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The National Eligibility cum Entrance test (NEET) is conducted every year to select candidates for the UG seats in various medical colleges across India. To succeed in the exam, the students should go through the NEET question paper. Last year, over 15 lakh candidates appeared for the exam and over 8 lakhs qualified for it. The students interested in pursuing MBBS or BDS courses from the top medical colleges must solve NEET previous year question papers to secure a seat for themselves. Soon after the exam, the official website, releases the NEET question paper along with the answer key. On this page, you will find the NEET question paper along with the answer key from previous years. By analyzing  pattern and type of questions from the NEET previous year papers, the candidates can get an idea of the type and pattern of questions that would be asked in NEET 2023.


In this page, you will find a PDF of previous year’s NEET question paper along with solutions. It is suggested for the candidates to practice questions from at least the past five years. This would give them the confidence to perform well in the exam as well as reduce the jitters during the exam. From this page, the students can download NEET previous year papers along with solution and answer keys in PDF format. These PDFs are free, and they will help you in solidifying your preparations.


The pattern of question paper for NEET 2023 is similar to that of previous years. As per NTA, there will be 200 questions, out of which the candidates are required to answer 180 questions. Moreover, the exam will be conducted in pen and paper mode. As per the NEET marking scheme, each correct answer will fetch you 4 marks and for each wrong answer, 1 mark will be deducted. Therefore, to reduce the negative marks and improve the speed with maximum accuracy, the students must go through last year’s NEET question papers.


It is no secret that practice makes a man perfect. When you are solving more and more problems from NEET question papers from previous years, you are reducing your chances of making silly mistakes in the examination. In the exam, the only thing that is different between the candidate of rank 1 and rank 30 is a few silly mistakes. If you have practiced NEET previous year question papers thoroughly, you can gain accuracy while solving the questions. In addition to that, it will help you in improving your speed without committing minute errors.


NEET previous  year’s papers are a sneak-peek into the types of questions that may be asked in NEET 2023. Solving the NEET question papers prepares you well for the exam and gives you the confidence of cracking it for securing yourself a seat in the college of your dreams.  The following points will shed light on the importance of practicing NEET previous years papers for improving your rank in the exam. Let’s have a look:

  1. NEET previous years papers are the most reliable source

If you want to understand the pattern of the questions that are asked and areas to put effort on, the NEET question paper from previous year is the most trustworthy source. It gives you an idea of the specific part of the syllabus, from where the questions are asked frequently. By solving the NEET question paper you can effectively practice time management and understand the pattern of marks distribution among different topics in the syllabus. You must make sure to solve the NEET question paper from at least the last 10 years.

  1. NEET question paper from previous year helps in reducing exam stress.

While taking the test, it is extremely important for a student to have confidence in his preparations. Solving NEET question papers in advance can help them in gaining such confidence. This would help them in tackling anxiety and stress during the time of the test. By regularly practicing the questions, students get used to the pattern of the exam and keep their calm even when they face a new type of question.

  1. Solving the NEET question papers helps in analyzing your preparation level

After covering your syllabus, you must solve NEET question papers from past years as they help you in analyzing the strong and weak areas in your preparation. This will enable you to dedicate time for each of these areas and ensure a solid preparation before the day of examination.

  1. NEET question papers will help you in time-management

Practicing problem-solving skills with the help of NEET question paper helps the students in implementing the strategies for time-management and accuracy. This will ensure that the student is able to answer maximum questions in limited time with maximum accuracy. Only by practicing from previous years’ NEET question papers, the students can strategize the amount of time that should be dedicated for questions of a particular type and from a particular portion of the syllabus.

  1. Regular practice gives a tremendous boost to your confidence level

When you practice the NEET question paper on a regular basis, you understand the tricks of solving questions in a limited time frame. This improves your confidence level in the exam and helps you in performing well. The students are advised to solve NEET question papers from at least the past 10 years to build such confidence.

These are only some of the many benefits that you get by practicing questions from NEET question papers from previous years.


With more students opting for NEET every year, the competition in the exam is growing higher. For the students to crack the exam, it is important to have clarity in concepts. With ample preparation and correct guidance, the students can excel in this exam. If we compare the previous years’ trends, it is quite evident that the test is getting tougher. The difficulty level, however, varies.

Last year, the candidates had mixed responses regarding the difficulty of the paper. While the experts claimed it to be of easy to moderate level, the students felt that the paper was a bit lengthy. While Biology and Chemistry papers were easy to moderate in difficulty level, Physics was a bit on the hard side. Similarly, in 2020, the paper was easy to moderate as compared to the previous years. Overall, it was a standard NEET paper.

