JEE Main Revision Notes 2023

JEE Main 2023 Revision Notes

JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) Main is one of the most competitive exams in the country. JEE demands a lot of hard work, dedication, and constant revision of the previously studied concepts.  

Considering the competitive nature of the exam, experts advise doing a lot of practice to master each subject and all chapters. The experts at Extramarks have decades of experience in JEE preparation. We have formulated some of the best practices for revising before the exams. This article covers all details you would like to know about JEE Main revision. Candidates can get access to subject-wise JEE Main revision notes from the sections given below. Extramarks also provides JEE Advanced revision notes for candidates preparing for JEE Advanced. 

Many more resources are available on Extramarks for candidates to prepare for the next level. These resources include – JEE Main sample papers, JEE Advanced question papers, JEE Main question papers, JEE Main mock tests, and solutions from the last many years’ question papers. 

JEE Introduction to the Exam

Every engineering aspirant prepares for around two years to score well in the JEE Main examination. The JEE Main exam is held by the National Testing Agency and helps get admission to candidates for B. Tech or B. Arch courses in IIITs, NIT, and other CFTIs. Many students take the exam every year, making it one of the country’s toughest and most competitive exams. 

JEE Main has two different papers depending on the student’s branch. Engineering aspirants opt for Paper 1, while architecture aspirants opt for Paper 2. 

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JEE Main Revision Notes with Solutions 2023 – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

The JEE Main syllabus is broad, and memorizing these topics for two years can prove to be challenging. To help students, Extramarks has prepared revision notes that candidates can be accessed for free from our website. These notes include questions, topic revision, and tips to solve different problems. Along with the questions, there are concise theory points on essential topics. 

Extramarks provides revision notes for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics which are drafted by our top academic experts. The last-minute revision notes for JEE Mains contain formulas, theories, concepts, and approaches to problems requiring critical thinking. 

These notes will help candidates grasp previously prepared concepts and revise them efficiently. The JEE Mains quick revision notes will benefit both JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams. 

JEE Main Revision Notes for Physics

Experts rate Physics as the most difficult section in JEE Main. After analyzing various question papers, experts have concluded that candidates find the Physics section difficult due to the lack of practice with numerical questions. Numerical questions in Physics are vital to understanding the concept. Candidates are advised to solve a more significant number of questions to maximize their score in JEE Main. Extramarks provides candidates with JEE Main revision notes containing numerical from different chapters and tips and tricks to crack Physics. 

Candidates can also follow the points to enhance their Physics preparation:

  • Abundant solving of JEE Main problems of varying difficulty levels is highly recommended.
  • Candidates can use the JEE Main revision notes provided by Extramarks for quick revision of topics at the end of each day.
  • Candidates are also advised to make their notebooks containing formulae for revision.
  • Books containing chapter-wise problems for Physics are available. Candidates can purchase and solve these problems daily in a separate notebook. 

JEE Main Revision Notes for Mathematics

The JEE Main Mathematics section is considered to be neither easy nor challenging. Most candidates can solve Mathematics questions with practice and formula memorization. Knowing the correct formula and using it correctly is the key to scoring in JEE’s Mathematics. Extramarks has created last-minute revision notes for JEE Main containing all the necessary formulae. 

Candidates can also follow the tips given below to enhance their Mathematics preparation:

  • Constant practice of numerical problems is of utmost importance while preparing for JEE Main Mathematics. 
  • Mathematics is a scoring subject if candidates are familiar with the formulae. Therefore, candidates are advised to work on their accuracy.
  • Memorizing the formula much before the exam and preparing quick revision notes will prove helpful for the candidate and improve time management during the exam.
  • Avoid using calculators while practicing questions at home. 

JEE Main Revision Notes for Chemistry

The JEE Main Chemistry section is considered the easiest of the three sections. The majority of the problems asked in the Chemistry section are concept-based and need basic and direct formulas. 

Candidates can follow the below tips to get the boost for their JEE Chemistry preparation:

  • Class 11 and Class 12 NCERT books are vital for Chemistry JEE Main. Thoroughly prepare and revise from NCERT books. Try understanding the basic concepts instead of just memorizing them.
  • Create short revision notes or refer to our JEE Main revision notes for Chemistry chapters.
  • Do not skip numerical-oriented topics such as Chemical Kinetics. Numerical problems help in scoring better marks. 

Candidates can study the concept from NCERT books and revise the concepts from the JEE Main revision notes provided by Extramarks. The revision notes for JEE Main will contain important facts, exceptions for each case, and each chapter’s basic formulae.

Benefits of JEE Notes for Success in Exams

  • The JEE Main revision notes provided by Extramarks will save a lot of time for students in their revision process. The revision notes are designed to understand the points easily and can effectively memorize the concepts.
  • The JEE Main revision notes contain valuable tips and tricks so that candidates can easily solve the questions during the exam. 
  • The revision notes contain an accurate pictorial representation of different chapters helping candidates grasp the topics easily. 
  • The JEE Main revision notes are prepared to keep in mind both NCERT and the material provided by Extramarks to cover all the topics and enhance JEE Main preparation.
  • The revision notes cover everything related to a topic. They contain fundamental topics, questions, approaches, and strategies to different questions. They help to train the candidate to solve critical thinking questions, and a conceptual approach asked in the JEE exam. 
  • As the JEE Main exam dates approach, candidates often tend to get stressed. The only way to avoid this stress is to be clear with all the concepts by using the JEE Main revision notes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Explain the importance of Extramarks revision notes?

The JEE Main revision notes provided by Extramarks are handy for candidates while preparing for the JEE Main examination. The JEE Main revision notes contain concise explanations of topics and topic wise numerical of varying difficulty.

2. When is the best time to start preparing for JEE Exams?

The JEE Main examination is one that millions of candidates aspire to crack in order to get admitted into their dream engineering college. This makes the exam very competitive. The exam also has a vast syllabus spanning class 11 and class 12. The best time for candidates to commence their JEE Main preparation is class 11. This will give candidates over two years to master the concepts and get accustomed to the JEE Main mode of questions.

3. What does the JEE revision notes comprise?

The JEE Main revision notes contain notes, problems, tips and tricks formulated by the leading experts at Extramarks. The JEE Main revision notes will help candidates attempt the questions quickly, assisting candidates in time management during the exam. The revision notes are available for free on the Extramarks website for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects.