NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Civics Social Science Chapter 9 : A Shirt in the Market


What made Swapna sell the cotton to the trader instead of selling at the Kurnool cotton market?


Swapna sold the cotton to the trader instead of selling at the Kurnool cotton market because at the beginning of the cropping season, Swapna had borrowed Rs 2,500 from the trader at a very high interest rate to buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticides for cultivation. So, she promised to sell all her cotton to him.


Arrange the statements given alongside in the correct order and then fill in the numbers in the cotton bolls accordingly. The first two have already been done for you. 1. Swapna sells the cotton to the trader. 2. Customers buy these shirts in a supermarket. 3. Trader sells cotton to the Ginning Mill. 4. Garment exporters buy the cloth from merchants for making shirts. 5. Yarn dealers or merchants give the yarn to the weavers. 6. The exporter sells shirts to the business person from the USA. 7. Spinning mill buys the cotton and sells yarn to the yarn dealers. 8. Weavers return with the cloth. 9. Ginning mill cleans the cotton and makes it into bales.



Think of something common that we use. It could be sugar, tea, milk, pen, paper, pencil, etc. Discuss through what chain of markets this reaches you. Can you think of the people that help in the production or trade?


Chain of markets to produce milk:
(i) Dairy cooperatives first purchase milk at different locations.
(ii) After that, milk is transported to the milk factories by the dairy cooperatives.
(iii) Milk is pasteurized in the factories and packed.
(iv) Packets of milk are then given to the traders who transport them to cities where a wholesaler purchases these.
(v) Retailers purchase from the wholesalers and then sell these packets of milk to the consumers in the open market or booths.


Describe the conditions of employment as well as the wages of workers in the garment exporting factory. Do you think the workers get a fair deal?


Conditions of employment in the garment exporting factory are as follows:
(i) Workers are employed on a temporary basis: means they can be asked to leave anytime when not needed.
(ii) They have to work under pressure to produce quality products in limited time.
(iii) They have to work for long hours.
No, the workers don't get a fair deal as they are not even paid the minimal wages for their work. They are exploited by their employer and their work is also temporary. They are not respected for the work they do.

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