reading them. Therefore to help the students, Extramarks has come up with their class 9 important questions. Following these questions will help the students to be clear with the concepts and definition. Be it Science or Mathematics, being clear with what you are reading is important, therefore going through these important questions will help the students score well in their class 9 which will ultimately add up in their class 10 journey. 

Some of the important questions are as follows that you can try for better practice – 


  • Why should the temperature of any material remain constant after a change of state?
  • Provide a means for liquefying atmospheric gases.
  • What does it look like to be a neuron?
  • What distinguishes simple tissues from complex tissues in plants?
  • What is the heart muscle’s unique function?
  • Explain the function of the epidermis in plants?
  • How can cork function as a protective tissue?
  • Explain your reasoning for the following observation: The scent of hot sizzling food may be detected from many metres away, whereas the smell of cold food must be detected up close.
  • How would you know if a colourless liquid handed to you was pure water?
  • How are you going to separate a miscible combination of kerosene and petrol?
  • Which subatomic particle is present in the nucleus of an atom according to Rutherford’s model of an atom?

CBSE Class 9 Mathematics and Science Important Questions

The best way to prepare for class 9th examination is to revise the important questions. Competition in school is increasing day by day because every student tries to make some changes in their studying schedule. Along with that, the topics and concepts covered in today’s classes have been changed completely. The curriculum followed in class  9 is evolving day by day and therefore every student needs to cope with this dynamic education system. 

Every student’s results lie in the depth of preparation and for good preparation, students need to clear their concepts especially in subjects like Mathematics and Science. These two subjects are totally based on concepts and to be clear in these subjects Extramarks has come up with their CBSE Class 9 Mathematics and Science Important Questions. The students can easily access these questions just by clicking the link given below. With these questions, students will be able to score more in their examination. Here is the link for CBSE Class 9 Mathematics and Science Important Questions

Important Questions for CBSE Class 9 Mathematics

Mathematics plays an important role in determining the stream you will choose after your 10th. Therefore, to be really good at Mathematics, students need to practice some important questions. Since most of the students prefer practicing the questions from NCERT books and other examples, practicing the questions from Extramarks will definitely help the students to get better scores in Mathematics. Extramarks has come up with some of the important questions for Mathematics for the students preparing for Class 9 exams. These questions are carefully evaluated and structured for the betterment of the students. The students can go for practicing these questions as these are made by strictly following the cbse syllabus. Students can click on the below mentioned link to go through the class 9 important questions Mathematics. 

Important Questions for CBSE Class 9 Science

The CBSE Class 9th  Science is a bit tough. Most of the students feel Science to be difficult and boring because they are totally unclear with the concepts and definition. Therefore, with this, the subject can be challenging as students need to catch up to 3 sections at a time, which are physics, chemistry, and biology. Upon exploring the depth of these sections, students come across the complexity of the concepts. 

There is an increase in the level of complexity as they come across topics that are new to students. As because once a student is clear with the syllabus, they can easily prepare for their examination. So to help all the students here, the website Extramarks have their class 9 important questions Science. Practicing and learning these questions will help the students clear their concepts. Students can easily access all the important questions for class 9 Science by clicking on the link given below. 

Important Questions for Class 9 CBSE Board

Class 9 is the base for the Board year class 10th. Having a good performance report in class 9 will ultimately help you score good in class 10th. Class 10th is a really crucial stage of the academic life since a good result will decide what stream you will be choosing and making a career out of it. Just like class 10, class 9 is important too since it lays the foundation for the same. 

So to make this year the best with the best score, Extramarks has come up with their Important Questions for Class 9 CBSE Board. And not only this, the below mentioned questions are included with their respective answers so if any student faces any difficulty in solving questions, they can cross-check with the answers given. These questions can help students perform well in their class 9 examination which will then reflect in their Board year. Here is the link for all the important questions for class 9.

The Extramarks Advantage

Extramarks aims to provide students will the necessary study material needed to ace the exam. The important questions and answers provided by Extramarks are crafted in such a manner that every student can easily understand quickly. Students can find all the necessary information related to their particular class on Extramarks. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Mathematics tougher than science in class 9?

As compared to Mathematics, Science is considered a bit difficult by most of the students. Some of the chapters in Chemistry and Physics are a bit complex as it involves calculation but it can be easily done with the help of the right study material and solutions provided by Extramarks. 

2. What are some of the most difficult chapters in Mathematics class 9?

When comparing each chapter with one another, some of the difficult and complex chapters in class 9 Mathematics are Triangle, Geometry, and Surface area and volume. The students of class 9 find these chapters difficult because these are a bit lengthy chapters. 

3. Which is easier, class 9 or class 10?

Since most of the students have a misconception that class 10 is easier than class 9 which leads to reduction in the students’ productivity during their board year. The same is  reflected in their results. In reality, class 9 has the same difficulty level as class 10.