NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Civics Social Science Chapter 2 : Role of the Government in Health


What differences do you find between private and public health services in your area? Use the following table to compare and contrast these.
Facility Cost of Services Availability of service Quality



Cost of Services

Availability of service




Easy availability service




Services not available easily



‘Improvement in water and sanitation can control many diseases.’ Explain with the help of examples.


It is true that 'improvement in water and sanitation can control many diseases.’
(i) Contaminated water is the root cause for many diseases like cholera, jaundice, etc.
(ii) By providing clean drinking water, protection from water related diseases can be assured.
(iii) Poor sanitation facility is responsible for many communicable diseases.
(iv)Lack of proper sanitation also gives rise to mosquitoes and several insects which affect people.
(v) Proper sanitation will lead to hygienic condition which will surely control many diseases.


What are the different ways through which the government can take steps to provide healthcare for all? Discuss.


Different ways through which the government can take steps to provide healthcare for all are as follows:
(i) Establishing public healthcare at zonal level.
(ii) Setting up low cost government hospitals.
(iii) Health insurance for basic treatment.
(iv) Provision of clean drinking water and steps to check pollution.
(v) Generic medicines at low prices.
(vi) Healthcare programmes and spreading awareness.
(vii) Mobile clinic should be made available in rural and remote areas.


In this chapter, you have read that health is a wider concept than illness. Look at this quote from the Constitution and explain the terms ‘living standard’ and 'public health' in your own words.
An important part of the Constitution says it is the “duty of the State to raise the level of nutrition and the standard of living and to improve public health.”


Living Standard:
(i) It means the condition in which people are living.
(ii) The facilities provided by the government in order to raise the standard of living of people are measured in terms of comforts, wealth, goods or services.
(iii) Higher the standard of living of people, better the economy and vice versa. Thus, it also reflects the economic condition for a country.
Public Health:
(i) It means the general level of public health.
(ii) The Government provides free basic health facilities and low cost hospitals and medicines to its people.
(iii) It ensures the right to health facilities.

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