ISC Important Questions For Class 12

ISC Important Questions For Class 12

The ISC, or Indian School Certificate, administers the Class 12th examination, which includes English as a mandatory subject and optional subjects such as Geography, Sociology, History, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Home Science, etc. Choosing Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics as your primary subjects will greatly assist you in determining your career path.  Students interested in engineering or medical after completing ICSE Class 12 should be familiar with topics in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

ISC Class 12 Important Questions

Students must work hard and practice daily to pass the ISC board exams. It is essential to revise all the chapters and practice previous years’ question papers. Once you are done with your preparation, you can go through the important questions to get familiar with the types of questions asked in the exam. You can access the subject-wise Class 12 Important Questions on the Extramarks website.

ISC Class 12 Biology Important Questions

  1. List six characteristics of the genetic code.
  2. Name two characteristics of DNA that make it the best genetic material.
  3. Write the full form of the following terms and provide a short explanation.
    1. ZIFT
    2. ICSI
    3. GIFT
    4. IVF
    5. RCH
  4. Describe the phases in the artificial hybridization process.
  5. Describe four government actions taken to reduce the increasing rates of air pollution in cities.

ISC Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions

  1. Explain the procedure of extracting silver from its ore with relevant equations.
  2. Describe the amphoteric behavior of amino acids..
  3. Demonstrate the following name reactions and write their chemical equations:
    1. Cannizzaro reaction
    2. Wolff-Kishner reduction
    3. Alcohol condensation 
  4. State the first law of electrolysis proposed by Faraday. Calculate the Faraday charge required for the reduction of 1 mole of Cu2+ to Cu.
  5. Give an example of a biodegradable detergent.

ISC Class 12 Physics Important Questions

  1. Name the components of a communication system. Make a block diagram to explain.
  2. What does dispersive power indicate? Write a refractive indices-based expression for dispersive power.
  3. What does ‘binding energy per nucleon’ of a nucleus mean? Describe its physical description.
  4. Demonstrate how you can make an AND gate using only NOR gate. Create a truth table for this arrangement.
  5. Calculate the electric potential ‘V’ due to a point charge ‘Q’ at a distance of r.

ISC Class 12 Business Studies Important Questions

  1. Explain Dictaphone.
  2. Mention any two advantages and disadvantages of merit-based promotion.
  3. What is promotion?
  4. State any two good qualities of a leader.
  5. What are the three types of recruitment interviews?

ISC Class 12 Commerce Important Questions

  1. State the meaning of ‘Programme’ as a type of plan.
  2. Elaborate on the term ‘span of control.’
  3. Define Macro Environment.
  4. What is meant by Management?
  5. State any four components of principles of management.

ISC Class 12 Economics Important Questions

  1. Differentiate between Direct tax and Indirect tax.
  2. How is the rate of exchange identified in a flexible exchange rate system?
  3. Explain two reasons for the adverse Balance of Payments in any economy.
  4. GNP(fc) = GNP(mp) – ______.
  5. Explain the following function according to the Central Bank:


ISC Class 12 Geography Important Questions

  1. State two advantages of tourism in India.
  2. State any two objectives of urban forestry.
  3. Why is India considered a subcontinent? Give two reasons. 
  4. What is meant by ‘A Planning Region?’
  5. State the latitude and longitude of India.

ISC Class 12 History Important Questions

  1. What is the importance of Atlee’s Declaration of 20th February 1947?
  2. Which two political parties played a significant role in the General Elections of 1967?
  3. State the reasons for the launch of Operation Blue Star.
  4. Mention the principle on which the first general election in India (1952) was based.
  5. Which state was formed in 1953 based on linguistic identity?

ISC Class 12 Political Science Important Questions

  1. Explain briefly: Casteism.
  2. What is Aristotle’s Theory of Cyclic Change?
  3. What is meant by conventions?
  4. State four features of an Authoritarian State.
  5. India is characterized as a quasi-federal state. Elaborate on the given sentence. 

ISC Class 12 Psychology Important Questions

  1. Explain the concept of phobia.
  2. Who introduced the concept of IQ?
  3. Define aptitude and give any four uses of the aptitude test.
  4. Explain OCD.
  5. What is meant by intelligence?

ISC Class 12 Sociology Important Questions

  1. State the difference between Levirate and Sororate.
  2. What is meant by Kinship?
  3. What is meant by an Avunculocal form of residence?
  4. Elaborate on the concept of Animism.
  5. What is the meaning of couvade?