CBSE Sample Question Papers For Class 10

CBSE Sample Paper 2022-23 Class 10 with Solutions

The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) is counted among significant education boards in India. All CBSE students have to agree to the fact that Class 10 is one of the important milestones in a student’s academic life. And if a student aims to achieve success in the Class 10 exams, sample papers are an absolute necessity. CBSE Sample Papers 2022 will give them a rough idea about the questions that might be asked in the final exams.

Sample Paper Class 10 2022-23 with Solutions –  All subjects

Sample papers help students with practising the questions and increasing their problem-solving speed for the Class 10 board exam. It is important in these time-bound tests that students solve all the questions correctly and quickly and hence all these sample papers help students score better than they would without any practice.

All study and no tests are definitely not the way to go about an exam. Being prepared also comes with the aspect of being time-bound. An essential aspect is being time-bound and solving the problems as quickly as possible. Answering the questions as fast as possible. Because attempting all the questions is important. However, attempting questions with a lot of mistakes is worse. Attempting fast and correct questions is the way to score good marks in class 10. Past years’ NCERT important questions and sample papers help with the same and help you glide through the final exams without much thought. 

Marking Scheme for CBSE Class 10 Term 1 & 2

The best way to solve sample question papers is to not leave any question unanswered. This helps to build up the time required to solve or write the answers according to the question. Also, finishing 30 to 15 minutes earlier than the allotted time helps as those last minutes can be used for a revision. 

The board decides the marking scheme of CBSE papers and all schools must adhere to that strictly. 

Mathematics Term 1

Unit Marks 
Number system 6
Algebra 10
Coordinate geometry 6
Geometry  6
Trigonometry 5
Mensuration 4
Statistics and probability 3
Total theory 40
Internal 10
Total 50

Mathematics Term 2 

Unit Marks 
Algebra 10
Geometry 9
Trigonometry 7
Mensuration 6
Statistics and probability 8
Total theory 40
Internal 10
Total 50

Science Term 1

Chapter Marks
Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour (Chapter 1, 2, and 3) 16
World of Living (Chapter 6) 10
Natural Phenomena (Chapter 10 & 11) 14
Total 40
Internal Assessment -Term I 10
Total 50

Science Term 2

Chapters Marks
Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour: Chapter 4 and 5 10
World of Living: Chapters 8 and 9 13
Effects of Current: Chapter 12 and 13 12
Natural Resources: Chapter 15 05
Total 40
Internal Assessment -Term II 10
Total 50

Social sciences Term 1

Unit No of Periods Marks
India and the Contemporary World -II 12 10
Contemporary India –II 16 10
Democratic Politics –II 14 10
Economics 20 10
Total 62 40

Social Sciences Term 2 

Units No. of Periods Marks
India and the Contemporary World -II 34 10
Contemporary India – II 19 10
Democratic Politics – II 14 10
Economics 22 10
Total 89 40

Hindi Term 1

क्रमांक विषयवस्तु कुल अंक
1 अपठित गद्यांश एवं काव्यांश 10
2 व्याकरण 16
3 पाठ्यपुस्तक क्षितिज भाग – 2 14
कुल 40
आंतरिक मूल्यांकन 10
कुल योग 50

Hindi Term 2

क्रमांक विषयवस्तु कुल अंक
1 पाठ्यपुस्तक क्षितिज भाग – 2 एवं पूरक पाठ्यपुस्तक कृतिका भाग – 2 20
2 लेखन 20
कुल 40
आंतरिक मूल्यांकन 10
कुल योग 50

English Term 1

Section Topics Marks
A Reading 10
B Writing and Grammar 10
C Literature 20
  Total 40
  Internal Assessment 10
  Grand Total 50

English Term 2

Section Topics Marks
A Reading 10
B Writing and Grammar 10
C Literature 20
  Total 40
  Internal Assessment 10
  Grand Total 50

Class 10 CBSE Sample Papers 2022

Solving as many sample papers as possible is of great help to the students. Solving CBSE board curated question banks can help students ace the final exams with flying colours. So here we have sample papers for each subject on our website.

English Sample Paper: Solving an English paper requires thorough knowledge of the textbook for quickly answering the questions of the unseen passages and requires regular practice of grammar. Alongside this, students require practice writing composition so that they can finish the paper within the given stipulated time. The main challenge of English papers is time management.

Mathematics Sample Paper: Mathematics has questions that may be tricky to solve and one question may have multiple answers sometimes. Also, there are chances when students have to prove something within the given time. However if one practises enough, one can score full marks in mathematics and solving the problems will be easy. The main challenge in the Mathematics paper is problem-solving and time management

Social Science Sample Paper: This is an extensive paper that tests the retention abilities of a student. Learning all the facts and answering the questions accordingly is a huge task. It can also prove to be challenging when the time comes into this equation. So solve as many sample papers on this subject to manage time as efficiently as possible. These papers follow a basic pattern so solving old sample papers will help a lot and improve the style of writing. 

