NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Democratic Politics-I Chapter 4 - Working of Institutions


After reading the example of the reservation order, three students had different reactions about the role of the judiciary. Which view, according to you, is a correct reading of the role of judiciary?
  1. Srinivas argues that since the Supreme Court agreed with the government, it is not independent.
  2. Anjaiah says that judiciary is independent because it could have given a verdict against the government order. The Supreme Court did direct the government to modify it.
  3. Vijaya thinks that the judiciary is neither independent nor conformist, but acts as a mediator between opposing parties. The court struck a good balance between those who supported and those who opposed the order.


I agree with Anjiah’s view. The fact that the Supreme Court directed the government to modify the reservation order is a proof that Judiciary is independent.


A teacher was making preparations for a mock parliament. She called two students to act as leaders of two political parties. She gave them an option: Each one could choose to have a majority either in the mock Lok Sabha or in the mock Rajya Sabha. If this choice was given to you, which one would you choose and why?


Mock Lok Sabha

Reason – Lok Sabha has more powers than the Rajya Sabha.


Three friends went to watch a film that showed the hero becoming Chief Minister for a day and making big changes in the state. Imran said this is what the country needs. Rizwan said this kind of a personal rule without institutions is dangerous. Shankar said all this is a fantasy. No minister can do anything in one day. What would be your reaction to such a film?


I agree with Shankar’s opinion. The film is just a fantasy. In a democratic system, the ruler is supposed to be elected through a fair electoral process. No one can bring reforms in a single day as it requires a lot of planning.


Why is the Prime Minister in India not directly elected by the people? Choose the most appropriate answer and give reasons for your choice.
  1. In a Parliamentary democracy only the leader of the majority party in the Lok Sabha can become the Prime Minister.
  2. Lok Sabha can remove the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers even before the expiry of their term.
  3. Since the Prime Minister is appointed by the President there is no need for it.
  4. Direct election of the Prime Minister will involve lot of expenditure on election.


The most appropriate answer is –

  1. In a Parliamentary democracy only the leader of the majority party in the Lok Sabha can become the Prime Minister.

Reason: The President appoints the leader of the majority party or the coalition of parties that commands a majority in the Lok Sabha, as Prime Minister.


Of all the institutions that we have studied in this chapter, name the one that exercises the powers on each of the following matters.
  1. Decision on allocation of money for developing infrastructure like roads, irrigation etc. and different welfare activities for the citizens
  2. Considers the recommendation of a Committee on a law to regulate the stock exchange
  3. Decides on a legal dispute between two state governments
  4. Implements the decision to provide relief for the victims of an earthquake.


  1. Legislative (the Lok Sabha)
  2. Legislative (the Parliament)
  3. Judiciary (the Supreme Court)
  4. Executive


Match the ministry with the news that the ministry may have released:
a. A new policy is being made to increase the jute exports from the country i. Ministry of Defence
b. Telephone services will be made more accessible to rural areas ii. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Public Distribution
c. The price of rice and wheat sold under the Public Distribution System will go down iii. Ministry of Health
d. A pulse polio campaign will be launched iv. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
e. The allowances of the soldiers posted on high altitudes will be increased v. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology


a – iv;

b – v;

c – ii;

d – iii;

e – i;


Which of the following institutions can make changes to an existing law of the country?
  1. The Supreme Court
  2. The President
  3. The Prime Minister
  4. The Parliament


d. The Parliament


Which of the following statements about the judiciary is false?
  1. Every law passed by the Parliament needs approval of the Supreme Court
  2. Judiciary can strike down a law if it goes against the spirit of the Constitution
  3. Judiciary is independent of the Executive
  4. Any citizen can approach the courts if her rights are violated


  1. Every law passed by the Parliament needs approval of the Supreme Court


Who among the following is a part of the political executive?
  1. District Collector
  2. Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs
  3. Home Minister
  4. Director General of Police


c. Home Minister


If you are elected as President of India, which of the following decisions can you take on your own?
  1. Select the person you like as Prime Minister.
  2. Dismiss a Prime Minister who has a majority in Lok Sabha.
  3. Ask for reconsideration of a bill passed by both the Houses.
  4. Nominate the leaders of your choice to the Council of Ministers.


c. Ask for reconsideration of a bill passed by both the Houses.

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