NCERT Solutions Class 6 Social Science

Students can score high in the examination if they practise the questions on a regular basis. Consistency is the key. It can help the candidates to learn basic and advanced concepts. NCERT Solutions can help the students to analyse the questions properly. They can get an idea about the type of questions asked in the examination. The NCERT curriculum for class 6 Social Science is divided into various subjects such as Civics, History and Geography. The website of Extramarks will provide the students with detailed solutions for the CBSE class 6 SST syllabus. Applicants can easily perform well in the examination if they properly refer to the solutions provided by the website.


Candidates can access the NCERT solutions for class 6 easily on Extramarks. The detailed chapter side solutions for Class 6 Social Science are available and designed by expert educators from the country. Additionally, students should also note that the NCERT solutions for other subjects such as Hindi, English, Mathematics and Science are also available for preparation. 


Class 6 Social Science NCERT Textbook Solutions

Students can access the NCERT solutions for Class 6 Social Science on Extramarks. The NCERT solutions are prepared by experts, which means students will get accurate answers. Additionally, the NCERT Solutions for other subjects such as Mathematics, Science, etc. are also available to students on Extramarks. The detailed NCERT solutions will help the students to revise the entire syllabus properly so that they can perform well in the examinations. 


NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Books Available for 

Social Sciences is one of the most important subjects in the class 6 curriculum. Candidates should invest proper time in the preparation of this subject if they want to pass the 6th standard with flying colours. The subject is divided into three major parts. These parts are Geography, Civics and History. Separate books are available for each part to avoid any confusion. Students should note that every subject is very important. The different books on the subject are Social and Political Life, History Our Past and the Earth our habitat. Every subject is equally important in the curriculum as Class 6 will make the base for the student’s future. The concepts taught in the curriculum will form the foundation for candidates. If applicants will understand how to write answers and the type of questions asked in the examination they will score good marks in the examination. 

NCERT Solutions For Class 6 SST

Students of Class 6 can refer to the NCERT Solutions on Extramarks. They can click the link for respective chapters in History, Geography and Civics. 

CBSE Social Science Class 6: History

Chapter 1: What, Where, How and When 

Chapter 2: On The Trail Of The Earliest People

Chapter 3: From Gathering To Growing Food

Chapter 4: In the Earliest Cities

Chapter 5: What Books and Burials Tell Us?

Chapter 6: Kingdoms Kings and the Early Republic

Chapter 7: New Question and Ideas

Chapter 8: Asoka, The Emperor Who Gave Up War

Chapter 9: Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

Chapter 10: Traders, Kings and Pilgrims

Chapter 11: New Empires and Kingdoms

Chapter 12: Buildings, Paintings and Books

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Social Science Geography

Chapter 1: The Earth in the Solar System

Chapter 2: Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes

Chapter 3: Motions of the Earth

Chapter 4: Maps

Chapter 5: Major Domains of the Earth

Chapter 6: Major Landforms of the Earth

Chapter 7: Our Country – India

Chapter 8: India: Climate, Wildlife and Vegetation

NCERT Solution for Class 6 Social Science Civics – Social and Political Life – I


Extramarks, Where Learning is Easy and Fun

Extramarks provides students with the NCERT solutions for all three segments. The NCERT solutions are crisp and well written. If candidates are reading the solutions properly they can strengthen their understanding of the chapters. Proper preparation through NCERT solutions will help the students to write the answers in a better manner. All the solutions are designed by the experts and written in the exact manner as expected by the examiners in the NCERT board. Students interested in the subject SST can get the best guides through the website if they want to score well in the examination. 


Benefits of using NCERT Class 6 Social Science 

The major benefits of referring Extramarks for class 6 Social Science are mentioned below. 

  • Students can strengthen their concepts if they refer to the NCERT solutions given by the website. 
  • Candidates can refer to the solutions as they are created according to the NCERT syllabus. Additionally, they will get to know about the important topics for the examination. 
  • Solving the solutions properly will provide the candidates with a question bank through which they can prepare for the examinations. 
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is a democratic government?

A democratic government is defined as that form in which the rulers are elected by the citizens of the country. The people of a particular country play a major role in choosing the government. The decisions of the people are practised directly by the elected representatives. Elections are held after a certain period for the people so that they can choose the government.

2. What are the chapters in Civics class 6?

The major chapters included in Civics class 6 are mentioned below. They are as follows:

  • Urban Livelihoods
  • Rural Livelihoods
  • Urban Administration
  • Rural Administration
  • Panchayati Raj
  • Key Elements of a Democratic Government
  • What is Government
  • Diversity and Discrimination
  • Understanding Diversity