NCERT Solutions Class 2 English

English is one of the subjects that is easier to score and easy to obtain decent marks given that the student is prepared enough for all the questions that the NCERT forms. After every lesson, the questions that are asked effectively instil moral values along with grammar and vocabulary lessons to students of class 2.

Class 2 seems like an elementary class, but as early as possible, a student must have the habit of solving the textbook questions and self-evaluation. For this exact reason, we have the solutions to the questions for free on our website.


Class 2 English NCERT Solutions

Solutions are essential to have a basic idea to know whether the answers solved by the student are correct or not. It is crucial to know whether the student’s solution is correct or not, and if the solution is wrong, we may understand that the student needs some more practice in that unit. Speaking of which, solutions are required for tallying the right and the wrong answers. To help students of all grades, we present the NCERT solutions class 2 English to you.


Unit-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English

Here at Extramarks, we believe in structure and organisation. We want a proper repository that is easy to access for all our learners, and hence we have appropriate unit wise NCERT solutions for English for class 2 students.

The English textbook Marigold is extremely empathetic towards the students and has fun exercises and units to ensure that class 2 students have a lot of fun while learning those concepts. These units encourage the students to be imaginative, ethical, empathetic, yet competitive. It also helps the students understand these concepts very easily through short poems and colourful lessons.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Unit 1

First Day At School

The poem First Day At School beautifully brings out the emotions of a kid’s first day at school. The anxiety and excitement of a kid are vividly expressed in the poem.


Haldi’s Adventure

Haldi’s Adventure is a story about a girl named Haldi. The “adventure” begins when she sees a giraffe wearing glasses and holding a book in his hand. She stares at him as if she had never seen a giraffe like him.


The Paddling-Pool

The Paddling-Pool is another short poem in the first unit of the textbook. It is about a paddling pool that the children cross on their way to school.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Unit 2

I am Lucky

The poem I am Lucky imparts an inspiring lesson to kids. Everyone has something to be thankful to the butterfly for its wings, myna for its ability to sing, etc. Every creature has something that sets it apart from the rest. The poem teaches that one should be thankful for what one has.


I Want

“I Want” is a story where a monkey wants to be like a giraffe, a zebra and an elephant. His wish is granted, and he is given a giraffe’s neck, an elephant’s trunk, and a zebra’s stripes. However, the monkey later realises his mistake and wants to be just like a monkey once again.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Unit 3

A Smile

“A Smile” is a poem about a beautiful thing called ‘Smile’. The poet calls a smile a funny thing, as it doesn’t even leave a trace once it’s gone from the face. A smile is lovely because when one smiles at someone, they smile back, and thus the smile becomes two.


The Wind and The Sun

The Wind and The Sun is an exciting story where the wind has challenged the sun. Both of them are competing as to who would be able to get a man’s coat off more quickly. The competition is won by the sun.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Unit 4


Rain is a terse and concise poem. It says that it is raining everywhere – on the field, on trees, on umbrellas held by the people, and on ships sailing at sea.


Storm In The Garden

The protagonist of the story Storm in the garden is a snail named ‘Sunu-Sunu’. Sunu-Sunu goes to meet his ant friends in the garden. But soon, they are faced with a massive storm. Sunu-Sunu narrates the whole incident to his mother.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Unit 5

Zoo Manners

The poem Zoo Manners has a beautiful message in its simple lines. It teaches kids that they must exhibit zoo manners when they visit a zoo. They should not make fun of the animals and treat them well.


Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny is a story about a rabbit, Funny Bunny, who gets hit by a nut falling from a tree. He gets up and thinks that the sky is about to fall. He decides to tell this to the king. However, he is rewarded with death for his foolishness on his way to the king.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Unit 6

Mr Nobody

This poem helps young students intensify their mental horizons, creativity, and imagination. The NCERT Solutions of this chapter are designed to make learning an exciting experience for your child.


Curly locks and the Three Bears

This chapter imparts the art of storytelling to young minds. This story is about a young girl who comes across a cottage belonging to the Bear family in the forest. She enjoys eating and sleeping there until the Bear family arrives. This classic European folktale is introduced to the kids for the morals, ethics, and storytelling basics.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Unit 7

On My Blackboard I Can Draw

This poem is about a kid who enjoys drawing various things on his blackboard, like a house with windows, chimneys, yellow marigolds, etc. Class 2 students can learn more about the chapter by practising the NCERT Solutions of this lesson.


Make it Shorter

This unit has a story in which King Akbar gives a task to his courtiers to test who can draw a line shorter than the one he drew. The smartest and wittiest of all, Birbal finds a way to solve the task. From this chapter, students can learn how to improve their drawing skills from the CBSE NCERT Solutions Class 2 English.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Unit 8

I am the Music Man

In this poem, the narrator describes himself as a musician who can play the piano and the drum. Students learn about various musical instruments by practising this CBSE NCERT Solutions Class 2 English.


The Mumbai Musicians

This is a story where four animals decide to become musicians on their journey to Mumbai. However, they scare the people around them when they attempt to sing together. It is there to create an understanding of musical instruments for the students, and hence similar questions are designed by NCERT to solve.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Unit 9

Granny Granny Please Comb My Hair

This poem expresses a young girl’s love and affection towards her grandmother, who requests to comb her hair. Solving the solutions can help them understand the value of family.


The Magic Porridge Pot

This story is about a poor young girl who finds a magic pot in the forest. She brings it home, and it cooks porridge by itself for her and her mother as and when asked to. To know more about the chapter in detail, a student must check the NCERT solutions for class 2 English.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Unit 10

Strange Talk

This poem talks about the types of communication done by different animals and teaches young kids how they can enhance their communication skills with their teachers and classmates. Communication skills are the basis of this chapter.


The Grasshopper and the Ant

This story mentions a grasshopper and an ant where the ant is hardworking, whereas the grasshopper wastes his time dancing and singing. This chapter conveys the essence of hard work to students. Solving questions successfully in this chapter, NCERT integrates this classic folk tale into daily lives and how hard work is crucial in one’s life.


Class 2 English Chapter Wise Marks Weightage

Selective based learning is not advised at this young age as all the chapters are equally important. Not just for the exams but also for their further classes and generally their lives.


Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 2 English

Class 2 students have very imaginative minds. But sometimes, their solutions are not the correct ones when we consider grammar and vocabulary concepts into function. So NCERT solutions help them understand why their solution is wrong. Also, the solutions are curated by experts, so parents need not worry about their authenticity.

We, at Extramarks, believe in growing the plant of logic and reasoning in the imaginative minds of these young learners. We take special care and extra effort in helping your child earn the extreme marks they deserve.


NCERT Class 2 English Important Questions

The essential questions of class 2 are given on our website for free. Follow our website to access all the important questions so your child can get ample practice in the same.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do the solutions help?

NCERT solutions help the children gain some direction to tally whether their answers are right or wrong.

2. What are the benefits of using the learning platform Extramarks?

We take special and extra care to teach children the board’s concepts require these students to learn.

3. How to get the NCERT solutions for class 2?

You can get these on our website for free.