NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science Chapter 10 : Respiration in Organisms


Why does an athlete breathe faster and deeper than usual after finishing the race?


The body of an athlete, who runs in a race, requires more oxygen. Therefore, his breathing rate increases so as to supply more oxygen to the body cells. This is why an athlete, after finishing the race, breathes deeper and faster than usual. 


The mountaineers carry oxygen with them because:
(a) At an altitude of more than 5 km there is no air.
(b) The amount of air available to a person is less than that available on the ground.
(c) The temperature of air is higher than that on the ground.
(d) The pressure of air is higher than that on the ground.


The mountaineers carry oxygen with them because: (b) The amount of air available to a person is less than that available on the ground.


Tick the correct answer:
(a) In cockroaches, air enters the body through
(i) lungs
(ii) gills
(iii) spiracles
(iv) skin

(b) During heavy exercise, we get cramps in the legs due to the accumulation of
(i) carbon dioxide
(ii) lactic acid
(iii) alcohol
(iv) water

(c) Normal range of breathing rate per minute in an average adult person at rest is:
(i) 9-12
(ii) 15-18
(iii) 21-24
(iv) 30-33

(d) During exhalation, the ribs
(i) move outwards
(ii) move downwards
(iii) move upwards
(iv) do not move at all


(a) In cockroaches, air enters the body through (iii) spiracles.
(b) During heavy exercise, we get cramps in the legs due to the accumulation of (ii) lactic acid.
(c) Normal range of breathing rate per minute in an average adult person at rest is: (ii) 15-18.
(d) During exhalation, the ribs (ii) move downwards.


Why do we often sneeze when we inhale a lot of dust-laden air?


We often sneeze on inhaling dust-laden air because dust particles get entangled in the hair present in the nostrils which irritate the nasal membrane and cause sneezing. Hair found in the nostrils prevents entry of dust particles into lungs and sneezing expels them from the nose, allowing only clean air to enter the lungs.


Match the items in Column I with those in Column II:
Column I Column II
(a) Yeast (i) Earthworm
(b) Diaphragm (ii) Gills
(c) Skin (iii) Alcohol
(d) Leaves (iv) Chest cavity
(e) Fish (v) Stomata
(f) Frog (vi) Lungs and skin
(vii) Tracheae


The correctly matched contents of Column I with Column II are as follows:

Column I

Column II

(a) Yeast

(iii) Alcohol

(b) Diaphragm

(iv) Chest cavity

(c) Skin

(i) Earthworm

(d) Leaves

(v) Stomata

(e) Fish

(ii) Gills

(f) Frog

(vi) Lungs and skin


Take three test-tubes. Fill ¾th of each with water. Label them A, B and C. Keep a snail in test-tube A, a water plant in test-tube B and in C, keep snail and plant both. Which test-tube would have the highest concentration of CO2?


All the organisms produce carbon dioxide and water as the final products of respiration.

Test tube A will have the highest concentration of CO2 because the snail kept in it produces carbon dioxide by the process of respiration. On the other hand, test tube B will have the least concentration of carbon dioxide among the three because the water plant performs photosynthesis during which carbon dioxide is utilised and oxygen is produced. In the test tube C, carbon dioxide produced by the snail and by the plant is used up in the process of photosynthesis performed by the plant.


List the similarities and differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.


Similarities between aerobic and anaerobic respiration are:

1. Energy is produced.

2. Carbon dioxide is released.

Differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration are:


Mark ‘T’ if the statement is true and ‘F’ if it is false:
(i) During heavy exercise the breathing rate of a person slows down. (T/F)
(ii) Plants carry out photosynthesis only during the day and respiration only at night. (T/F)
(iii) Frogs breathe through their skins as well as their lungs. (T/F)
(iv) The fishes have lungs for respiration. (T/F)
(v) The size of the chest cavity increases during inhalation. (T/F)


(i) False
(ii) False
(iii) True
(iv) False
(v) True

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