NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 10 : Traders, Kings and Pilgrims


Why do you think ordinary people were attracted to Bhakti?


Ordinary people were attracted to the idea of the Bhakti because anybody, whether rich or poor, belonging to the so-called ‘high’ or ‘low’ castes, man or woman, could follow the path of Bhakti.


Discuss the reasons why the Chinese pilgrims came to India.


The Chinese pilgrims came to India to visit places associated with the life of the Buddha as well as famous monasteries.


What kinds of evidence do historians use to find out about trade and trade routes?


Historians use archaeological evidence to find out about trade and trade routes.


What were the main features of Bhakti?


(i) During the Bhakti period, the worship of certain deities such as Shiva, Vishnu, and goddesses such as Durga became a central feature of later Hinduism.

(ii) Bhakti, as an idea, became very popular at this time.

(iii) Bhakti is understood as a person’s devotion to his or her chosen deity; the followers of Bhakti emphasised devotion and individual worship of a god or goddess, rather than the performance of elaborate sacrifices.


Why did kings want to control the Silk Route?


Some kings wanted to control large portions of the Silk route so that they could benefit from taxes, tributes and gifts that were brought by traders who travelled along the route. In return, they protected the traders, who passed through their kingdoms from attacks by the robbers.


Match the following: Muvendar - Mahayana Buddhism Lords of the dakshinapatha - Buddhacharita Ashvaghosha- Satavahana rulers Bodhisattvas - Chinese pilgrim Xuan Zang - Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas


Muvendar -                    Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas                                                          

Lords of the dakshinapatha - Satavahana rulers

Ashvaghosha -              Buddhacharita

Bodhisattvas -              Mahayana Buddhism

Xuan Zang -                 Chinese pilgrim

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