JEE Advanced 2017 Paper

About JEE Exam

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is a national level (All-India) Entrance Examination for students seeking admission into IIITs, NITs, and government-aided engineering institutes around the country. JEE has two stages – Main and Advanced. Only students who qualify JEE Main are eligible to appear for JEE Advanced.

JEE Advanced is one of the toughest exams, for which students need to prepare well in advance. Those who score a good All India Rank (AIR) in Advanced get admission into IITs. To crack JEE Advanced, it is important to refer to the right study material. But that’s not all because students also need to solve the past years’ question papers to ace their preparation. Solving past years’ question papers will give an idea about the examination pattern, difficulty level, and the approximate time taken to complete the paper. JEE Advanced is well-known for assessing a candidate’s critical thinking skills. It hardly contains any direct question from the NCERT books. The questions are tricky and twisted to assess a candidate’s cognitive process.

JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

Students appearing for the JEE Advanced examination should not miss solving the past JEE Advanced Question Papers. This should also be a part of their preparation journey. To make it simple for students, Extramarks has past JEE Advanced Question Papers along with their solutions and answer keys on its website. These question papers along with the answer key can be found on the website. Students can solve these papers and understand the topics or subjects wherein they have to put in more effort. Students can access the JEE Advanced 2017 Question paper from Extramarks website. They can download and practise it. Later, they can tally it with the answer key as well. 

How to Download JEE Advanced Question Paper 2017 with Solutions for Paper-1 and Paper-2

On the Extramarks website, students will be able to access and download the question papers and the solution of the question paper. To obtain the question paper an individual must login on the official website. There are two papers – Paper 1 and Paper 2. Both the past question papers and their answer key is available on the official website of Extramarks. Candidates can conveniently practise JEE Advanced Mock Tests and get a feel of the real JEE Examination. The JEE Advanced Sample Papers included in practice sessions will help students get an edge over other candidates. The more they practise and solve the question papers, the more they will gain clarity and understanding of the concepts. 

There were 10 sets (Code 0 to 9) in the JEE Advanced 2017 examination. Every set was further divided into three sections i.e. Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The exam pattern was quite in parity with the JEE Advanced 2016 question paper. 

JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper-1 with Solutions

The JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper 1 is available on Extramarks website. The past question papers are very helpful for the JEE Final Examination preparation. These help students in knowing the level of their preparation and give them an idea about the exam pattern and marking schemes. It will boost their confidence as they will keep solving and learning about their weak areas. Candidates can click on the link below and solve JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper-1.

JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper-2 with Solutions

Students appearing for JEE Examination can download JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper 2 and their solutions from Extramarks website. They can practice and solve them. This will give them confidence and help them gain conceptual understanding. The link for the question paper is given below:

Extramarks – JEE Crash Course

The JEE Crash Course by Extramarks is a short study or a short revision plan that covers all the important topics related to the JEE Advanced Examination and the JEE Main Examination. 

The Extramarks- JEE Crash Course includes-

  • Live study sessions that happen five times a week
  • Support from a mentor to every student
  • Proper amount of time for the students to prepare for their respective board examinations
  • Short tests every week
  • Recording and pre-available notes of each lecture
  • Study Module and Study material for the student’s practice
  • Doubt solving WhatsApp group
  • JEE patterned examination with full correction and discussion of the paper
  • Separate live doubt solving meetings
  • Assignments are given as homework to students after every test and lecture

JEE Advanced 2017 Past Year Question Paper in Free PDF Download Brings Many Advantages

  • Solving past JEE Advanced Question papers gives an upper hand to students. It helps the students become familiar with the paper pattern and get an idea of how the actual exam will be held
  • This boosts the morale and confidence of the students and provides a lot of advantages to the students
  • While solving the past examination papers and analysing the JEE Advanced 2017 answer key will improve the students’ strategy, accuracy, pace, mental process, and time management abilities
  • Students will encounter several significant ideas and difficult situations that are typically not covered in textbooks or study materials offered by coaching organizations. Finally, they will be able to take their preparations to the next level
  • These JEE Advanced question papers will allow students to review the complete syllabus quickly. It also gives students a basic sense of the main topics from the exam point of view, allowing them to understand the exam pattern

 Advantages of Using Extramarks

  • Extramarks provides live sessions and pre-recorded lectures
  • Studying becomes super easy with it being available in the English language as well as the Hindi language
  • Students are also provided with doubt solving sessions where they can raise their doubts regarding the topics and get them solved
  • Individuals receive all they require for each topic from the greatest professors to study and prepare for their tests
  • The study material for the student’s practice is phenomenal
  • A student can learn from his/ her home, and his/ her parents can also monitor the child’s progress
  • A student may take brief pauses in between lectures and learn at his/her speed while studying online. The stress of back-to-back lectures is tiring and prevents you from concentrating on one subject at a time. Extramarks, allows a student to solve the problem and learn the topic with better time management and less stress
  • Extramarks offers you a comprehensive performance report that highlights your weak areas, skills related to time management, chapter-by-chapter mastery, and much more

Preparation Tips for JEE Advanced

Preparation is a must for appearing and cracking the JEE Advanced examination. The following are some of the preparation tips which will help students in managing and cracking JEE Advanced exam: 

  1. Candidates should refer to the JEE Advanced Syllabus thoroughly. They should know about the latest marking scheme, question types and exam pattern. 
  2. Students should prepare JEE Advanced Mock Test and JEE Advanced Sample Papers to keep a check on their knowledge and conceptual understanding. 
  3. Candidates should work on strengthening their foundation of concepts. They should refer to the concepts on a daily basis. They should avoid mugging up. They should practise and understand the subjects well to perform well in the final exam. 
  4. JEE Advanced Examination is mainly inclined towards numerical form of questions. Hence, students should focus on developing analytical abilities to solve the questions.
  5. The JEE Advanced Syllabus can only be covered by proper planning. Students have to develop a well-planned schedule or routine that will help them in time management and enhance their speed while practising past question papers. 
  6. Include best books, preparation material, revision books, study notes, etc for learning. Students should also develop handwritten notes,which will give them more confidence while preparing for the examination. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the main purpose of giving JEE Advanced examination?

Students appear for JEE Advanced Examination to get admission in undergraduate programs in either Engineering, Architecture, or Science in one of the IITs i.e. Indian Institutes of Technology. The exam is also conducted by one of the 7 IITs.

2. How can I secure a good rank in the JEE Advanced Examination?

Students aspiring to get a good rank in JEE Advanced Examination can follow the below given instructions:

Prepare a set routine:

Developing a proper study plan to attempt well in the final JEE Advanced examination is essential. Therefore, students should strategize their study plan to cover the syllabus as early as possible. 

Practise past question papers:

Extramarks is the best platform to access and download past JEE Advanced Question Papers. The answer key is also available, which has been solved by the experts of Extramarks. 

Track Syllabus:

The JEE Advanced syllabus is lengthy. Hence, students should check every topic thoroughly. They should not miss studying any topic as it will ultimately hamper their final JEE Advanced examination performance.