NCERT Solutions Class 3 English

NCERT solutions for Class 3 simplify English learning for students. One of the main aspects is that Class 3 students are receptive to new things. They can grasp and remember things for the long term at a younger age. The clearing of concepts is accessible from the start to build a bright career.

English is essential for every student. NCERT Solutions for English include textbook solutions by the CBSE board. Experts are providing solutions, including important topics for better understanding, and finding the answers to all the questions. They can get a strong foundation by going with NCERT Class 3 English Solution for success in the future. 

Class 3 English NCERT Solutions 

English is an intimidating subject for Class 3 students. The parents should concentrate on creating a solid foundation for the subject. It is the most common language in the corporate world. NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English have the aim to familiarise the students with the English language. 

All the solutions are of the best quality. These are available with some revision points to offer verified answers to Class 3 students. The solutions include both poetry and prose for all the students. Learning from the solutions becomes easy for students who find it difficult to study English.

 NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English

Class 3 students sometimes find it difficult to understand prose and poetry. NCERT solutions provide the best solutions with years of experience and knowledge. First, the students can clear the concepts and fundamentals. They can get the correct answers to all the questions by understanding the concepts. 

NCERT solutions help students to deliver brilliant performance in examinations. Apart from basic concepts, some additional points are available for students prepared by the experts. In addition, class 3 students can benefit from understanding in future classes for better results in the examination. 

NCERT Class 3 English: Chapter – Wise Details

By studying NCERT class 3 English, students can improve their basics and grasp skills in pronunciation as well as grammar. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 1 – Good Morning Poem || The Magic Garden

The book starts with a positive outlook on the world by introducing a happy child. He is satisfied by looking at the beautiful morning and says good morning to birds, grass, bees, sun, and little winds. He wants to go out with his friends and play outside by looking at the weather. 

The child found everything good about the morning and carefully looked at the nature creations. 

The Magic Garden is a story about school students who take care of the school garden. The positive environment of happy kids around plants and fairies along with birds is an overwhelming story for kids. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 2 – Bird Talk || Nina and The Baby Sparrows

Chapter 2 is about the chitchat of the birds’ named Robin and Jay. These pretty birds in this poem talk about the funny creature on the earth: people. The verse mentions the three things that people can’t do, and the birds are proud to do those activities. 

They said that human beings couldn’t fly, they couldn’t sit on wires, and they couldn’t get feathers and wings. So in their perspective, the people were amusing. 

A young girl, Nina, is worried about baby sparrows that reside on her room’s bookshelf.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 3 – Little by Little || The Enormous Turnip

The little poem is about a seed. The name of the seed is born. The verse reveals the concept of growing the seed and the components required for it. This helps children to attach to nature and understand its beauty. A seed requires three major ingredients: water, air, and sunshine. 

The three major works which are focused in the poem are tiny, mighty, and slender. The chapter is a broad knowledge about meaningful words that increase children’s reasoning skills.

A beautiful lesson of life is quite easy to understand in the story “The enormous Turnip.” The story is about a beautiful but huge turnip that is plucked by people due to its size and beauty. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 4 – Sea Song || A Little Fish Story

The chapter talks about a soft and soothing sound coming from a shell. It includes a softshell that is a unique thing for a small child. One day, a small child roamed and picked up the shell lying on the sand. He decided to take it home. After he reached home, the sound came from the clear, sweet, and soft shell. 

The child is surprised by listening to a song, but it is quite soothing a child enjoys. A small fish who always complains about its small size learns the lesson of life when its small size turns into a blessing by saving the life. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 5 – The Balloon Man || The Yellow Butterfly

This story reveals the beauty of colorful balloons; how happy the kids get after looking at the pretty balloons. In this poem, a balloon man stands in the market square holding colorful balloons for kids. He wants to make kids happy and sell them by standing in the market. 

The child saw the man standing at the center of the market holding the balloons and wanted him to let the balloons fly. It is just because the child wants to see how high the sky is after letting the balloons go. It’s the childish nature of the kids who want everything free, just like how they are free. One fine day, a young kid finds an astonishing yellow butterfly and feels anxious to capture it but ends up saving the butterfly from getting captured by the people.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 6 – Trains || The Story of The Road

The Poem “Trains” is beautiful teaching about trains and how they travel from one place to another taking transportation goods and people to places. Students learn how a train goes from one cultural place to another and explores the world.  The Story of the road is little about the happiness of life where the road is quiet and sleeping. But the road feels it for a while and then awakened by the people as well as birds chirping. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 7 – Puppy and I || Little Tiger, Big Tiger

The poem “Puppy and I” is a narrative story of a little kid who meets a horse and then a puppy on the journey. While getting accompanied by the animals, he learns the beauty of accompanying them and making it a worthwhile journey of happiness. 

The story of this chapter is about a mother tiger and her cub. The mother is always worried about her cub and keeps protecting him until one day the little cub gets into a problem while hunting. The best part about this chapter is that kids learn about being confident and not complaining about what they don’t have instead of appreciating the beauty of life. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 8 – What’s in the Mailbox? || My Silly Sister

A little girl finds that a postman visits her house and brings letters for her parents at a specific interval. She finds it astonishing and wishes that she writes a letter to her friends and relatives. At the same time, she wishes to receive a letter from her friends too.  

The story called “My Silly Sister” is about a young girl with a sweet childish nature. She is confused and always feels less aware while judging between what’s wrong and what’s right. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 9 – Don’t Tell || He Is My Brother

Don’t Tell is a poem about a kid who listens to everyone and he is mature enough to understand better than other kids. He is capable of doing things of a mature person’s level and nobody understands this phenomenon. 

The same unit has a little lifelong chapter called “He Is My Brother” which covers the story of a young girl who cares for and loves her little brother. She carries her brother on her back and takes him up to the hill since her brother is not able to walk. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Unit 10 – How Creatures Move || The Ship of the Desert

The last poem and Chapter of the class 3 English book are “How Creatures move” and “The Ship of the Desert.” The poem is about different creatures like humans, animals, and so on. The poem talks about the experiences of the different creatures while walking and experiencing life.

NCERT Solutions Class 3 English: Chapter Wise Weightage 

Class 3 English has a weightage of 50 marks, and English is an adaptive subject from exam perspective. It decides your performance in the examination or final result. The fundamental questions in English exams are based on Poetry and Prose, and all of these topics come in exams repetitively.

How to study for NCERT Class 3 English Marigold? 

Students like to play with the sky, sun, winds, birds, and grass. Experts are providing class 3 NCERT English solution Marigold with virtual images. These keep the students engaged with the lessons. It is the best way to understand the poetry and fiction chapters for a better score in the final examination. 

Benefits of NCERT English Class 3 Solutions by ExtraMarks

Experts are preparing Extramarks NCERT Solutions for Class 3 with their expertise and knowledge. They are doing proper research about the topics and concepts to teach the students. Therefore, finding the best answers is possible for students to score excellently in the examination. 

The answers of NCERT class 3 are reliable and correct. There are some sample papers included in the NCERT solutions to improve the performance. Apart from that, there are a lot of resources for studying. You will get free access to the questions to get good marks in English NCERT questions. 

  • Explanatory Solutions – Extramarks NCERT Solutions for Class 3 provide explanatory solutions for prose and fiction. The answers are available with expertise and knowledge to guide the students. As a result, they can play and have fun while improving concepts of NCERT English. 
  • Subject-matter experts – Experts at Extramarks have the experience to offer the best NCERT solutions in class 3. They are using a comprehensive approach for delivering the correct answer to the students. These solutions are of high-quality to get more marks in the exams. The clearing of the doubts related to further studies is also possible. 
  • Best way to solve the queries – Extramarks is the best platform for solving queries. Learning and understanding the concepts and doubts will become easy for Class 3 students. The language of solutions is also simple so that the students can easily understand them. All the topics are accessible and convenient to study. It is one of the best advantages of NCERT English Class 3. 

One of the Most Important Questions of NCERT Solution Class 3 English 

Extramarks Class 3 solutions include textbook solutions for all students. One of the most essential questions is related to Marigold. These include activity-based questions. The students like to play games. So, they should download the free application and get the solutions. In addition to it, there are different chapters, including English Puppy and English Little by Little.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to make English preparation easy for Class 3 students?

Students in Class 3 are introduced to a lot of new English concepts, which can be overwhelming for them. One of the easiest ways to prepare for English is by referring to the NCERT Class 3 English solutions available on Extramarks.

2. What is the name of the Class 3 English textbook?

Students in Class 3 need to read Marigold, which is one of the most important books and also recommended to prepare for exams. The book is written in simple language to make it easy for students to understand. The book has all the chapters as well as solutions for questions, which have been prepared by subject matter experts.