NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science Chapter 18 : Wastewater Story


Here is a crossword puzzle. Good luck!


3. Liquid waste products

4. Solid waste extracted in sewage treatment

6. A word related to hygiene

8. Waste matter discharged from human body


1. Used water

2. A pipe carrying sewage

5. Micro-organism which causes cholera

7. A chemical to disinfect water



Study the following statements about ozone:

(a) It is essential for breathing of living organisms.

(b) It is used to disinfect water.

(c) It absorbs ultraviolet rays.

(d) Its proportion in air is about 3%.

Which of these statements are correct?

(i) (a), (b) and (c)

(ii) (b) and (c)

(iii) (a) and (b)

(iv) All four


The correct option is option (ii).


Name two chemicals used to disinfect water.


Two chemicals used to disinfect water are chlorine and ozone.


Outline your role as an active citizen in relation to sanitation.


Our role as an active citizen should be in maintaining sanitation in neighbourhood and at public places. We can limit the type of waste and quantity of waste produced. For this every citizen should follow these steps.

  • Do not drop litter. Carry the litter to home if any dustbin is not found nearby.
  • Contribute and coordinate with government plans.
  • If drains are not covered, report it to municipality.
  • If the sewage of any particular house makes the neighbourhood dirty, request them to be more considerable about others health.


Explain the relationship between sanitation and disease.


Lack of sanitation may cause diseases. Large fraction of people defaecate in open, on dry river boards, railway tracks and many times directly in water. It results in pollution of water and many diseases. Diseases like typhoid, meningitis, hepatitis, dysentery, etc. are caused due to poor sanitation.


Explain the function of bar screens in a wastewater treatment plant.


In wastewater treatment plant bar screens are used to separate large objects like rags, plastic packets, napkins, etc. by passing water through them.


What is sludge? Explain how it is treated.


Semi-solid wastes such as faeces that settle down at the bottom during wastewater treatment are called sludge. Sludge is removed with a scraper. The sludge is then transferred to a separate tank where it is decomposed by the anaerobic bacteria. In this process biogas is produced.

The biogas produced can be used as a fuel or can be used to produce electricity.


Why should oils and fats be not released in the drain? Explain.


Oils and fats should not be released in the drain because they can harden and block the pipes. In an open drain the fats clog the soil pores which affect its water filtering efficiency. Therefore, oils and fats should be thrown in dustbins.


Fill in the blanks: (a) Cleaning of water is a process of removing _________. (b) Wastewater released by houses is called _________. (c) Dried _________ is used as manure. (d) Drains get blocked by _________ and _________.


(a) Cleaning of water is a process of removing pollutants.

(b) Wastewater released by houses is called sewage.

(c) Dried sludge is used as manure.

(d) Drains get blocked by cooking oil and fats.


Untreated human excreta is a health hazard. Explain.


Untreated human excreta is a health hazard because it pollutes soil and water. Both the surface water and ground water gets polluted. Due to contamination of ground water, various water bodies such as wells, tube wells, ponds, etc. also get contaminated as ground water is the source of water for them. When water from these contaminated sources is used for domestic purposes, it may cause several water borne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, meningitis, etc.


Describe the steps involved in getting clarified water from wastewater.


Steps involved in getting clarified water from wastewater are as follows:

  1. Wastewater is passed through bar screens. Large objects like rags, plastic packets and napkins are separated by passing water through bar screens.
  2. Water is then passed through grit and sand removal tank. Here, water is passed at a slow speed to allow pebbles and grit to settle down.
  3. Water is then allowed to settle in a large tank which is sloped towards the middle. Here, solid wastes like faeces settle down at the bottom. These solid wastes are called sludge. Sludge is removed with a scraper. A skimmer removes the floating wastes like oil and grease. Water is then passed through water clarifier. Water cleared by this process is called clarified water.


What is sewage? Explain why it is harmful to discharge untreated sewage into rivers or seas.


Sewage is wastewater having dissolved and suspended impurities released from homes, industries, hospitals, offices and other users.

It is harmful to discharge untreated sewage into rivers or seas because:

  • Untreated sewage contaminates seas and rivers.
  • Sewage contains various contaminants including disease causing bacteria and other microorganism. Disease causing bacteria and other microorganism may cause dysentery, cholera, typhoid, etc.
  • Pesticide, herbicides present in the sewage may cause various disorders in living beings.

Therefore, it is harmful to discharge untreated sewage into rivers or seas.

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