Editing a Worksheet

MS Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. To select a row/column, click on the row/column heading. To select the entire worksheet, press CTRL+ A. To enter numbers as text, place an apostrophe (‘) before the number and it will be converted into text. To enter date and time in a cell, type any number and then click on Format and choose Format Cells. Go to Number tab, click on Date. Choose the type of format and click on OK.

To change entry within a cell either click on the cell and type the new information in the formula bar or double click the cell and a cursor will appear inside the cell. Type the new information. To use Copy and Paste options, select a range to be copied. Click the Copy command on the Clipboard group of Home button and then click the location where the information is to be placed. Click on the Paste command present in the same group. The Undo feature of Excel is a quick way to reverse changes made to a worksheet. The Redo feature is a quick way to re-apply changes to the spreadsheet that were removed with the Undo feature. To insert cells, rows or columns in worksheet, go to Home button choose Cells click Insert and select the desired command. To delete cells, rows or columns in worksheet, go to Home choose Cells click Delete and select the desired command. The AutoFill feature of MS Excel is used to automatically fill the selected cells with the data.

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