Hindi Sample Paper: The language that confuses students with its difficult grammar and spelling. Imagine doing all of this within a given amount of time. Solving a Hindi paper requires correct retention of rules of grammar and a thorough knowledge of the textbook for the passages. Also one must be very careful about the spelling of the words. Solving a Hindi paper within the given time is very important but evaluating it is way more important. The challenge of this paper is the correct application of the retained knowledge with time management.

Science Sample Paper: Extensive knowledge of nature along with problem-solving. That is this subject. One of the most crucial subjects of the syllabus is this. It is crucial because it is easy to score nearly full marks in science given that there is enough practice and correctly applied knowledge. Science papers after solving must be thoroughly evaluated to correct the mistake that one might have made during practice. It is advisable to go through the theory as many times as possible and make a note of every single point possible. Also, it is advisable to label the diagrams if diagrams are applicable. 

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 – Download Last Year’s Sample Paper

Solving sample papers of class 10 of different years is very important for the student to ace the final exams. You can find all the sample papers on the website of Extramarks. You can give it a look.

CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper Term 1 – Overview

In term 1, a lot of important chapters are taught and we can get a basic idea of the time limit provided and how the final exams will be conducted. So the preparation must be there for term 1 as well. It will definitely be beneficial if we have some preparation for the same. Given the fact that we have some idea about the distribution of marks, attempting the paper will be a piece of cake. We know which chapters we must focus on according to the distribution of marks or importance in the exams. Why is it important to take note of the same? Because the distribution of marks can help us have a clear idea of how much time one must focus on each chapter of each subject.

CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers – All Subjects Overview

According to the CBSE, the core subjects that a student applies for exams in the tenth class are two papers in English, two papers in Hindi, one paper in Science, one in Mathematics ( that are decided in two levels) and Social Science. So getting a basic outline through sample tests will be beneficial to students. 

Acing class 10 is not that difficult if students have proper planning. As a wise person said if you fail to plan you plan to fail, use it as your motto. Know your textbooks thoroughly. Use sample papers as a guide.

Advantages of Solving CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers

CBSE sample paper 2021 class 10 provides us with the required practice in the tests. And the importance of grade 10 cannot be denied. Honestly, this is one of the grades wherein a student is told to make a very important decision. A student’s future definitely does not lie in the marks alone, but a good score is always desirable for a more secure future. Also, class 10 is the last grade wherein a student has to study a lot of subjects from different domains. So this grade lays a foundation for all the knowledge that will lie on these fundamental topics. So diligent practise will not only help students understand the topics but will also help them retain them. Also, why not use something that is absolutely free provided by the board? Also fear of exams is a legit fear. With the last two years of not so conclusive understanding because of the difficult times, it can be a legitimate fear amongst students. Sample papers remove that problem when we are solving papers that resemble the final one. So visit the official website to download the sample papers and practice to your heart’s desire.

Confidence during exams, self-evaluation, appropriate review and revision of concepts and notes is always the plan to go for grade 10 final exams. 

The Extramarks Learning Advantage for Class 10 Preparation

Whenever solving papers, students may come across doubts. But with no assistance, the doubts are never solved. Tuitions can get expensive and very inaccessible at times. But with extramarks, that is not the case. Help is available all time all at a much lower cost. Not only that, we have the solutions to those sample papers and more. We have conclusive lectures for students of all types that need help and can receive it anytime. 

Extramarks will help you with free papers, free lecture guidance and free tests. 

A lot of the time, the tests that we attend do not feel enough. Extramarks will also provide free tests with key points that will help you evaluate. Log into Extramarks to get the benefits as soon as possible.

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 10 – Conclusive Highlights

Class 10 is an important grade in our academic years. This is the last year that students have to study subjects from most domains. Also, this is the grade wherein they will face the first exams conducted by a board of teachers and the first time that the papers will be evaluated by a board. In Grade 10, students can score well by practising sample papers. Knowing, understanding, solving and evaluating can be done best with a constant stream of questions that a student will solve if they constantly solve the sample question papers. Most importantly the fear of exams will reduce 

significantly if the sample question papers are solved without leaving any options. 

Students of class 10 must focus a lot on the core subjects of English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science and must solve the sample question papers of the same. The boards provide many other subjects for a varied range of students. One can download the question papers and the marking scheme from the website according to your subjects.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Has CBSE released a sample paper for 2022?

Yes, the papers for 2022 are released. Just check and select the ones that you are studying in your school and you will appear for. Download the papers for easy access and study anytime anywhere.

2. How can I download the CBSE sample paper?

This can be done through the official CBSE board website. All the sample questions are stored in this repository. Just click on the tab SQP and you will get all the sample question papers. They even have question papers from past years so students can get an idea of the basics of their exams. Past years’ sample papers help us get a basic pattern of the questions asked on the board to help the student have a stronger preparation.

3. When will CBSE release the sample paper for class 10 2022?

They have released the sample papers. You can check them on the official website or check them on our website for free.