It is observed that the students who practice the NEET question papers from previous years are more likely to fare well in the exam.

Advantages of Downloading NEET Answer keys and Solutions

NEET questions papers from previous years are a great source of consolidating the preparations. A student who has solved questions from previous years papers has a competitive edge over his peers in the examination. It is advisable for the students to solve previous year’s NEET question papers from at least the last 10 years. Downloading NEET answer keys and solutions will help the candidate in cross-checking with the answers they have arrived at. By evaluating their performance while practicing from the NEET question paper, the students can have an estimation of the marks scored by them. This will help them in improving further for better performance in the NEET 2023.

The NEET answer keys and solutions helps the students in identifying their position in preparation for the exam.

NEET Last Year Question Papers Marks weightage

Thorough analysis of NEET question papers from the last few years reveals the marks weightage of different chapters in the exam. Students should strategize their preparation based on weightage of marks for each chapter.

In Physics, the most important chapters for NEET 2023 include Laws of Motion, Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism, System of Particle and Rigid Body, Current Electricity, Thermodynamics, etc. One should focus more on these chapters, although it is equally important for you to go through other chapters. After you have thoroughly revised your NCERT and reference books, you must solve as many numerical questions as possible. This will fetch you good marks in Physics.

Biology holds the most importance among all the subjects for NEET 2023. There are certain topics in the syllabus that hold more weightage in terms of marks as compared to the others. Students must analyze NEET question papers from previous years to get a better understanding of important topics. However, topics such as Microbes in Human Welfare, Human Reproduction, Cell Cycle and Cell Division, Reproduction in Organism, Biological Classification and Living World, etc. can be considered as the most important topics. Students must master these topics to ace in the exam.

With a weightage of 25%, the Chemistry section comprises 45 questions in the NEET. It must be noted that all the sub-sections- physical, inorganic, and organic chemistry hold almost equal weightage in the question paper. Therefore, the students are required to cover all the topics and practice as many previous years’ questions as possible.


The syllabus of NEET 2023 comprises three subjects- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The chapters from where the questions are asked in NEET are taught in class 11 and class 12. The students who are going to appear for NEET 2023 must read the syllabus carefully before starting the preparation. This year, the syllabus for NEET 2023 is supposed to be the same as that of previous years. The marks weightage of each subject is given below:

Subject Total units Weightage
Biology 10 (5 each from class 11 and class 12)        50%
Physics 10 (5 each from class 11 and class 12)        25%
Chemistry 10 (5 each from class 11 and class 12)        25%

 Preparation Tips for NEET 2023

  • It is important for you to cover all the topics that carry significant weightage in terms of marks. For this, you will need to practice the NEET question paper from previous years. You must take up Biology and one other subject simultaneously during preparation.
  • One must thoroughly cover NCERT by marking important points and making short notes for quick revision. Once you have completed  your NCERT, proceed further to reference books and online study materials. Do not forget to make notes while studying or watching videos.
  • To score well in Biology, you must practice more and more diagrams. This approach of learning from the diagram helps in memorizing different topics of the subject. You must refer to the NEET question paper from time-to-time.
  • To solidify your Physics preparation, you must solve as many questions as possible. Creating a chapter-wise list of formulae, laws, and derivations can help you in revising quickly and keeping the concepts on fingertips.
  • For Chemistry, the students should learn by heart, the chemical equations and diagrams.  Just like Physics, the students should maintain a sheet of chemical reactions and formulae for quick revision.


Solving NEET question papers from the previous years helps the students in getting acquainted with the demand of the exam. It helps them in understanding the level of difficulty and improving the speed. If a student practices some previous years NEET question paper regularly, he will be able to maintain maximum accuracy in the limited time frame of the exam. Therefore, it can be said that solving previous year’s question papers can help the students in time management.

You may start practicing from the NEET question paper by fixing a time of the day that matches with the time of the actual exam. Initially, you may not be able to maintain speed, but as you practice, you will be able to manage time efficiently. In addition to that, the NEET question paper will help you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, thereby, increasing the scope of improvement.

You must start by reading the chapter carefully, clearing your concepts in the theory, and then move to attempting questions from that chapter. NEET question papers from previous years help you in targeting your studies as per the weightage of each section.

While preparing for NEET, students are advised to solve previous years papers from at least the past 10 years. A student can also practice questions from the past 15-20 years. This will further help in building confidence to attempt all the questions in the exam with maximum accuracy.

