CBSE Important Questions Class 11

Important Questions for CBSE Class 11

Class 11 is a crucial year for high school students as it lays the groundwork for all of the major topics that will be covered in the Class 12th examination. In terms of course material, Class 11 is vastly different from what you have studied in the previous years. While there are a lot of preparation strategies that you need to follow, an important step that students can’t miss is referring to the important questions. However, the difficulty level of class 11th will become apparent to you sooner or later. 

Important questions for class 11 courses may be found here for students. Students may get the crucial questions from all chapters by selecting the relevant topic page.

CBSE Class 11 Important Questions for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology 

Students can find the relevant problems for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology on the Extramarks and practice questions from all chapters. The questions are all prepared in accordance with the most recent CBSE board syllabus and are updated each academic year. After finishing each chapter, students need to make it a habit to practice the relevant questions to understand the type of questions included in an exam.  

As a result, it is advised that practising past question papers is the most crucial factor in preparing for the test. Students are sometimes worried about how to study for the examination. As a result, before attempting to solve the class 11 previous year question papers, students must review the entire curriculum. This would not only increase their ability to solve the toughest questions but will also improve their preparation.

Important Questions for CBSE Class 11 

At Extramarks, we offer the relevant study materials to assist students to do better in their exams. Further, the questions are created by experienced teachers keeping in mind the most recent academic curriculum in mind. Students can get an idea about the significant questions to prepare for the exams with ease.  

The relevant questions available on Extramarks are highlighted so that students may concentrate more on them. Solving the question papers will help students ace their preparation for the exam. Important Class 11 questions and answers are provided for topics in the main scientific disciplines.

Some of the questions are mentioned here. 


  1. Explain the SI unit of solid angle. 
  2. What does the free path mean?
  3. Planet X is measured to have an angular diameter of 35.72′′ when it is 824.7 million kilometres away from Earth. Determine its diameter.
  4. What is the factor on which the coefficient of friction is dependent?
  5. What causes the centripetal force in a car turning on a flat road?
  6. Does the Archimedes principle apply to a free-falling vessel?
  7. Water rises in a capillary tube, but mercury sinks. Why?
  8. Determine the dimensions of the viscosity coefficient.
  9. Why is it not feasible to have a temperature lower than absolute zero?


  1. State the differences between the following terms – solids, liquids, and gases? 
  2. State the meaning of the e/m ratio of an electron. 
  3. What is the foundation of element triad formation?
  4. In a nutshell, describe the characteristics of the seven periods.
  5. Which electrical configuration is associated with a group of components?
  6. What exactly is physical equilibrium? Please provide an example.
  7. What effect does dilution with water have on the pH of a buffer solution?
  8. What happens to water’s boiling point at high altitude?
  9. What accounts for geometrical isomerism in alkenes?
  10. What exactly are nucleophiles?


  1. Which plant group is said to be the earliest terrestrial plant? Why?
  2. Distinguish between a tendon and a ligament.
  3. In terms of skin, what is the difference between the classes Amphibia and Reptilia?
  4. At what stage of meiosis does genetic material cross over?
  5. Why is mitosis referred to as equational division?
  6. List the five major categories of natural plant growth regulators. Write a remark on any of them, including their discovery, physiological functions, and agricultural/horticultural uses.

Business Studies 

  1. State two objectives of private sector enterprises?
  2. Describe some unique features of public private partnership?
  3. Identify the economic activity that needs expert knowledge.
  4. Why is insurance referred to as a tertiary industry?
  5. What are the four main goals of a business?
  6. What sort of share capital is also known as “Risk Capital”? This word refers to the acquisition and conservation of capital funds in order to satisfy the financial demands of a corporation.


  1. What was the average life expectancy in British India, and what is it now?
  2. Explain the importance of GDP to a country.
  3. What are the different types of direct taxes?
  4. Explain the concept of privatisation.
  5. Explain the terminology – OJT.
  6. What are the three main contrasts between physical and human capital?
  7. What exactly do you mean by non-renewable resources?
  8. Is the dark soil of the Deccan Plateau particularly suited to which crop cultivation?

Important Questions for Class 11 CBSE Board

There are numerous benefits of referring to CBSE Class 11 important questions with answers. Students can access the question papers whenever needed as these are available on the Extramarks. The question papers will assist students in matching the most frequently asked questions in examinations so that they just do not struggle with the content.

The NCERT important questions for Class 11 for the CBSE board are a foolproof method of learning what is important from each chapter. The NCERT determines the syllabus at the start of each entire academic year, and we make certain that all of the question sets we upload are up to date. 

Benefits of Solving Important Questions

While practising these important questions, students can gain the following benefits:

  • Students can improve their abilities by answering important questions.
  • Students become familiar with the level of difficulty of the questions as well as the manner in which questions can be asked in the exam.
  • Students will gain the ability to handle any form of exam
  • Solving different types of questions for each chapter will result in improved problem-solving abilities.
  • Students’ confidence will increase as they practice questions.
  • Exercising important questions will provide students with a general understanding of the important topics from which the exam questions can be structured.

The Extramarks Edge

Pursuing Extramarks’ online classes will give you an advantage in your exams. Trying to clear your doubts with our knowledgeable tutors will provide you with all the understanding you need for your exams. Our teachers can create a schedule that works for you, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night. Parents can also stay up to date on their child’s progress by communicating with the teacher. In addition to this, students can access CBSE 11th syllabus, study material, past question papers, revision material, etc from the website. 

Why Get and Practice the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics Important Questions?

You should first recognise that Class 11 questions have been specially designed by experts to assist you in learning and preparing for the chapters. These important questions are intended to help you fully comprehend the chapters and topics in simple terms by using questions and their answers. The following are some of the benefits of solving important questions Class 11:

  • Exam stress – Once you’ve practised the important questions, you’ll realise you’ve covered almost all of the important topics and chapters. Exam stress will be reduced, and you will feel more confident. This will enable you to be more comfortable knowing in your preparation, and you will ultimately be less afraid.
  • Revision – For important questions in Class 11 as well as other subjects, you can organise them and keep separate notes for them. Revision is an important part of the preparation process, and you can use these important questions to help you modify at the last minute. These crucial question notes will prove useful as you revise. By going through them, you can cover the entire chapter. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is 11th grade Mathematics tough?

Yes, Mathematics in 11th grade is tricky, but it all depends on how you approach the subject. Mathematics is all about practice, practise, and more practice. The more you practise, the easier it will become to solve the question paper.

2. What are the important topics in class 11?

The important topics to focus on  in class 11 are as follows :

  • Work, Energy, and Power
  • Thermal Properties of Matter
  • Rotational Motion
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetic Theory
  • Gravitation
  • Laws of Motion
  • Waves