NCERT Solutions Class 7 Hindi

Hindi literature is a vast and complex subject. Sanskrit has a significant influence on Hindi, as it is the language that founded it. Poems and stories about bravery and adventures are both appealing and impressive.

Hindi is important in our country since it is spoken in almost every state and can easily be utilised to communicate with people from other cultures and states. Hindi has a rich cultural past, with some of the world’s best works produced in this language. The Hindi language, which uses the Devanagiri alphabet, is a mix of ancient and modern terminology that works well in ordinary conversation.

Through their Hindi novels, several outstanding authors and poets have conveyed wonderful information and ideas. To read and learn from these writings, one must be able to comprehend the language and have a decent command of it. The NCERT Hindi syllabus books are one of the greatest venues to learn the chapters and improve their linguistic skills. Students can visit Extramarks website and get NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi. 

Hindi NCERT Solutions for Class 7

Bal Mahabharat Katha, Durva and Vasant are the three works which are a part of CBSE Hindi curriculum. These books are well-designed to be studied by students of class 7th. These books were put together to give students a sample of Hindi literature.

One of the  three textbooks for Class 7 is NCERT Hindi Mahabharat Katha. Mahabharat is one of two great Hindu epics, the other being the Ramayana and is the longest epic in the world. Everyone in this country would benefit enormously by reading and understanding these excellent legends and tales. Even today, it continues to inspire people throughout the world. The many characters in the epic may be understood with this textbook. Students will benefit immensely if they read not just from the textbook but also from other reference sources in order to grasp all of the story’s hidden meanings and references.

The second book recommended by the board is NCERT Hindi Vasant for Class 7. This book contains a compilation of essays, tales, and literary works by a number of well-known authors. The chapters in this book will help pupils fall in love with the language as they gradually learn the deeper meanings of each chapter because the chosen narratives not only arouse the students’ curiosity but also encourage them to think and allow their imaginations to run wild, which is the main purpose of any language.

This book has 20 chapters, each one of them equally essential. It is also necessary to ensure that the underlying implications of the chapters are understood. This is when Extramarks NCERT Class 7 Solutions come in handy.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi offer complete and exact answers to all  the questions from the textbook Mahabharat. Moreover, on Extramarks website, you can find detailed answers to the questions in the supplementary book Vasant. Our subject-matter experts have  diligently created these solutions to provide you with the most standard answers. Students can click the link below and access NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi. 

Why is Extramarks the Most Preferred Website?

Extramarks provides free study resources created by subject matter experts for all the students. It also offers outstanding academic assistance to students. Besides this, it provides interactive videos and quizzes to help students to learn these intriguing topics and goes beyond the textbooks. It regularly updates the syllabus, study materials, revision notes, guides, past question papers, etc on the website. Also, NCERT solutions for Class 7 are available on Extramarks. The subject matter experts at Extramarks prepare the solutions for students. 

The Hindi syllabus is extensive. Hence, the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi on Extramarks will help you complete it within the allotted time. The solutions to the NCERT Hindi book for Class 7 allow students to participate, identify difficulties and solve them. The more you practise, the more confidence you get, and the study material properly prepares you ahead of the examination. 

This NCERT Solutions set on Extramarks focuses not only on the precise understanding of each term, but also assists with module answers in order to prepare students for any tests. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many Hindi books are there for CBSE Class 7?

NCERT has approved three textbooks. The Hindi syllabus, according to the NCERT board, consists of three books: Mahabharat, Durva and Vasant. Extramarks Solutions for NCERT Class 7 Hindi covers these textbooks in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. The NCERT Solutions can be referred to by students in order to access the question-answers required for practice and revision. It will prepare students how to compose appropriate responses in a simple, easy-to-remember style.

2. What are the advantages of using model papers of Hindi?

The examiner might give you a grade in Hindi literature depending on the quality of your responses. To support such a feature, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has developed model answers and criteria that differ across examiners. On the exam, every student who follows that response model will definitely get a  better score. The examples of questions and answers in the NCERT Solutions for the Class 7 Hindi book Vasant are built using those model answers. Students can learn how to write improvised responses by following such models without much difficulty. If students practice according to the guidelines provided by these subject matter experts,  they are bound to excel in their exams.