NCERT Solutions Class 1 English

NCERT English solutions for class 1 are beneficial for the latest exam and their patterns. The experts are constantly updating the syllabus to provide new and adaptive schemes to students. The presentation of the questions is also excellent to offer ease to class 1 students to solve the questions. 

NCERT solutions for class 1 English are valuable solutions for every student. It is beneficial for them to appear in different examinations related to English for a better understanding. The classification of the topics is according to weightage to guide students about essential topics for scoring good marks in the test. 

English Class 1 NCERT Solutions

Extramarks is providing NCERT solutions class 1 to regular students. They can find all the answers quickly with detailed explanations for clearing the concepts and topics. An improvement in the grade for board examinations is also possible with Extramarks NCERT Solutions for all subject

The solutions can solve the problems and provide a better understanding to class 1 students. They can quickly grasp concepts to improve their academic performance in the English examination. You can just click on the links and get desired solutions to revise the exercises.

NCERT solutions are regularly revised to guide the students about new things. They can pass different examinations with the help of keys. Apart from it, better knowledge and understanding are possible of English subject. The parents and students can take assistance from the solutions for solving the doubts and queries. 

NCERT Class 1 English Raindrops Chapter-Wise Details

NCERT Class 1 English provides complete details of the chapter included in class 1 Raindrops. All of these chapters are free to study at the offline application. The students can get them for free to get details about chapter-wise concepts clearing.

Chapter 1: Clap, Clap, Clap

Chapter 2: One, Two

Chapter 3: The Little Bird

Chapter 4: Bubbles

Chapter 5: Chhotu

Chapter 6: Animals and Birds

Chapter 7: Fruits and Vegetables

Chapter 8: Who Am I?

Chapter 9: Hide and Seek

Chapter 10: Fun with Numbers

Chapter 11: Shapes

Chapter 12: Cats

Chapter 13: Colours

Chapter 14: Actions We Do

Chapter 15: Left and Right

Chapter 16: The Lion and the Mouse

Chapter 17: Morning and Evening

Chapter 18: May I Come In?

Chapter 19: Action Song

NCERT Class 1 English Marigold Chapter-Wise Details

NCERT English book Marigold covers poems and stories that help little learners grow with a positive attitude and learn about moral values. Marigold’s book covers the below-given topics – 

Unit 1: Poem A Happy Child || Story Three Little Pigs

Unit 2: Poem After a Bath || Story the Bubble, the Straw and the Shoe

Unit 3: Poem One Little Kitten || Story Lalu and Peelu

Unit 4: Poem Once I Saw a Little Bird || Story Mittu and the Yellow Mango

Unit 5: Poem Merry-Go-Round || Story Circle

Unit 6: Poem If I Were an Apple || Poem Our Tree || Murali’s Mango Tree 

Unit 7: Poem A Kite || Sundari 

Unit 8: Poem A Little Turtle || The Tiger and the Mosquito 

Unit 9: Poem Clouds || Anandi’s Rainbow

Unit 10: Poem Flying-man || The Tailor and His Friend

Here is a short and quick description of each poem and story that kids will learn in the Marigold book of class 1 English-

Unit 1:

A Happy Child 

The English book starts with a poem called “A Happy Child” which talks about a young girl. This young girl is describing her happy life, her house, her daily routine and all the good things like the tree that offer shade while she is sitting under during noontime. 

Three Little Pigs

Then, the kids get to enjoy a conflicting story of “Three Little Pigs” who are hardworking, and their hard work always pays off. The story conflicts with the wolf who protects the respective house.

Unit 2:

After a Bath 

After a bath is a kid’s story about post-bath experience and activity. He wipes off excess water and compares himself with the dog. He wishes that he could clean water from his body just like a dog by shaking the whole body. You can read more about this story from NCERT Solutions and get better with easy to solve questions. 

The Bubble, the Straw and the Shoe

The Bubble, The Straw and The Shoe is a story of three friends who go to the forest. They share talk throughout the journey and come across a river. They are unsure about how they can pass the river. Here, kids can find an ethical lesson about life and not believe in others blindly. 

Unit 3:

One Little Kitten 

This short but crisp poem is about a little kitten and other animals. Kids will learn about animal species, their name and their characteristics throughout the chapter. There are other things to learn like numbers and words for kids. 

Lalu and Peelu

Lalu and Peelu is a story about a hen mother and her babies. The names of the babies are Lalu and Peelu. This story talks about the importance of family and why each member of the family matters. There is a beautiful lesson in this chapter of NCERT solution that helping each other is essential in life. 

Unit 4:

Once I Saw a Little Bird 

Once I Saw a Little Bird is a story of a young boy who is sitting right next to the window and finds that a little bird comes by and sits next to him. The beautiful little bird is sitting there and the young boy is admiring nature’s beauty. 

Mittu and the Yellow Mango

The story Mittu and The Yellow Mango is a lesson about a parrot who is eating mangos sitting on a tree. The tree is guarded by a violent crow but the parrot is daring enough to get into the garden to eat mangos with his wit. 

Unit 5:


Merry Go Round is a poem about a young girl who loves to ride on Merry Go Round. The swing makes her happy and she enjoys every bit of riding it. This poem describes the fun and adventure that a little kid is having at the moment. You can explore more with the NCERT solution links for the class 3 English book. 


