Enlivening a Presentation

MS PowerPoint lets the user apply different animation effects and styles to give movement to objects. In MS PowerPoint, animations can be applied in two ways: Using Custom Animations and Using Slide Transitions. Custom animations are used to apply various animation effects to animate individual objects placed on a slide. Slide Transitions are used to apply special effects that can be applied during the transition from the current slide to the next slide.

MS PowerPoint also lets the user to add sound to a presentation so as to make it more attractive and understandable. Sound can be added from slide transition or from sound option. Transition sounds are played during the transition from the current slide to the next slide. A media clip is a short segment of media file which can be either an audio clip or a video clip. Video clips are movie clips, which contain visual effects that add liveliness to a presentation. An action button is a readymade button for defining hyperlink. PowerPoint has action buttons for playing movies and sounds etc. In MS PowerPoint, data can be imported from other applications such as Word, Excel etc., using the Wizard with the help of Slides from Outline option.

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