NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science Chapter 16 : Water: A Precious Resource


Which one of the following is not responsible for water shortage? (i) Rapid growth of industries (ii) Increasing population (iii) Heavy rainfall (iv) Mismanagement of water resources


(iii) Heavy rainfall


Make a sketch showing groundwater and water table.Label it.


Following sketch shows groundwater and water table:


Choose the correct option. The total water (i) in the lakes and rivers of the world remains constant. (ii) under the ground remains constant. (iii) in the seas and oceans of the world remains constant. (iv) of the world remains constant.


The total water (iv) of the world remains constant.


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate answers: (a) People obtain groundwater through________ and ________. (b) Three forms of water are ________, ________ and ________. (c) The water bearing layer of the earth is ________. (d) The process of water seepage into the ground is called ________.


(a) tube wells, hand pumps

(b) ice, water, vapour

(c) Aquifer

(d) Infiltration


You have been asked to maintain a garden. How will you minimise the use of water?


The usage of water required for maintaining a garden can be minimised by using drip irrigation. In this technique, a network of narrow pipes is used for delivering water directly at the base of the plant. This technique prevents wastage of water in watering the garden plants as well as in irrigating the agricultural fields.


Explain how groundwater is recharged?


Groundwater is recharged by the seepage of water through cracks and gaps present in the layers of soil from rivers, ponds, streams and rainwater. There are small crevices and empty spaces present between the rocks through which rainwater infiltrates, reaches to the water table and replenishes it.


Mark ‘T’ if the statement is true and ‘F’ if it is false: (a) The freshwater stored in the ground is much more than that present in the rivers and lakes of the world. (T/F) (b) Water shortage is a problem faced only by people living in rural areas. (T/F) (c) Water from rivers is the only source for irrigation in the fields. (T/F) (d) Rain is the ultimate source of water. (T/F)


(a) True

(b) False

(c) False

(d) True


There are ten tubewells in a lane of fifty houses. What could be the long term impact on the water table?


Tubewells are used to draw underground freshwater to the surface to meet growing demands of water for domestic, industrial and agricultural consumption. If ten tubewells are installed in a lane of fifty houses, the ground water is drawn out at a faster rate that results in rapid depletion of water table in that area.


Explain the factors responsible for the depletion of water table.


The factors responsible for the depletion of water table are as follows:

  1. Increasing requirements of water due to ever rising population, rapid industrial growth and agricultural activities
  2. Decreasing effective area for seepage of water due to expansion of road networks, townships and cities
  3. Large scale deforestation
  4. Wastage of water
  5. Increased dependence on ground water as a source of freshwater due to pollution of rivers and ponds

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