NCERT Solutions Class 12 Commerce

Students who want to excel in their Commerce board exams can use the NCERT solutions for Class 12 commerce to give a boost to their exam preparation. All the material in the NCERT Solutions is simple, in-depth, and accurate. So, with this guide in hand, students will never have to refer to any reference book to prepare for their tests.

The  NCERT solutions for Class 12 commerce by Extramarks help students grasp important concepts that are being examined  from the exam point of view. It helps students strengthen their basics and also their advanced concepts by providing relevant examples and breaking down complex terms wherever required. It also provides solutions to various textbook-end questions in an easy-to-understand manner.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Commerce

For CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) commerce students, class 12 is a crucial stage in their  life. This is because the CBSE board exams conducted at the end of the academic year act as a stepping stone towards a successful career path. Scoring well in these exams not only gets students a seat at reputed universities, but it also opens the doorway to a range of other opportunities. So, it’s no wonder every student is determined to score well on their boards.

The best thing students can do to score well is strengthen their basics and solve plenty of questions to test their knowledge. The CBSE textbook already has a list of questions at the end of every chapter for this purpose. So, students can dedicate some time from their study schedule to solving these questions. Since the answers to these questions are not mentioned in the textbook, students can use NCERT solutions to tally their answers and check their understanding. In fact, if they are unsure of how to approach a particular theory or numerical-type question, they can take a look at the guided explanations in the NCERT solutions to better their understanding.

Commerce NCERT Solutions for Class 12 – Free Download

Started your board exam preparation for commerce? Then you must first refer to the Commerce NCERT solutions class 11 to brush up on your basics and then use the NCERT solutions class 12 to deepen your subjective understanding of commerce topics. Since our NCERT solutions are designed by highly qualified subject matter experts, you can rest assured that they are accurate, without the fluff.

Take a look at our comprehensive study materials by clicking on one of the links below. The best part? You can go through the entire study material for free. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Commerce

NCERT Standard 12 Commerce has three subjects- namely Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies. So, when students are preparing for their final term-end exams, they will require guidance for each of these subjects. So, the NCERT solutions for class 12 commerce are broken down subject-wise for convenience. Additionally, all the topics are updated with the latest information and examples. Hence, students never have to worry about outdated methods, explanations, information, or approaches while referring to this study material.

You can download the NCERT Solutions for free on your device by clicking on any of the links below. Once you click the link, the solutions will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. Now, you can access top-notch study materials to help with your studies at any time, from anywhere.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Commerce

Studying for board exams as a commerce student can be extremely challenging since you have to have a thorough understanding of three subjects. So, it is best to tackle them one by one. Choose a particular subject and tackle one topic at a time. Can’t understand concepts? Use the NCERT solutions from Extramarks to help you out. Solve chapter-end questions and tally your answers. Additionally, don’t forget to revise using the topic-wise summaries in the NCERT solutions class 12 commerce booklet.

NCERT Commerce Class 12: A Brief Overview

Commerce is the study of marketing activities and business such as the exchange of services and commodities from the manufacturer to the final consumer.  It involves a fair amount of dealing with numbers and being interested in how businesses work. So, students interested in these subject areas prefer to take up commerce.

The field of commerce is challenging and extremely competitive. Still, it offers some of the best prospects after class 12. Studying commerce opens doors to a range of exciting career opportunities in different fields like finance, social sciences and even the arts. These include 9-5, well-paying job opportunities like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Business Management, Cost Accountancy, Business Management, and more. However, to pursue such jobs, one needs to obtain a higher degree like a B.Com after clearing Class 12 boards with flying colours.

After passing their 10+2 board exams, students can enrol in courses such as cost accounting and Chartered accountancy and begin their career journey.However, to land a well-paying job, they might need to boost their certifications with a professional degree course like B.Com, and supplement their theoretical skills with computer education.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Commerce: Subject-wise Break-up

Class 12 Commerce is split into three subjects- Accounting, Economics and Business Studies. Below you can find the subject-wise breakup of the NCERT Solutions Class 12 Commerce.

  1. Accountancy

This section contains the complete topic-wise information, and solutions to text-book end problems of the Class 12 Accountancy syllabus. Here are the chapters covered in this solution.

