NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Democratic Politics-I Chapter 5 - Democratic Rights


Are these restrictions on the right to freedom justified? Give reasons for your answer.
  1. Indian citizens need permission to visit some border areas of the country for reasons of security.
  2. Outsiders are not allowed to buy property in some areas to protect the interest of the local population.
  3. The government bans the publication of a book that can go against the ruling party in the next elections.


a. Justified.

Reason - Right to Freedom is for all the citizens which grants the right to move freely anywhere in the country but some areas are restricted as the freedom of movement by every citizen can prove dangerous for the security of the country.

b. Justified.

Reason - in certain cases this is done to maintain the cultural or ethnic identity of local population.

c. Not justified.

Reason - this is the violation of the Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression.


Which of these statements about the relationship between democracy and rights is more valid? Give reasons for your preference.
  1. Every country that is a democracy gives rights to its citizens.
  2. Every country that gives rights to its citizens is a democracy.
  3. Giving rights is good, but it is not necessary for a democracy.


a. Every country that is a democracy gives rights to its citizens.

Reason –

Even the most properly elected rulers working through the established institutional process must learn not to cross some limits. Citizens’ democratic rights set those limits in a democracy.


Name the Fundamental Right under which each of the following rights falls:
  1. Freedom to propagate one’s religion
  2. Right to life
  3. Abolition of untouchability
  4. Ban on bonded labour


  1. Right to freedom of religion
  2. Right to freedom
  3. Right to equality
  4. Right against exploitation


Which of the following rights is available under the Indian Constitution?
  1. Right to work
  2. Right to adequate livelihood
  3. Right to protect one’s culture
  4. Right to privacy


c. Right to protect one’s culture


Which of the following freedoms is not available to an Indian citizen?
  1. Freedom to criticise the government
  2. Freedom to participate in armed revolution
  3. Freedom to start a movement to change the government
  4. Freedom to oppose the central values of the Constitution


b. Freedom to participate in armed revolution


Which of the following is not an instance of an exercise of a fundamental right?
  1. Workers from Bihar go to the Punjab to work on the farms
  2. Christian missions set up a chain of missionary schools
  3. Men and women government employees get the same salary
  4. Parents’ property is inherited by their children


d. Parents’ property is inherited by their children


When Madhurima went to the property registration office, the Registrar told her, “You can’t write your name as Madhurima Banerjee d/o A. K. Banerjee. You are married, so you must give your husband’s name. Your husband’s surname is Rao. So your name should be changed to Madhurima Rao.” She did not agree. She said “If my husband’s name has not changed after marriage, why should mine?” In your opinion who is right in this dispute? And why?


Madhurima is right in this dispute. The Registrar is violating her right of freedom as she is interfering in her personal matter. She is also violating her right to equality. Our constitution does not discriminate on the grounds of caste, religion, sex, ethnicity or region of birth. But the Registrar is quoting a religious practice based on the assumption that women are inferior to men.


Manoj went to a college to apply for admission into an MBA course. The clerk refused to take his application and said “You, the son of a sweeper, wish to be a manager! Has anyone done this job in your community? Go to the municipality office and apply for a sweeper’s position”. Which of Manoj’s fundamental rights are being violated in this instance? Spell these out in a letter from Manoj to the District Collector.


The two rights of Manoj being violated here are –

  • Right to Equality – as it guarantees equality of opportunity to all citizens.
  • Right to Freedom – as it guarantees personal liberty. Any person can carry any profession or business.



The District Collector,

XYZ district


Respected Sir,


      I would like to bring to your notice that my application for an MBA course was refused in the HGZ College on the grounds that I’m a son of a sweeper.

      My right to equality and right to freedom have been violated. The right to equality guarantees equality of opportunity to all citizens. Then why am I denied the opportunity to become a manager?

      The right to freedom guarantees personal liberty. Any person can take up any profession or business. Then why am I told to work only as a sweeper and not become a manager?

      I request you to set up an enquiry and take action against the aberrant clerk.

Thanking you,

Truly yours,




Thousands of tribals and other forest dwellers gathered at Piparia in Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh to protest against their proposed displacement from the Satpura National Park, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and Panchmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary. They argue that such a displacement is an attack on their livelihood and beliefs. Government claims that their displacement is essential for the development of the area and for protection of wildlife. Write a petition on behalf of the forest dwellers to the NHRC, a response from the government and a report of the NHRC on this matter.


Petition to NHRC


National Human Rights Commission,

Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg,

New Delhi – 110001.                                      Ref: PQY/2020

Dear sir/ma’m,

We beg to state that we are poor forest dwellers living in and around Satpura National Park, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and Panchmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary since ages. Our livelihood and culture are all connected with these forest areas.

But now the government is firm in its decision to displace us from our ancestral lands for the sake of development and protection of wildlife. This is a clear violation of our Right to Freedom which guarantees us to reside in any part of the country and practice any profession, occupation, trade or business.

This is also a violation of our cultural rights. Our constitution gives us the right to preserve our distinct culture.

Kindly intervene in this matter and stop the government from displacing us from our ancestral lands.

                                                                                    Truly yours,

                                                                        Forest dwellers association

Government response

Ref: PQY/2020


National Human Rights Commission,

Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg,

New Delhi – 110001.

Dear sir/ma’m,

            It is in our notice that the forest dwellers living in and around Satpura National Park, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and Panchmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary have sought your intervention in proposed displacement issue.

            We would be glad to cooperate and clear all doubts regarding any alleged violations of fundamental rights. All the development in and around the area will be done keeping in view the interests and well being of the forest dwellers. Proper rehabilitation and compensation would be provided to the affected people.

            The development of the area and protection of wildlife is an utmost priority of the government.

                                                                        With thanks

                                                                        Ministry of Environment and Forests

                                                                        Government of India

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