More on Windows

Microsoft Windows is a powerful operating system mostly used in personal computers. Windows7 has added new features such as touch, speech, and handwriting recognition. The taskbar has been completely redesigned to easily manage and access most important files and programs. Windows 7 supports touch-sensitive devices also called smart devices such as touch-sensitive display devices, computer tablets & smart phones.

Windows Search Box is a replacement for Run and Find. This is an easy way to find files or documents with a keyword. The new taskbar of Windows 7 is more flexible and powerful. The list of programs can be pinned or unpinned easily from the task bar. Jump List feature of Windows 7 is used to list frequently used documents, pictures, songs and websites. Windows Media Centre feature of Windows 7 works as a digital video recorder & media player. Window Mobile software is used in smart phones to browse the Internet and send or receive e-mails. Window Media Player is a utility program that is used for entertainment purpose. Ripping is the process of copying digital media files from a CD to the computer. The process of transferring data from computer to a CD or DVD is called Burning CD or DVD. There are three ways to organize several windows that are opened at once: cascade windows, horizontally tile or vertically tile windows.

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