Part 1:

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Accountancy – Partnership Accounts Chapter-wise List

Part 2:

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Accountancy – Company Accounts and Analysis of Financial Statements Chapter-wise List
  1. Economics

The Economics Syllabus is divided into two parts. Solutions to questions from both these parts are available in the NCERT Solutions. Here is the entire list of chapters you can find in the booklet.

Part A : Microeconomics

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Micro Economics Chapter-wise List

Part B : Macroeconomics

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Macro Economics Chapter-wise List
  1. Business Studies

The Business Studies syllabus includes a range of topics. You can find detailed explanations for all of them and solutions to textbook-end questions as well as numerical questions in the NCERT Class 12 Commerce solutions. Here is the list of Business Studies topics you can find.

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Business Studies Chapter-wise List

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 12 Commerce

The NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Commerce is all you need to add some weight to your board exam preparation. Here are a few benefits of using this detailed and comprehensive guide while studying.

  • The solutions have answers to all your study questions in one place. So, whether you need some help to understand a complex concept or some assistance in helping you solve a problem, the NCERT solutions from Extramarks are right at your service
  • The NCERT solutions have comprehensive summaries for all the topics for all Commerce  subjects. So, students can quickly refer to them to get a gist of the topic while doing last-minute preparation before the exam day
  • The NCERT solutions are available for free on Extramarks. This means you never have to keep waiting to find a study guide to help you study Commerce topics wherever you are. You can easily download them to your device and refer to them whenever you want with a few clicks
  • The NCERT solutions for class 12 commerce contain step-by-step breakdowns of complex numerical problems. This helps students understand the approach to solving them. Once familiar, students can use the approach to help them solve numerical problems more easily when taking a test
  • The NCERT solutions are available for free on the Extramarks website. They include all the information students might require while studying for an exam presented in a simplified manner by top subject matter experts

Since downloading the Class 12 Commerce solutions has all the above benefits, students must download them and use them to study for their exams.

How to download the solutions for class 12 Commerce?

Students can find the NCERT solutions split according to subjects or as a single booklet online on the Extramarks website. Alternatively, they can scroll upwards through this article to find workable download links.

Once you find the link you want, right click on it to start downloading the booklet in  PDF format. Now, you can find the NCERT Solutions in your downloads folder and open them whenever you want reference material to help your study.

Important Question and Answers from NCERT Solutions Commerce Class 12

Since  question papers tend to repeat certain questions year after year, knowing which questions to pay attention to while studying for the exam can reduce exam anxiety dramatically. So, if you want to score well on your boards, here are a few questions to which you must have your answers ready.

Q1. What is the accounting for partnership firms?

All the transactions involving firm partners are recorded via their capita; accounts in the firm’s books of account. This often includes the funds that are brought in or raised as capital, interest earned on the capital, withdrawal of capital, partners’ sharing, profit sharing, interest on drawing, and more. Accounting for partnership firms is accounting that covers all of these various aspects.

Q2. State briefly the Keynesian Theory.

According to the Keynesian Theory, when aggregate demand is equal to aggregate supply in a given period, an economy is in equilibrium.

Q3. What is a Treasury Bill?

The Treasury Bill is a bill for all short-term borrowing authorised by the Reserve Bank of India. It is given by the Union Government and is available for a minimum amount of Rs. 25,000 or its multiples. The advantages of the Treasury Bill are as follows.

  • Zero risk weightage
  • Accountability
  • High liquidity with maturities between 91 and 364 days
  • Tradability


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the best course after commerce?

While most students opt for Bachelors in Commerce after finishing their final board exams, students have the option of pursuing a range of other career options as well. These include Accounting, Bachelors in Business Administration, etc. Before choosing a Bachelor’s course after their 10+2, students must consider a range of factors like their preferences, their university of choice, the job sector they want to be a part of, and even their own skill sets. So, the best course in this case is one that matches all the above criteria.

2. How much do the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 commerce cost?

The NCERT Solutions for commerce are available for free on the Extramarks website. So, their cost is zero.

3. Is there any change in the syllabus of Class 12 CBSE 2022/23 Commerce?

To find out the latest updates regarding the syllabus, students must visit the official CBSE website. Here, they can find the most accurate and authentic news regarding the same.