NCERT Books Class 3 PDF

NCERT Books Class 3 PDF

Class 3 is a formative year for young students, as they are introduced to many new concepts in all the subjects. The level of difficulty also increases slightly as students move to  Class 3. Therefore, it is imperative  that they understand the basics clearly right  from the beginning. NCERT books for Class 3 are highly recommended because they are strictly based on CBSE curriculum and the concepts are explained in a simple language. 

Students can download Class 3 NCERT books from Extramarks, a leading e-learning platform. In addition to NCERT books, Extramarks also offers NCERT Class 3 textbooks solutions, sample papers, and other learning materials to help students improve their knowledge.

NCERT Books Class 3

NCERT books Class 3 are prepared as per the latest syllabus of CBSE. The books have colourful and innovative illustrations to make learning more enjoyable and engaging. NCERT books Class 3 are available for subjects including English, Hindi, Mathematics, and EVS.

NCERT Books For Class 3

Students can download NCERT books for Class 3 on Extramarks website. In addition to NCERT books, they can also find NCERT solutions for Class 3, sample papers , and worksheets are also available  on the website.

Download NCERT Books for Class 3 All Subjects

Since Class 3 students are introduced to many new concepts, they might have an understanding problem in the beginning. NCERT books help in solving this issue. With concepts explained with the help of pictures, examples and practise exercises, students will find studying from NCERT books interesting and informative at the same time.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3

There is a lot to learn and put into practice in Class 3. The NCERT textbooks come with engaging activities and learning exercises so that students can improve their understanding about a topic. However, students may not find answers to all the questions that are given at the end of each chapter.  That is precisely the reason  why students need NCERT solutions for Class 3. 

Extramarks has NCERT solutions for Class 3 for all the subjects. These solutions are prepared by our team of experienced teachers, so rest assured they are easy to understand in terms of language and accuracy. 

Students can download NCERT solutions for Class 3 on Extramarks.


EVS: Environmental Science

English Marigold: Prose

  • Chapter 1 – Magic Garden
  • Chapter 2 – Nina and the Baby Sparrows
  • Chapter 3 – The Enormous Turnip
  • Chapter 4 – A little Fish story
  • Chapter 5 – The Yellow Butterfly
  • Chapter 6 – The Story of the Road
  • Chapter 7 – Little Tiger Big Tiger
  • Chapter 8 – My Silly Sister
  • Chapter 9 – He is my Brother
  • Chapter 10 – Ship of the Desert

English Marigold: Poems

  • Chapter 1 – Good Morning
  • Chapter 2  – Bird Talk
  • Chapter 3  – Little by Little
  • Chapter 4  – Sea Song
  • Chapter 5  – The Balloon Man
  • Chapter 6  – Trains
  • Chapter 7  – Puppy and I
  • Chapter 8  – What’s in the Mailbox
  • Chapter 9  – Don’t Tell
  • Chapter 10 – How Creature Move


English Book for Class 3

Marigold is the name of the Class 3 English book. It has two parts – prose and poems. The Class 3 English book has exercise questions at the end of every chapter so that students can understand it better and practise the chapter regularly. By studying Class 3 NCERT book, students will get a better comprehension of the chapters. There are a total of 10 chapters in the book with all of them presented in a creative and interesting manner.

Hindi Book for Class 3

The NCERT book for Class 3 is an excellent source to strengthen the foundation of the language through interesting chapters and explanations. There are a total of 14 chapters in the textbook with each chapter having practise questions in the end. The textbook covers all the essential topics that are a part of the CBSE curriculum.

Mathematics Book –  Maths-Magic for Class 3

Mathematics is an essential component of modern education since it gets used practically in every area. As a result, mastering fundamental Mathematical skills is crucial. Mathematics in Class 3 focuses on developing the analytical, logical and thinking abilities of a child. The book  Maths- Magic Class 3 is created by experts to aid students in improving these skills.

EVS Book: Environmental Science- Looking Around

Environment science, often known as EVS, is a critical subject for students of all ages to learn to extend their understanding of the natural world. Children learn to engage with their surroundings as they get older, and NCERT class 3 EVS aids them in this process. EVS provides children with opportunities for hands-on learning about nature, trees, plants, animals, the soil, and food. The chapters are crafted in a lighthearted tone to maintain students’ attention while simultaneously imparting knowledge. There are 24  chapters presented in a narrative form to help a Class 3 student easily grasp the material in an interesting manner. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why should a student refer to NCERT Class 3 books while preparing for assessments?

NCERT books are based on CBSE guidelines. These are strictly as per the syllabus, which means students will not miss out on learning any concepts that are a part of their curriculum. By referring to NCERT books for Class 3, students will be able to perform better in assessments as papers are made as per CBSE guidelines.

2. Why should Class 3 students refer to NCERT books?

The NCERT Books for Class 3 Mathematics, Science, and English have all the concepts explained beautifully through text and images. Also, these are prepared as per the latest CBSE guidelines.