ICSE Class 10 Question Papers

ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10

If there is an examination whose marks will be important for years down the line, they are ISC & ICSE. The Syllabus for each of these examinations is usually vast, demanding dedicated study and strategic preparation. This will ensure that you are able to score good marks for both of these examinations. However, once your self-study is done, there is another essential thing you need to do – revise your syllabus properly. 

A significant part of this revision process is all about practicing questions from previous years’ question papers. These can serve as ICSE revision notes, providing you with an understanding of the types of questions that are most likely to be asked, as well as the pattern, mark distribution, and other information. By preparing by using these questions, you should be able to ace the examination and score well. 

Previous Years Question Papers for Class 10

As critical an examination as ICSE Class 10 is, it can often be challenging to figure out the best way of preparing for the same. Thankfully, easy-to-access sample papers with ICSE class 10 question papers cover all such questions that have a high probability of appearing in the current year’s examination. Extramarks has gathered them all subject-wise into a single place for your convenience. Just click on the respective subject’s link, and you will be directed to the download page. Start revising your ICSE examination using these papers to boost your confidence and stand out from your peers. 

ICSE Previous Years Question Papers for Class 10 

With the help of ICSE previous years question papers class 10, you will be able to –

  • Stay on top of the most important questions from each chapter of each subject
  • Revise the syllabus in an effective manner, testing your knowledge and understanding in the process 
  • Identify key areas you may be facing a problem in and improve those weak spots accordingly 
  • Time yourself efficiently so as to increase your speed with each paper you solve 
  • Have greater confidence since a lot of questions do get repeated in  alternative years or the likes 

ICSE Class 10 Last 10 Years Question Paper Download 

While ICSE previous years’ question papers can significantly help you understand the pattern, mark distribution, and challenge level of the examination, finding the same can be difficult. Thankfully, you need not shuffle from one website to the other in search of FREE ICSE sample question papers

Extramarks brings to you all 10 years’ question paper ICSE free of cost. Besides the questions, you will also find the answers to each, solved and explained for your convenience. Once at least two rounds of syllabus revision are complete, start putting your knowledge into practice with these ICSE solutions

Your preparation for these papers should ideally begin two to three months before the final examination. That way, you will have sufficient time to improve your time-management skills, identify key problem areas, and work on them to ace the main papers. 

ICSE Last 10 Years Question Papers 

With Extramarks’ ICSE 10 years solved papers, you will have sufficient study materials needed to get a clear understanding of what the main examination will demand in terms of time management and quality of answers. With a better knowledge of the difficulty level set by the examination, these ICSE solutions in the form of previous year’s papers will help you assess your level of understanding of the concepts. 

Often, while working on these questions, students come across fresh doubts and problem areas they may have previously been unaware of. And when these doubts arise, you can get timely help from your professors or peers and be thoroughly prepared for the final examination. 

One important thing to remember is that there might be a change in the syllabus or the question paper pattern, especially if you fall too far behind with your previous year’s question papers class 10 ICSE. If such is the case, it is recommended that you skip those and focus on the ones included within the scope of the current syllabus. 

Finally, you do not need to wear yourself out in search of ICSE last 10 years’ question papers. We have compiled them all into easy-to-download formats. All you need to do is download them by clicking on the respective links. All of the papers are solved to help you track performance. The more of these papers that you solve before the big day, the more prepared you will feel for the examination, and the higher marks you can score. 

Preparation Tips 

  • Start studying topics from your syllabus every single day so as to avoid last-minute panic. This will also give you sufficient time for revision
  • Create a timetable where you list down all the subjects and break the schedule down to studying two subjects per day. You can set aside more time for more difficult subjects make sure to divide your studying hours in such a manner that you spare yourself time for relaxation in between. This time can be used for listening to music, preparing a healthy snack, or just taking a small walk
  • Plan your studies in such a way that you have at least two to three months before the exam day after revision. Yes, by this time, you should have revised your entire syllabus at least twice
  • Then comes the time to work on ICSE important questions in the form of previous years’ question papers
  • During the final two to three months, it’s better to step out of all social media platforms and focus thoroughly on acing the ICSE examination

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Ideally, when should I start solving ICSE class 10 question papers?

You should begin studying previous year’s ICSE question papers at least two to three months before the main exam.

2. What are the chances of this year’s question paper being similar to the previous year’s?

It’s important to understand that the ICSE class 10 question papers are just a rough estimate of the questions that might be asked in the current year’s examination. It’s better to not fall for assumptions but be thorough with the syllabus so that you are ready to answer any question that is asked.

3. Is it essential to solve the papers, or is simply skimming through them enough?

It is recommended that you solve the entire paper instead of simply going through it, as this will better help you assess your knowledge as well as time yourself efficiently. If you’re unable to solve every ICSE question paper from the previous years, try solving at least four to five sets for each subject. 

4. Will questions outside the syllabus also be asked?

ICSE is a student-friendly board. As such, questions are generally asked within the scope of the syllabus. Staying thorough with topics mentioned under the syllabus along with proper revision should help you score well.