CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 with Solution 2022-23

CBSE Sample Paper Class 9

In the Indian schooling system, Class 9 and Class 11 hold a significant value to build a strong base for the future of students. The  Class 9 syllabus emphasises on covering the basic concepts to amplify their base and knowledge. After studying all the subjects and preparing hard, it is an excellent idea to test out the knowledge with some CBSE sample paper class 9 to mark the progression. 

CBSE Sample Question Paper for Class 9 

The core understanding of subjects and self-awareness plays a phenomenal role to get better. However, by solving sample papers, students can improve their understanding of subjects and question-solving abilities. At Extramarks, we provide CBSE Class 9 sample papers for practice. Students can download sample papers of class 9th to test out their knowledge and skills. 

Sample Paper of Class 9 – Subject wise

CBSE follows a basic pattern of putting the most critical topics in the limelight and asking questions which are tricky at times and test your understanding of the subject instead of your memory skill. Here are all the sample papers of class 9, which are in subject-wise order. These question papers are designed by experts of a topic who have years of experience and also understand the pattern. Students willing to score better must focus on solving the sample paper of class 9 with discipline and using a timer. 

CBSE Class 9 English Sample Paper

To get better with time, you should focus on one or two subjects a day to keep up with practice habits and study for other topics. As all the given subjects focus on building a solid base for your secondary board education, it would be wise to practice CBSE sample question paper with the habit of considering it a real exam instead of a mock test. Download CBSE Class 9 English sample paper on Extramarks and start practising for the real exam.

CBSE English Syllabus Class 9th 

Grammar and writing skills are focused on during class 9, and you are given a different set of questions for Term 1 and Term 2. The curriculum includes writing, reading, grammar, and literature. In addition, there are two books to study in literature- Moments, Beehive Prose and Poems.

Term 1 – 


  1. The Lost Child
  2. The Adventures of Toto
  3. In the Kingdom of Fools
  4. The Happy Prince

Beehive Prose

  1. The Fun They Had
  2. The Sound of Music
  3. The Little Girl
  4. A Truly Beautiful Mind
  5. My Childhood


  1. The Road Not Taken 
  2. Wind 
  3. Rain on The Roof 
  4. A Legend of The Northland

Term 2 –


  1. Weathering the Storm in Ersama
  2. The Last Leaf
  3. A House is Not a Home 
  4. The Beggar 

Beehive Prose

  1. Packing 
  2. Reach for The Top 
  3. The Bond of Love 
  4. If I Were You 


  1. No Men Are Foreign 
  2. On killing a Tree 
  3. The Snake Trying

CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Sample Paper

In the CBSE class 9 Mathematics sample paper, all the questions are slightly tricky to understand, but they are entirely the same as your book questions. Experts suggest that spending a little time to figure out the question will be a better approach than trying to solve it as soon as possible. 

CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Syllabus

Mathematics is a scoring subject, and students can score 100 out of 100 marks if they are aware of the concepts properly. It’s prominent for students to cover the entire CBSE class 9 syllabus that is divided into two terms, i.e., term one and term two. The units are further divided into several units.

Term 1 

Units Unit name

  1. Number system
  2. Algebra
  3. Coordinate Geometry
  4. Geometry
  5. Menstruation
  6. Statistics & Probability

Term 2 –

Units Unit name 

  1. Algebra (cont.)
  2. Geometry (cont.)
  3. Menstruation (cont.)
  4. Statistics & Probability (cont.)

CBSE Class 9 Hindi Sample Syllabus

Most students make a common mistake of not taking the language subject seriously. But, even more or less it does affect the final exam’s overall percentage. If you scored less in the Hindi exam, then there will be a reduction in the final percentage. So, to get better, it’s vital to do the frequent practice of sample paper of class 9 that makes a strong base in the Hindi language.

CBSE Class 9 Hindi Syllabus 

The CBSE syllabus of Hindi is divided into two courses, course A and course B. The syllabus of both the courses is similar to each other, but the marking scheme is different. To score better marks, students need to take their syllabus seriously and make a firm grasp of this language subject.

Term 1 –

(Not available)

Term 2 –

(Not available)

CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Syllabus

Science is one of the crucial subjects to be covered for the ninth class examination. The topic covered in class 9 in science depends on the basic concepts that help to build the advanced level of students. The sample question paper for class 9 helps students to get a clear idea about important topics that need to be covered thoroughly. 

CBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus 

The Science syllabus of class 9 is divided into two terms, term one and term two. The units are further divided into chapters. This paper is based on theory, and the syllabus mentioned below is attributed to the entire marks of students.

Term 1 –

Unit Unit name 

  1. Matter – Its Nature and Behaviour: Chapter 2
  2. Organization in the Living World: Chapter 5, 6
  3. Motion, Force, and Work: Chapter 8, 9

Term 2 –

Unit Unit name

  1. Matter – Its Nature and Behaviour: Chapter 3, 4
  2. Organization in the Living World: Chapter 13
  3. Motion, Force, and Work: Chapter 10, 11

CBSE Class 9 Social Studies Sample Syllabus 

The sample paper released by CBSE follows the basic pattern that covers the most important topics. To test the skills, students can go for solving sample papers. These question papers are prepared by experts focusing on the critical topics. If you want to score good marks, solving the sample paper helps you make a good move in the final exam.

CBSE Class 9 Social Studies Syllabus 

The Social Studies syllabus is divided into four sections: events and processes, contemporary India, democratic politics, and economics. The examination depends on the two terms with the distinct syllabus in term 1 and term 2.

Term 1 – 

Events and Processes – The French Revolution

Contemporary India – India, Physical Features of India

Democratic Politics – What is Democracy? Why, Democracy?, Constitutional Design

Economics – The Story of Village Palampur, People as Resource

Term 2 –

Events and Processes – Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution, Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

Contemporary India – Drainage, Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wild Life

Democratic Politics – Electoral Politics, Working of Institutions

Economics – Poverty as a Challenge

Why CBSE Class 9 Question Papers Provided by Extramarks are best?

Extramarks offers CBSE class 9 question papers and practise sheets to help students test their knowledge. There are three phenomenal factors about Extramarks that make their question paper best for students – 

  • The Expertise of Years – Extramarks have teachers with more than a decade of experience in a specific subject. These teachers are familiar with the CBSE pattern and understand what is adequate for students.
  • Prepare Students for the Worst Case Scenario – The sample question paper by Extramarks has a medium difficulty level as well as a higher difficulty level. So, students have a ladder of question papers to build their confidence and be prepared for worst-case scenarios.
  • A Diverse Library of Papers – Having more than a hundred sample question papers of class 9 ensures an adequate and diverse library. You can learn better by this means.

Benefits of Solving Sample Question Papers in Class 9 

Solving a question paper offers a wide range of advantages to students. If you think that you are quite prepared for the upcoming exam, then solving a sample paper will come in handy. Below are some phenomenal advantages that students can obtain after solving a sample question paper –

  • The sample papers are a convenient source of practising for the exam. These help students to decide how to solve the entire question paper within the stipulated time. Also, it gives a clear idea about time management in all the areas of the paper
  • Sample papers increase the proficiency in all the topics available in NCERT. In addition, students benefit from preparing for the entire course and get all-inclusive preparation at one go
  • Mock tests are also helpful in improving overall confidence and reducing the chances of fatigue during the exam. Most students deal with nervousness and it can be tiring during an exam. The performance factor increases by solving a sample question paper, and also the chances of facing fatigue reduces
  • The sample papers help students to adhere to a specific syllabus
  • With the help of sample papers, students can get a quick revision of the vast syllabus, as the sample paper already includes the main topics to pay attention to
  • Students can understand the question pattern while practising the test papers and become familiar with the weightage of important topics. This helps them to prepare while paying heed to the main concept that helps them to fetch more marks
  • The sample papers help students to track their performance. It is an excellent way of self-assessment in examinations that strengthen the area one needs to work on

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Has CBSE released a sample paper for class 9?

Yes, CBSE released subjective sample papers for class 9 students. You can learn the format, try your knowledge and learn a lot more about the exam by solving the sample paper.

2. Is solving a sample paper helpful for Class 9 students?

Yes, sample papers are beneficial for students to score good marks. You can take the mock test and try to get better with each exam. This method will help you know whether you have studied sufficiently or not.

3. Is CBSE releasing a sample paper for 2022 Class 9?

Yes, CBSE has released a sample paper for the 2022 class 9th. This sample paper includes all the subjects and marking systems to gain more knowledge about each subject in detail.