NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 9 : Vital Villages, Thriving Towns


Which of the iron tools shown on page 79 would have been important for agriculture? What would the other tools have been used for?


The sickle would have been an important tool for agriculture. The axe would have been used to chop wood and to clear forests to expand cultivable lands. The tongs would have been used to hold objects by the ironsmiths while making tools.


List the crafts persons who would have been present in both villages and cities.


The crafts persons who would have been present in both villages and cities were carpenters, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, weavers, basket makers, and garland makers.


Describe the functions of the gramabhojaka. Why do you think he was powerful?


  1. In the northern part of the country, the village headman was known as the gramabhojaka.
  1. The gramabhojaka was often the largest landowner.
  1. He was powerful because the king used him to collect taxes from the village. He also acted as a judge and policeman in the village.


Compare the drainage system in your locality with that of the cities mentioned in the lesson. What similarities and differences do you notice?


1. The drainage system in present-day cities is underground. They are made up of concrete. It is connected to a drainage system.
2. In ancient cities, the drainage had a ring well system. The rows of pots or ceramic rings were arranged one on top of the other and had been used as toilets, drains, and garbage dumps.
3. Similarities:

          • Drainage system was/is found in each house.

          • Drainage system is a pipe-line like a structure, connecting drains from many individual houses

4. Differences:

          • Use of rings and pots, and vertical structure in ancient drainage system


Choose the correct answer:

a)Ring wells were used for:
2.washing clothes

b)Punch marked coins were made of:
1. silver
2. gold
3. tin
4. ivory

c)Mathura was an important:
1. village
2. port
3. religious centre
4. forested area

d)Shrenis were associations of:
1. rulers
2. crafts persons
3. farmers
4. herders


a) 4. Drainage
b) 1. silver
c) 3. religious centre
d) 2. crafts persons


Fill in the blanks:

(a) _____ was a word used for large landowners in Tamil.
(b) The gramabhojaka often got his land cultivated by the _____________.
(c) Ploughmen were known as _______ in Tamil.
(d) Most grihapatis were ______ landowners.


(a) Vellalar was a word used for large landowners in Tamil.
(b) The gramabhojaka often got his land cultivated by the slaves and hired-workers.
(c) Ploughmen were known as uzhavar in Tamil.
(d) Most grihapatis were smaller landowners.

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