The Story Circle is about the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. Mohini, the granddaughter, is drawing various shapes and she is doing it all within a circle. The bond between the two-start forming while working on this little artwork. 

Unit 6:

If I Were an Apple 

The poem If I Were an Apple is a narration of a little kid who talks about being an apple. He says that if he was an apple, he would not stay on the tree and make others want it. Instead, he will look for the little kid and drop it down so that the boy can enjoy it. This story is a little fictional but holds a positive attitude toward life. 

Our Tree 

Our tree is a poem that talks about a little seed growing and turning into a huge tree. The poem talks about the importance and selflessness of a tree in this world. 

Murali’s Mango Tree 

Murali’s Mango tree is a beautiful story about one early life incident in Murali. Once he eats mango and throws seed in the backyard. Later, that seed grows and turns into a fruitful tree that his kids enjoy in future. 

Unit 7:

A Kite 

A kite is a poem about the wish of a young kid who wants to be a kite and enjoy the beautiful weather from high up in the sky. 


The story Sundari is a chapter about a kite who is named Sundari by Bobby, the owner. When Bobby flees the kite, Sundari gives her tugs so that Bobby lets that kite go. On the same note, Bobby agrees with Sundari and lets her go in the open sky.  

Unit 8:

A Little Turtle 

The poem called “A Little Turtle” is the narration of a young little turtle who talks about his personality traits or characteristics. The turtle says that he walks slowly and always carries his home “the shell” everywhere he goes. 

The Tiger and the Mosquito 

The Tiger and the Mosquito is a story about how we should respect everyone as everything is important. This is an excellent lesson to teach about a tiger who has to wake up forcefully as the mosquito irritates him. 

Unit 9:


Cloud is a poem that shows the beauty of clouds and the importance of rain. Clouds bring rain wherever they go and this poem talks about the happiness that it brings to people who are having a hard time due to summer heat. 

Anandi’s Rainbow

Anandi’s Rainbow is a story about a little girl named Anandi and the stories surrounding her dream of the rainbow. When Anandi sleeps, she sees a beautiful dream of the rainbow and when she wakes up after this beautiful dream, there is a real rainbow in the sky. She looks out of the window and feels overwhelmed by its beauty. 

Unit 10:


The last chapter of Marigold’s book is Flying Man and this is a poem about a kid who talks to the flying man. The child is curious and asks many questions about flying above in the sky and flying at heights. He also asks the Flying Man to take him to the sky and show him the beautiful world from above. 

The Tailor and His Friend

The book ends with a story called “The Tailor and His friend.” You can learn more about this book and all the questions from NCERT solutions class 3 English. Anyway, the story is about a tailor and his beloved friend, an Elephant. The tailor pranks an elephant in this story. 

Class 1 English Chapter – Wise Marks Weightage

The NCERT solution class 1 English has the weightage according to the percentage of questions in the final examination. Like, the weightage of marks for chapter one is more than chapter 3. Scoring good marks in academics is possible for class 1 students. It is essential to study the chapters as per the weightage provided in the offline application. 

The students can select the chapter after checking the weightage of the solutions. The students can get higher exams in the final academics to have a bright future. English is an important language, so there is a need to pay attention to the marks weightage to have excellent marks. 

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 1 English

Extramarks NCERT class 1 English book solutions provide plenty of benefits to students to clear the topics and get scores in the final examination. Some of the major advantages of NCERT solutions are listed below. You can check them to have a better understanding. 

  • Clear and precise pages

 One of the main benefits of Class1 NCERT solutions with Extramarks is precise and clean pages. The studying and clearing of topics will become easy for the students in Class 1. All the students can easily understand them and get good scores in the examination. 

  • Understandable language for Class 1 students 

Extramarks Class 1 NCERT solutions are available in understandable language for the students. The students can easily adapt to them and improve their performance in academics. There is nothing to worry about in further studies for better performance and score. 

  • Study anytime and anywhere 

Extramarks NCERT solutions are offline applications. The students can study them anywhere and anytime without any restrictions. There is no difficulty in learning the chapters to increase the grade in academics. It is the foundation of a great and bright future for children. 

  • Strictly solving all the questions 

In the Extramarks Offline application, the students can get answers to all the questions. Experts are doing proper research to offer a reliable and correct solution to the students. Therefore, mastering different concepts is possible to become one of the toppers in the class. In addition to it, passing on academics is possible with high grades. 

  • Free of cost for class 1 students

With NCERT Solutions For Class 1 offline, the students can get solutions free of cost. There is no requirement to spend money on finding the answers to the questions. All the pages of the offline application are free. You can get them on mobile phones easily.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are NCERT solutions enough for class 1 final examination preparation?

Yes, the availability of detailed NCERT solutions for class 1 English is enough to study. There are no out of syllabus questions asked to students for class 1. NCERT solutions will provide better learning and understanding of concepts to students. They can practice regularly and sit confidently in the exams. Attending the exams is with full preparation to score better grades.

2. Are the solutions of Extramarks NCERT Class 1 English trustworthy?

Yes, all the solutions are correct. Experts are designing the solutions for all NCERT questions for class 1 students. The explanation of the questions is also excellent so that everyone can understand them properly. Therefore, scoring higher grades than in the previous examinations is possible for students.