There are several benefits of practicing NEET question papers with solutions. When you practice the questions along with the solutions, you get further insights on the method of solving each question. It will help you in understanding the question step-by-step. Even if you find it difficult to understand certain topics, such as the topics from Physics, this method of practicing NEET question paper with solutions will help you in simplifying the complex concepts and solutions. It also helps the students in understanding the simplest and quickest way to solve any problem in the exam. By doing so, a student can attempt each question in minimum time and ensure that they are able to go through every question in the exam. The solved question paper also helps the students in understanding different concepts through the solution of just one question. Therefore, while practicing NEET question papers from previous years, students are recommended to go through the solutions to understand standard ways of solving a problem.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where do I get the NEET question paper?

The official website to download NEET question papers from last year along with solutions is The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts this exam and uploads the answer keys on the website immediately after the exam. Apart from the official website to download NEET question papers from previous years, you can also access the NEET question paper with answer keys and solutions in PDF format from this page. You can access the question papers of all the codes from this website. You may also download the PDF of NEET previous years question paper for your future reference.

2. How many last years’ NEET question papers should I solve?

The students are advised to solve as many NEET question papers from last year as possible. This will improve your speed during the exam and help you in preventing errors while solving the questions. The student is on the safer side if he solves 20-30 NEET question papers. However, solving a minimum of 10 question papers will help the students in appearing for the examination with confidence.

3. How can I download last years’ NEET question papers with answers?

To download NEET question papers from previous years, the students may visit the official website for NEET, i.e., This is the official link to obtain previous years’ NEET question papers with answer keys and solutions. By clicking on the download tab, the candidates can get previous years papers. You can get the question paper along with answer keys and solutions from a particular year and of particular code by simply filling in the details on the website. Alternatively, you can simply download the PDFs of previous years NEET question papers as well as solutions and answer keys by scrolling through this web page. You can just click on the link to the question paper from the year of your choice and download and save it for further use.

4. Do NEET questions get repeated?

There are 97 chapters in the NEET syllabus. Since a few years, the NCERT syllabus for NEET has remained constant. Therefore, the students must cover the entire syllabus by thoroughly understanding the concepts. It is not the question that gets repeated, but the concepts that are asked again and again. If you are thorough with the concepts and practiced NEET question papers from the previous years, you will sail smoothly through the exam. However, sometimes the questions do get repeated verbatim, but that is quite rare. You may find similar kinds of questions, but with different languages. Sometimes, the questions may be tweaked a bit to test your understanding in the subject.

5. Do all sets of NEET papers have the same questions?

Yes, all the sets of NEET question papers have the same questions. The number of sets of the question paper may vary in different years. Each set has the same number of questions, just the sequence of these questions varies. Except for that there is no other difference. A typical NEET question paper may look like this: question papers with codes, P, Q, R, and S with serial number P1 to P6, Q1 TO Q6, R1 to R6, and S1 to S6. In total, there may be 24 sets. However, the number of sets may be more or even less.

6. How many last years’ NEET question papers should I solve?

There is no limit to the number of NEET question papers that you must solve. The more, the merrier. By solving many question papers, you will have a good practice of solving questions of varied difficulty levels in the stipulated time. It helps in removing exam stress and building confidence during the paper. Students are advised to solve at least 10 NEET question papers from previous years. You may also solve 20 or 30 question papers if you have enough time. It will improve your chances of securing good rank in the NEET results.

Since the syllabus of NEET has been the same for many years now, the questions that are asked are somewhat similar. Even if you may not find word to word similarity in the question, the concepts are the same. If you have covered the syllabus thoroughly and practiced a good amount of NEET question papers from previous years, you will be able to answer any type of question in the exam.

7. Is it necessary to solve NEET previous years' question papers to get a good score in NEET 2023?

Every year lakhs of candidates appear for NEET. The competition is pretty tough. However, since the syllabus of the exam has remained the same for many years now, the students can utilize NEET question papers from previous years as an effective tool for understanding the pattern and minute details of the exam. Usually, the students practice from previous years’ papers to understand the pattern of the exam, identify important topics as well as the types of questions to be asked, improve their speed, accuracy, and time management, and to ensure that they can solve any type of question from a given concept. NEET question paper from previous year acts as a great source to analyze and evaluate one’s preparedness for the exam.

One who has solved the NEET question paper from the last 15-20 years has better chances at qualifying the exam with flying colours. However, it is advised that the students must treat the NEET question paper from previous years to test their hold of knowledge in a particular topic. You must ensure that you have covered various topics in detail and cleared all your concepts before starting your practice of problem-solving from the NEET question paper.