Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics

Social responsibility refers to the obligation of business firms to contribute resources for solving social problems and work in a socially desirable manner. Need for social responsibility is for converting problems into opportunities, consumer awareness, pressure of labour movement, holding business responsible for social problems etc. There is social responsibility of business towards different interest groups. These groups are shareholders or owners, workers, consumers and government & community. Environment refers to totality of man's surroundings both natural or man made. Environment pollution refers to the injection of harmful substance into the environment. Environment pollution changes physical, chemical & biological characteristics of air, land and water. Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and noise pollution are the different types of pollution. Measures to check pollution is required to control diseases like cancer, heart attacks, lung complications and support healthy life on earth. Businesses need to install pollution control devices to avoid creation of toxins and other wastes. Effective pollution control programme is needed to save improper production technology operating costs. Pollution control is required for other social benefits like clearer visibility, cleaner buildings, better quality of life, availability of natural products in purer form .

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