NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 1 : What, Where, How and When?


What were the subjects on which books were written in the past? Which of these would you like to read?


(i) The books written in the past dealt with all kinds of subjects: religious beliefs and practices, the lives of kings, medicine, and science.

(ii) I would like to read (write your subject/ book's name).


Why do you think ordinary men and women did not generally keep records of what they did?


Ordinary people such as hunters, fishing folk, gatherers, farmers or herders did not keep records of what they did, because they spent their time and energy in obtaining food and earning their livelihood. They also could not read or write.


Make a list of all the objects that archaeologists may find. Which of these could be made of stone?


(i) Archaeologists study the remains of buildings made of stone and brick, paintings and sculpture. They excavate tools, weapons, pots, pans, ornaments and coins.

(ii) Some of these objects such as tools, weapons and sculpture were made of stone.


List one major difference between manuscripts and inscriptions.


Manuscripts were written by hand on palm leaf, or on the specially prepared bark of a tree known as the birch, whereas inscriptions are writings on hard surfaces such as stone or metal.


Find the word for crafts persons on page 1. List at least five different crafts that you know about today. Are the crafts persons —
(a) men
(b) women
(c) both men and women?


(i) The following are some of crafts being practiced, today. They are:

        (i) Clay crafts

        (ii) Stone work

       (iii) Wood crafts

       (iv) Textile crafts

       (v) Glass blowing

(ii) The crafts persons are both men and women.


Describe at least two ways in which you think the lives of kings would have been different from those of farmers.


(i)  Kings were the rulers of their territories with power over their people to collect tributes and taxes.

(ii) Unlike the lives of the farmers who would do laborious agricultural works, the kings enjoyed luxurious lives in their palaces, with special army to protect them from danger.


Return to Rasheeda’s question. Can you think of some answers to it?


(i) Rasheeda’s question was ‘how could anyone know what had happened so many years ago?’

(ii) There are several things we can find out about the past by studying the objects (or materials) the ancient people used in their daily activities. Those materials are obtained by archaeologists through archaeological excavations.

(iii) Archaeological excavations help us know the food culture of the ancient people, the kinds of clothes they wore, and the houses in which they lived.

(iv) By analyzing the ancient tools and weapons, we can find out about the lives of hunters, herders, farmers, rulers, merchants, priests, crafts persons, artists, musicians, and scientists.

(v) Through archaeological excavations, we can also find out about the games children played, the stories they heard, the plays they saw, the songs they sang.


Match the following: Narmada Valley - The first big kingdom Magadha - Hunting and gathering Garo hills - Cities about 2500 years ago Indus and its tributaries - Early agriculture Ganga Valley - The first cities


Narmada Valley                   – Hunting and gathering

Magadha                            – The first big kingdom

Garo hills                            – Early agriculture

Indus and its tributaries      – The first cities

Ganga Valley                    - Cities about 2500 years ago


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